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Declare social media 101 oh amanda


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Declare social media 101 oh amanda

  1. 1. Social Media 101 You can do it!!
  2. 2. ohAmanda (am I really qualified to teach this?!)
  3. 3. from Michael Hyatt A good social media strategy has 3 components. 1. A Home Base (that’s your blog) 2. Embassies (your social media profiles) 3. Outposts (your social media ears)
  4. 4. Top Ten (Almost) Biblical Rules for Social Media Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You (want a RT a re-pin or a share? be generous.) Thou Shall Not Be Super Selfish (even if you do have a narcissistic blog title, don’t let it all be about YOU.) Do Not Whine-ith. (oh my word. seriously.)
  5. 5. Show Off! (Display Social Media buttons front & center. ShareThis, Jetpack, SexyBookmarks) Linky Up! (Always always always link to your platforms. Even in your email signature-- WiseStamp. ) Don’t Flood (Spread out your updates so every time zone can get to know you...& you don’t stress everyone else out.) Be Matchy Matchy. (profile pictures, usernames, etc.)
  6. 6. Be organic. (Follow, respond and interact naturally. ie. don’t be a bot.) Be OK with OK. (You can’t do it all! it’s ok!) Don’t Get Offended. (Haters hate and they are probably just a random person in their pj’s, too.)
  7. 7. Tweet, tweet! Twitter
  8. 8. Basic Vocab Tweet. (that’s you talking on Twitter.) RT is a re-tweet. (that’s someone repeating what you all their followers.) @ is the beginning of your name. (@oohamanda) # hashtags are like a string connecting all the similar conversations DM is a Direct Message (it’s private!)
  9. 9. Set-up Pick a username that identifies your brand. But isn’t too long. @MaryWrites @MarySmith @MarysGreatBlog Background, Profile Picture AND Header (it’s a lot but SO CUTE.) Link to your ABOUT page in your bio. Turn OFF notifications. *ugh*
  10. 10. Secrets & Tricks (sorta) Make sure your tweets (the ones you want RTed) are LESS than 140 characters. Use to shorten your links. Try TEXT-link-TEXT RTs can be via, HT or even better, “I LOVE THIS POST from @oohamanda!” Careful with beginning general tweets with @.
  11. 11. Why I Big Puffy Heart Twitter Favorites. You can click a little STAR to favorite tweets about yourself. Make a twitter portfolio! Lists. Follow 5000 but keep up with 50. (Make RT lists, too!) Permalinks & Embedding. I’m a geek. Twitter Parties. (OK. Maybe not big puffy heart...)
  12. 12. Apps & Helpers Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or BufferApp can schedule tweets for you. Tweetcaster & Tweetbot for phones. Or simple text to Twitter. The Twitter site is amazing.
  13. 13. Facebook no wonder there is a movie made about you
  14. 14. Basic Vocab Profile (that’s your own personal High School- PTA-Friends from the Gym page) Page (that’s your BRAND page!) Update (that’s you talking) Share (that’s people sharing your words on their page. =RT) Like (thumbs up. not as great as a comment/share but still makes me happy!)
  15. 15. Boost. ($$$$) Pin. (puts your post on the top of your page. sticky.) Highlight (turns a columned update into a full page update.) Schedule. (You can see these on your Activity Log.)
  16. 16. Brand/Product Website Header Photo (Obey the rules!) Profile Pic Tab Pics Basic Set Up
  17. 17. About Page “Short Description” is the only one that shows up on the front page. Link to your blog! Freebies & Contests on Tabs (,
  18. 18. There are no secrets or tricks. Facebook’s algorithm is always changing. Facebook’s main goal is Facebook. Be consistent. The more interactions you get, the more you show up in feeds. Change it up. Post pictures, text only, tag others in Facebook, ask questions, etc. Secrets & Tricks (kinda)
  19. 19. Check Insights. The new insights are amazing. Copy someone else. TheMOBSociety, ICanTeachMyChild, AmyLynnAndrews are my favorite.
  20. 20. oh, you black hole of loveliness you! Pinterest
  21. 21. Basic Vocab Pin (a picture with text of the cool stuff you want to remember) Board (a place to keep pins, thematically) RePin (when you pin someone else’s pin) {Let’s just go look at it...}
  22. 22. Cool Stuff You Can Do With Pinterest Group Boards (collaborate on an idea/event, extra promotion) Private Boards (perfect for testing sizes or starting a full board) Organize Boards (put seasonal boards on top!) Analytics on business accounts Cover Photos (put YOUR blog post pics there!)
  23. 23. Making Pinterest Social Pin Your Own Stuff. (Really?!!) Add a PIN IT Button to all your photos OR below photos. Do a “most pinned/popular” link on the sidebar. Mini buttons with PIN IT button of popular posts on sidebar. SEO your photos. Pin-worthy graphics/text-filled images.PicMonkey & PSE
  24. 24. Etiquette & More Use your own captions. Use search-friendly terms. Pin the PERMALINK. Oh, and you can pin AFFILIATE links, too! $$ Try Pinerly or Reachli for scheduling, analytics, etc.
  25. 25. Instagram my happy place
  26. 26. Basic Vocab Filters Heart/Like (double-tap) IG, IGers, Insta-
  27. 27. Why Instagram is the Bomb-diggity It’s pretty. It’s quiet. It’s easy. Hashtags Easy sharing to other platforms.
  28. 28. How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Blog Actual photo of your computer Screenshot of your blog Hashtags Before pics (perfect for a tutorial) Series, Book Clubs Point back to old posts
  29. 29. My fave apps Rhonna Designs (beautiful graphics, layers and text capabilities) Beautiful Mess (easy doodles, including lots of arrows) LabelBox (washi tape to add easy text) InstaQuote (awesome for words and quotes--you can change backgrounds & fonts) Frames (for making collages) Bubble Frame (awesome backgrounds; great to use with Rhonna or InstaQuote) Snapseed (for editing--I “fine tune” to make lighter and then to add saturation) Statigram for Analytics (time suck but kinda interestin) ProHDR Big Lens
  30. 30. Google+ you enigma, you.
  31. 31. Really Smart People Who Actually Know What They Are Talking About Maggy at Red Ted Art (great video tutorial) Amy Lynn Andrews (ultimate list of tips)
  32. 32. Apps & Sites To Help do I really need MORE stuff?
  33. 33. Let’s try these... BufferApp HootSuite Reachli
  34. 34. See Sites I Stole Ideas From: ohAmanda’s Bloggyness Pinterest Board
  35. 35. Thank you!!! @oohamanda
  36. 36. river by gojeffrey on flickr facebook like photo by ohamanda google by jojtblog on flickr lego apple from kylethale on flickr home is where the blog is by western editions photo source
  37. 37. twee t! @ reply hashtags re-tweet @ reply