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How To Extract Your iPhone Messages And Voicemails On Mac


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PhoneView is an app that makes it extremely easy for you to find and access your iPhone data on Mac.

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How To Extract Your iPhone Messages And Voicemails On Mac

  1. 1. How To Extract Your iPhone Messages And Voicemails On Mac The much acclaimed ​iCloud​ service provides reliable means for data storage and backup. The latter enables you to store your personal data and information on Apple’s remote servers which can be later retrieved on your iPhone, iPad or Mac devices. Besides, iCloud is well known for its high degree of safety and protection to the data. By default, it requires a two-factor authentication each time you login to your iCloud account. So there are certain layers of security, making it almost impregnable to the third parties. iCloud takes care of all your personal data including photos, videos, music files, documents, contacts and messages. But as it turns out, data once stored on iCloud can’t be accessed easily unless you have made up your mind to restore your iCloud backup. Of course there are different ways to gain access to your iCloud data but that would require some third party apps like iTunes and PhoneRescue. Whatever be the case, you can’t have an instant access to your iCloud data. So in case you want to locally save your messages, contacts or voicemails on Mac, iCloud is certainly not the best
  2. 2. way to go. Instead, there are plenty of third-party apps available that help you keep your messages, contacts and voice mails safe.​ ​PhoneView​ ​ is one such app that makes it extremely easy for you to find and access your iPhone data on Mac. Also read iPhone to Android switch Made even Simpler using GoogleDrive​ . About The App PhoneView is an exclusively designed app for Mac users that enables you to save your iPhone data and access it anytime on your Mac PC. PhoneView gives you an instant access to all your messages, voicemails and chat history. All you need to do is connect your iDevice to the Mac and launch the app. You can easily view your messages, chats and save them as archives or as pdf files on your Mac. Perhaps, the best part about PhoneView is that it starts backing up your messages, voicemails and chats every time you connect your device to the PC. In this way, you can access your data even when your iPhone or iPad isn’t connected to the Mac.
  3. 3. How To Access Messages On Mac Via PhoneView? You can access your Messages, chats and call logs on Mac via PhoneView app by following these simple steps. ● Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac using lightning cable. ● Launch the PhoneView app on your Mac PC. ● A pop-up menu will appear with a message that reads, ‘Loading iPhone Data.’ Click on ‘OK.’ ● A new screen will appear with different options and data types such as messages, voicemails and call logs. ● Select the type of data you want to save. For instance, if you want to save and copy your messages, click on ‘Messages’ option shown on the top left corner. ● Once you do that, all your recent chats and conversations will appear. Choose the ones you want to save and then click on ‘​Copy from iPhone.’ ● Then you can specify the location where you want to save those messages and finally, click on ​‘Save.’ So, that’s pretty much how it’s done. Quite simple isn’t it? At least you don’t have to deal with the complex procedures involved in iCloud backups. PhoneView app is exclusively built for Mac users but there’s also a Windows equivalent of the app called ‘​CopyTrans​.’