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ElasticSearch Getting Started


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1. ElasticSearch arhitecture
2. How ElasticSearch stores data
3. Full Text Search
3. Plugins

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ElasticSearch Getting Started

  1. 1. Onuralp Taner @onuralptaner
  2. 2. Why We NeedWhy We Need Performance No Locking Auto Scale up / down Full Text Search Easy To Use
  3. 3. Case StudiesCase Studies
  4. 4. Usage Statistics source:
  5. 5. what is elastic search?what is elastic search? Elasticsearch is a highly available, highly customizable and distributed search engine.
  6. 6. DocumentDocument Json Object Core filed types (String, Numbers, Booleans) Complex field types (Arrays, Objects) Additional filed types (GeoPoints, Biniaries,)
  7. 7. NodeNode a running ElasticSearch instance (JVM) ClusterCluster a group of nodes ShardShard a part of an index a Luvene index under the hood primary: unique in the cluster replica: one or more copy of the primary
  8. 8. Key FeaturesKey Features distributed high availability multi tenancy full text search document oriented schema free restful
  9. 9. build on top of apache lucenebuild on top of apache lucene Apache Lucene is a high performance, full-featured Information Retrieval library, written in Java. Elasticsearch uses Lucene internally to build its state of the art distributed search and analytics capabilities.
  10. 10. DistributedDistributed Start small, but will grow with your business. It is built to scale horizontally out of the box. As you need more capacity, just add more nodes, and let the cluster reorganize itself.
  11. 11. Auto Scale Up / DownAuto Scale Up / Down
  12. 12. high availabilityhigh availability They will detect and remove failed nodes, and reorganize themselves.
  13. 13. Multi TenancyMulti Tenancy A cluster can host multiple indices which can be queried independently or as a group
  14. 14. Full Text SearchFull Text Search Search comes with multi-language support, a powerful query language, support for geolocation, context aware did-you-mean suggestions, autocomplete and search snippets.
  15. 15. How It worksHow It works
  16. 16. Document OrientedDocument Oriented Store complex real world entities in Elasticsearch as structured JSON documents. All fields are indexed by default, and all the indices can be used in a single query, to return results at breath taking speed.
  17. 17. Schema FreeSchema Free Toss it a JSON document and it will try to detect the data structure, index the data and make it searchable.
  18. 18. RESTful APIRESTful API Almost any action can be performed using a simple RESTful API using JSON over HTTP. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  19. 19. Easy To UseEasy To Use
  20. 20. Head Plug-inHead Plug-in elasticsearch-head is a web front end for browsing and interacting with an Elastic Search cluster.
  21. 21. MarvelMarvel get complete transparency into the state of your elasticsearchget complete transparency into the state of your elasticsearch deploymentdeployment
  22. 22. SenseSense A JSON aware developer's interface to ElasticSearch.
  23. 23. ElasticSearch As a ServiceElasticSearch As a Service
  24. 24. Let's TryLet's Try
  25. 25. QuestionsQuestions
  26. 26. ThanksThanks