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Imaginary Boundary - KIBO

Apresentação sobre a cooperação entre a Bibliomóvel de Proença-a-Nova e a ACLEBIM.

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Imaginary Boundary - KIBO

  1. 1. The Imaginary Boundary
  2. 2. 1st Contact
  3. 3. Meetings “to meet citizens!”
  4. 4. “ “to meet citizens!” Mobile Library = Library; Values ​that guide the mobile libraries: Proximity, Periodicity, Complicity, Intimacy , FRIENDSHIP; Most important resource of mobile libraries: staff
  5. 5. moments
  6. 6. Meetings “The measurement of society”
  7. 7. “The measurement of society” WEB 2.0 – Social Networking (blogs) (important tools to approach the service with their users) small sponsorships together = great sponsorship mobile library and school library are partners, not enemies congresses are fundamental in strengthening the ties that bind us
  8. 8. moments
  9. 9. Meetings “more social networking”
  10. 10. “more social networking” mobile library is a cultural and social service users are our biggest supporters partnerships are essential to optimize resources social networks increase our radius of action enhance and expand the humanistic aspect of our services the trust of our users and our commitment as professionals are the basic principle of our services.
  11. 11. moments
  12. 12. Meetings “new challenges, new services”
  13. 13. “new challenges, new services” we are to where our users are new functional areas: collection, preservation, protection, promotion of intangible heritage as an element of regional identity and national use and abuse of new mobile technology to provide added value to our usual services (QR codes, mobile applications for smart phones)
  14. 14. moments
  15. 15. thank´s for you attention Nuno Marçal