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op5 webinar Introduction op5 Monitor


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This is a recorded Webinar from May 24th. In this webinar recording, we will guide you through the first steps you will take in op5 Monitor and we have highlighted a few main areas in a live demo. Focus of this webinar is to deliver a technical and business level overview of these steps.

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op5 webinar Introduction op5 Monitor

  1. 1. At the doorstep of op5 Monitor This Webinar will start in a few minutes...
  2. 2. Agenda for today What we can do – Server monitoring LIVE demo – 7 stages Summary Next step for you Q/A session Get in touch
  3. 3. What we can do Software Development Company Founded 2004 Server & Network Monitoring - Proactive IT Management Easy and Fast Implementation Highly Scalable and Flexible Solution Professional Support
  4. 4. LIVE DEMO
  5. 5. Summary Tactical overview Automap Host details Reports and graphs Business service management Alarms and notifications
  6. 6. Next step for you Visit our Knowledge base: You will find manuals, how-to´s, management packs, tips and tricks and many other interesting spaces to browse through. Visit our website:
  7. 7. Q/A session
  8. 8. Get in touch Get in touch with us Please contact us for a one-to- one Demo or if you have a question