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Introduction of standalone signed PDF badges


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In this webinar, Eric Rousselle will introduce OBF’s new feature: standalone signed badges issued in PDF format. PDF badges are forgery-proof digital certificates that can be easily displayed without using a display platform.

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Introduction of standalone signed PDF badges

  1. 1. An Open Badge in a PDF format Eric Rousselle 8.1.2020
  2. 2. What is a PDF badge? • A PDF badge is a standard Open Badge baked in a PDF format • A PDF badge is not replacing “a traditional” badge (badge baked in a PNG or SVG format), the badge is delivered by OBF in two formats: PDF and PNG/SVG • The badge earner can benefit from the advantages of both formats • PDF badges can be issued by OBF PRO-level customers
  3. 3. Why generating a PDF badge? • A PDF badge is a standalone Open Badge • A PDF badge is truly portable. The badge earner does not need an account in a badge backpack or Passport to be able to use it (displaying and sharing). • A PDF badge is convenient for badge issuers, who need to issue badges as digital certificates. • A PDF badge can be validated. Any user of the badge can verify that the PDF has not been modified and that the badge has not expired.
  4. 4. When you get a badge, you’ll receive a notification email message. By clicking “Get your badge” you are able to save your badge in Open Badge Passport, if you have an account, or to download it as a picture. If the badge has been issued by a PRO-level customer you can also download it as a PDF badge
  5. 5. This the default template for a PDF badge. In the future, it will be possible for customers to purchase their own customised template(s)
  6. 6. Click here to import a PDF badge
  7. 7. Upload your PDF badge
  8. 8. If the badge is multilingual, all languages will be shown even if the uploaded PDF badge is only in one language
  9. 9. How to get a badge signed and baked in a PDF? Open Badge Factory Badge Record Store Customer’s digital key Issuing Signed badge hosted badge Validato r
  10. 10. Coming in the next release
  11. 11. Names of the recipients added to the email addresses Two formats
  12. 12. Coming soon • Possibility to switch off the PDF option • Recipient’s email address is not displayed if the recipient name is displayed • A validator in several language versions • A QR code for the validation of a printed badge
  13. 13. Coming later If a badge is issued as a PDF and the badge earner uses Open Badge Passport or a dedicated Passport: - The badge earner will be able to add evidence and collect endorsement to his badge - To send his badge back to its issuer - After evaluation, the badge issuer will be able to generate and issue a new version of the badge containing evidence and endorsements provided by the badge earner
  14. 14. Thank you! @eric_rousselle