Industrial Painters, Industrial Coatings, Commercial Painting


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Industrial Painters, Industrial Coatings, Commercial Painting

  1. 1. Industrial Coatings Add Life and Versatility to your Project - Protect what Matters Ontario Protective Coatings OPC
  2. 2. Overview Corrosion can be chaotic. It can ruin your most valuable assets and cause headaches - both financially and personally. You need to protect what’s important, and using industrial coatings can do just that. Industrial coatings are primarily made up of different components and there are many types of industrial coatings, such as phosphate and inorganic zinc coatings, just to name a few. Industrial coatings provide a long-term solution that protects your investment, while providing peace of mind.
  3. 3. Brief Description about Industrial Coatings • Industrial painters rely on industrial coatings when looking for stability and protection during the course of their projects. Industrial coatings provide innovative solutions when dealing with issues like corrosion and other harmful and hazardous materials which can be detrimental to your business. Commercial coatings, for commercial businesses help to protect your investment, protect your product and protect your profits. By utilizing commercial coatings within your business, you’re protecting what matters. Innovation has played a major role in the application of industrial coatings and commercial coatings. Applications are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, ensuring that you get the protection you need, while keeping the environment in mind. For industrial painters, going green means being able to work with an application that gets the job done while minimizing health concerns. Toxins and other chemicals can be hazardous, and especially for those who spray and handle paint on a daily basis, they need a coating that is reliable, but also has low VOCS, which reduces long-term health effects.
  4. 4. Continue • In Ontario, industrial coatings and commercial coatings are big business. With a long, storied tradition of helping businesses in the fight against corrosion, hazardous materials and even renovation - ranging from concrete and floor coatings to tank and tower coatings, industrial painters who are experts in the application of commercial coatings and industrial coatings are in high demand. By lining your tanks and having them painted, you save your business money and yourself the headaches of dealing with future issues when they arise. Industrial coatings offer a superior life cycle as well as a long-lasting coating, to protect your assets that allow you to stay focused on what matters most - your business and providing the service you’re recognized for. Industrial coatings and commercial coatings come in an array of options that can be suited to fit your unique needs and business. Whether it is epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea, advancements to these tried and true applications are changing rapidly. Whether you’re an industrial painter or not, industrial coatings and commercial coatings helps extend the life of things you care about, and at the end of the day, that is what matters most.
  5. 5. Continue • In Ontario, there are a multitude of industrial painters with years of experience, who are knowledge, skilled and ready to help. With a superior life cycle and a coating that lasts long, using an industrial painter for industrial coatings means that you’ll get the service and results you want. Industrial coatings come in four formats: polyurethane, epoxies, acrylics and alkyd. These four formats provide varying scopes of finishes and results on your project and, depending on what type of surface you’re painting, one format may be better to use than others. • Industrial coatings and commercial coatings not only make your facilities safer, they also offer greater health benefits as well, helping to eliminate airborne toxins in the air which are due to years of use. Ontario has a plethora of industrial painters ready to help you.
  6. 6. Who we are? Barry Pitman is the owner and operator of Ontario Protective Coatings (OPC). Specializing in Industrial Coatings, Mr. Pitman and his sons have been in the coatings industry for more than 25 years. Industrial coatings is just one of many services Pitman and OPC offer a unique customer base. Contact Us Ontario Protective Coatings OFFICE: 1.226.777.3494 CELL: EMAIL: