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Our first presentation for our webcast meeting!

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OpalVera Presentation 1

  1. 1. About OpalVera Social Engine Social Engine and Development Framework www.opalvera.com
  2. 2. About OpalVera Social Engine <ul><li>A social web business model requires lots of experimentation and try and errors.
  3. 3. So we need to reduce the cost of experimenting by developing a platform that is </li></ul><ul><li>Modular such that changing some parts would not affect the other parts
  4. 4. Scalable to accomodate for large number or users
  5. 5. Extendible through third party extensions
  6. 6. Customizable third party developers should be able to change the behavior, look and feel and even the data structure without hacking the core code
  7. 7. Open Source because we want to share the building blocks with people and tap into the world of collective innovations </li></ul>or else our resources would be drained
  8. 8. We need a reusable container that provided all the basic characteristics commomg amongst all the Social Website <ul><li>Profiles
  9. 9. Social Graphing
  10. 10. Activity Feed
  11. 11. Privacy Management
  12. 12. Messaging (Public, Private, System)
  13. 13. Ability to run Social Apps
  14. 14. Useful API's for </li></ul><ul><li>Extending the system
  15. 15. Tagging
  16. 16. Commenting
  17. 17. Bookmarking
  18. 18. Etc. </li></ul>The container is called a Social Engine
  19. 19. In search for the Holy Grail of Social Web Platforms
  20. 20. Studied a whole list of existing web applications and frameworks!
  21. 21. Didn't quite like any of them! You want to know why?
  22. 22. Absense of a MVC software development framework Controller Model View Didn't like the way they were coded (all top down or functional programing) OR SPAGHETTI CODING!!!!!! We did however get ideas from the Drupals node base architecture and Wordpresses usability. Nice Work!!!!
  23. 23. So we decided to build a Social Engine for ourselves and the people out there looking for the ultimate social networking expirence
  24. 24. We named her OpalVera Social Engine
  25. 25. OpalVera Social Engine ™ Provides <ul><li>Profiles and Profile Gadgets
  26. 26. Social Graphing (Lead, Follow, Mutual)
  27. 27. Activity feed : to publish activity stories
  28. 28. Messaging: public, private, notifications and email
  29. 29. Organic Privacy Management
  30. 30. Ability to run Social Applications (Blogs, Wikis, Photos, Discussions boards, etc.)
  31. 31. Sub-Containers: G roups, Events, Organization Pages, etc.
  32. 32. APIs for Privacy, Folksonomy, Commenting, and Social Applications development </li></ul>
  33. 33. Here is the big picture! API OpalVera SocialEngine ™ Joomla! Iphone Apps Newsletter Nooku ™ Framework Social App Twitter Groups Flickr Blogs Wiki YouTube Groups Events
  34. 34. We have accomplished!
  35. 35. An Open Source Platform That is <ul><li>Modular
  36. 36. Customizable
  37. 37. Scalable
  38. 38. Extendible </li></ul>
  39. 39. Social Web != Social Networks Facebook and Twitter are only two examples of the many different variations that a social website can be!
  40. 40. OpalVera SocialEngine ™ Software Support & Distribution Website Groups Clubs Tickets Discussions Wikis
  41. 41. Social Intranet OpalVera SocialEngine Events Groups Audio Documents Sharing Photos Video Discussions Blogs File Sharing
  42. 42. Citizens Journalism OpalVera SocialEngine ™ Blogs YouTube Clubs Flickr Discussions Wikis Twitter Feeds
  43. 43. Thank You Special Thanks MultiMediaWise Codella Marketting OpalVera Development Team www.opalvera.com