Tigerspike Wearable Tech Presentation 2013 by Oliver Palmer


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A presentation on Wearable Tech that was given in Sydney in October 2013 as part of Tigerspike's Innovation Lab theme

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  • philosophy of the TS Innovation Lab‘not customer lead’agenda:Agenda:1 – how do you predict the unpredictable?2 – tigerspike’s 1- predictions3- Wearable technology: the top to tail of it4 - Business impact5 - Questions
  • the ‘Hype cycle’example: the QR codewearable tech will play a key role in all (except 3d printing) of the tigerspike 10 predictions
  • wearable tech has a key role to play
  • 35% ofaustralians are using wearable tech64% believe it has improved their well being 1 in 3 believe wearable technology helps them feel more in control of their livesby 2020 Consumer data collected from wearable technology devices will drive 5% of sales from the world’s 1000 largest companies
  • internet of thingsM2M
  • don’t need to be ‘smart’ need to control your mind | meditationexplain the pong picturewhat impact might this device have on the industry (as it us vs. if it was smaller aka a behind the ear device)Cost:EPOC headset $299EEG headset $750
  • wearing 1hr vs 1 day vs 3 daysgeneration 1 productbiggest potential industry impact; retail, medicalestimated <$1,500 RRPeBayatm for $6,000
  • what they are; gen 1, 2 & 3 potential impact in businessesstory: colleague won’t wear this deviceconcern: content ie YelpSamsung watch estimated RRP $350
  • bringing about behavioral change based on what you know about yourself. reduce sick daysmight wear one of these (vs smart watch) for the utility it brings.RRP $150 USDJawbone $99 USD
  • about the experience of wearing the device & using the apptarget market (story, colleague who wont wear smart watch)some info:Misfit CEO: Sonny Vuquote: “wearables are not that wearable - yet” (sonny vu)MisfitWearables adviser – John Scully – former CEO of Appletargeted to womenATM adopted by niche group of silicon valley insiders, health fanatics & athletes. approx 40,000 shipped in the first month
  • story – wife yoga teacherusability of the app
  • 3 key experience areas:wearing the device (how it looks & feels)device feedback (ie vibration) and info displayed on the deviceexperience of accompanying software/ appsThe key to success in Personal Media is simplicity and utility
  • market segments;security/ safetymedicalglamourwellnesssports/fitnesslifestyle computingcommunicating*larger = bigger impact
  • globe with all the wearable tech buzz words.
  • Tigerspike Wearable Tech Presentation 2013 by Oliver Palmer

    1. 1. Wearable technology How far will it go?
    2. 2. San Francisco New York London Dubai Singapore Sydney Melbourne
    3. 3. How do you predict the unpredictable?
    4. 4. Visibility Tigerspike’s top predictions Wearable technology Biometrics for identity and interaction 3D printing AI personal assistant Natural UI Nanomedicine Self automated cars Wireless chargers Ubiquitous computing Personalised information in context Interactive screens everywhere Maturity
    5. 5. Where does wearable technology fit in?
    6. 6. 35% 64%
    7. 7. Clothes & shoes Brain control headsets Wearable alarm system Electronic glasses Emotion monitors EEG EMG devices GPS tracker Sensor patches Bionic eye Hearing aids AR headset displays Sleep monitors 3D motion sensors Smart phone accessories Dental hearing Smart pills Smart implants Wearable cameras Artificial limbs In the body On the body Close to the body Activity trackers Electronic tattoos Insulin pump patches Smart watches Wearable controllers, movers
    8. 8. Wearable technology: the top to tail of it
    9. 9. Controlling devices with your mind
    10. 10. Augmenting what you see with Google Glass
    11. 11. Staying ahead with smart watches
    12. 12. Wearable technology to quantify your activity
    13. 13. Style dictating design
    14. 14. Improve posture and health
    15. 15. “ Experience is everything. It always has been, but it’s still undervalued and under-invested in. Obsess over it. Live and breathe it. Get your whole company on board. ” Evan Williams, CEO Twitter
    16. 16. What the future holds
    17. 17. Business Impact
    18. 18. Industry impact Medical Government Personal health Retail Horizon 1 Enterprise Finance Horizon 2 Horizon 3
    19. 19. All industries will be affected by wearable technology Nanotechnology Internet Smart watch energy Wearable Biotechnology Privacy Security computing data GoogleGlass flexible screens innovation Personalised fashion
    20. 20. “Tigerspike are one of the most exciting & innovative companies Apple are working with globally. We are hearing good things everywhere.” Global team of 200 dedicated and specialised employees Pascal Cagni – EMEA Chief of Apple Oliver Palmer, @oliverpalmer Head of Innovation San Francisco New York London Dubai Singapore Sydney Melbourne