5 tips to take note in creating a


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Tips to take note in creating a high traffic generating website.

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5 tips to take note in creating a

  1. 1. 5 Tips To Take Note InCreating A High Traffic Generating Website By Tan Ooi Hwa http://www.machinecashexplosion.com
  2. 2. OverviewThere are numerous types of websitespresented on the internet. How can you makeyour website outstanding in order to beatyour competitor? In the following we willdiscuss 5 tips on what to take note whilecreating your own site.
  3. 3. Today, if you want to make money online, youwill definitely need a website. This is the mostcommon and effective way where most of thebusinesses and "GURUS" would do. Howevercreating a website is easy, but not all aresuccessful.
  4. 4. This is because there are certain set of rulesthat you need to know in order to besuccessful to make money online. You coulddo researches on all rules and requirementsthat are used for creating a new professionalwebsite on the internet before you start.
  5. 5. By understanding and applying the rules, youcould easily create any websites within thenext five minutes. Now this may soundincredible for a newbie, but after knowing thetechniques it is really easy. However you willneed to do a lot researches and follow theright mentor to be successful.
  6. 6. Tips No. 1• To make money you need to retain the interests of the people and provide useful information.• To generate a profit from your website, it must be search engine friendly.• If the SEO directory can select your website to give a good rank, you will gain popularity within a short time-period.
  7. 7. Tips No. 2• Use simple Java scripting for your website to reduce loading time.• This will make your website easy to use and you can retain your users attention.• By following this, your customers can obtain the information they need and you can straight away promote your product before you lose their attention.
  8. 8. Tips No. 3• Your website must be kept in engine directories to count for its real rank.• When a user makes a visit in your website, it earns you the ranking options.• It helps to improve in your SEO and your site to appear at the first few rankings of top search engines such as Google and Yahoo!
  9. 9. Tips No. 4• Talking about SEO, your website should input a series of relevant keywords.• You must fix the main keywords for your website after doing a proper keyword research, based on the local and global search rankings.• A very good tool would Google AdWords, it will help you to obtain the data on clicks per month, for different keywords.• There are many sites similar to Google AdWords who offer the same service.
  10. 10. Tips No. 5• In the past, creating a website is expensive and difficult. However today, creating a website could only take you 5 to 10 minutes.• There are many click and drag program in the market that allows you to save time in creating websites.• You could easy obtain them by searching on Google, Yahoo! And etc.
  11. 11. • All you need to do is to follow those options clearly and after some time, a basic structure of your personal website will be displayed in front of you.• Landing page also helps you to get a website with all your demands within five minutes. Some options are available on the page where the technique is described.
  12. 12. With all the above I hope that you could bettercreate your website and start to make some realmoney.Thank You.
  13. 13. Presentation By Tan Ooi Hwahttp://www.machinecashexplosion.com