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What’s Now, What’s Next, What’s Within your Budget


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Oonagh Murphy, University of Ulster
This talk will demonstrate how museums can carry out innovative R&D on a shoestring budget and how museums can adopt and adapt successful models of best practice in a scalable manner. Based around 4 key trends, the presentation will provide delegates with actionable ideas to make their museums more innovative over night.

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What’s Now, What’s Next, What’s Within your Budget

  1. 1. What’s now?What’s next?What’swithin yourbudget?Oonagh Murphy @OonaghTweetsUniversity of Ulster
  2. 2. Lessons from New York1. Identify digital engagement trends2. Identify how small museums can adopt andadapt successful models of digitalengagement@OonaghTweets
  3. 3. 4 Key Trends >>@OonaghTweets
  4. 4. Embracing Contemporary CultureKeyTrend1@OonaghTweets
  5. 5. Using their buildings as creative hubs forexperimentation and innovation byvisitorsKeyTrend2Image: CC Makerbot on Flickr@OonaghTweets
  6. 6. Facilitating peer learning, collaborationand networking amongst staffKeyTrend3@OonaghTweets
  7. 7. innovative, agile, mission lead institutionsKeyTrend4@OonaghTweets
  8. 8. Don’t be intimidated by ‘bigmuseums’ work with them and learnfrom them...@OonaghTweets
  9. 9. The aim of my research was not to simplysuggest that small museums should copywhat these cultural giants do but insteadto explore what the museum sector as awhole can learn from them and identifyhow smaller museums could adopt andadapt successful models of practiceLet look at how these trends could be adapted toinfluence digital practice in small museums >>>>
  10. 10. Embrace Digital Culture Like MoMAKeyTrend1@OonaghTweets
  11. 11. Experiment and Innovate like The Met(or Newark Museum)KeyTrend2@OonaghTweets
  12. 12. The Newark Museum operates, as it has since its founding, in the publictrust as a museum of service, and a leader in connecting objects and ideasto the needs and wishes of its constituencies. We believe that our art andscience collections have the power to educate, inspire and transformindividuals of all ages, and the local, regional, national and internationalcommunities that we serve.In the words of founding Director John Cotton Dana,"A good museum attracts, entertains, arouses curiosity,leads to questioning—and thus promotes learning."We need to ensure that we are R&D’ing with the view tofurthering the mission of our museum
  13. 13. peer learning, collaboration andnetworking amongst staffKeyTrend3
  14. 14. innovative, agile, mission lead institutionsKeyTrend4@OonaghTweets
  15. 15. 1. Embrace Contemporary Culture2. Use your building as a creative hubfor experimentation and innovationby and with your visitors3. Facilitate and encourage peerlearning, collaboration and networkingamongst staffSmall changes can make a big impact3stepstosuccess@OonaghTweets
  16. 16. Digital technology provides museums with theopportunity to develop and create an engaged visitorbase, one that acknowledges that their local museumis a unique, valuable and relevant cultural institutionThe key to digital success is an organisational culturethat values and recognises the solid foundations ofthe past, the successes of the present and possibilitiesthat the future offers.
  17. 17. strategy and vision are as importantif not more so than the resources youhave available@OonaghTweets
  18. 18. Small StepsCan Make a BigImpact@OonaghTweets
  19. 19. Oonagh Murphy@OonaghTweetsOonaghmurphy.comHello@oonaghmurphy.comMuseums and Digital Engagement: A NewYork Perspective –