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  1. 1. One Of The Beautiful City In The World VENICE Powerpoint by Canberk BELIBAGLI Music : Francis Goya - La raggazia di blue
  2. 2. Venice is a city in northern Italy.
  3. 3. The carnival of Venica was first recorded in 1268. The subversive nature of the festival is reflected in the many laws created over the centuries in Italy attempting to restrict celebrations and often banning the wearing of masks. Masks have always been a central feature of the Venetian carnival; traditionally people were allowed to wear them between the festival of Santo Stefano ( St. Stephen’s day, December 26) at the start of the carnival season and midnight of Shrove Tuesday.
  4. 4. Venice is the most popular place of carnivals,crazy parties since 1600.
  5. 5. The story of carnival is,fancy women were took masks for hide theirself.
  6. 6. Then ministers recognized many women which took masks.
  7. 7. In 1800 %60 of women took masks.
  8. 8. Then the government announced;people can take a mask only except religious carnivals.
  9. 9. Then people celebrated to this law with a carnival.
  10. 10. They called this carnival ’Spring Carnival’
  11. 11. The carnival starts at 25th of January,and ends 5th of February.
  12. 12. There are some kinds of masks which use at carnival.
  13. 13. The Masks
  14. 14. Some masks at the Carnival of VeniceVenetian masks can be made in leather or with the original papier-mâché technique.
  15. 15. The original masks were rather simple in design and decoration and often had a symbolic and practical function.
  16. 16. Nowadays, most of them are made with the application of gesso and gold leaf and are all hand-painted using natural feathers and gems to decorate.
  17. 17. Carnevale In Venice • Masks, maschere, are an important part of the carnevale festival and Venice is the best city for traditional carnival masks. People also wear elaborate costumes for the festival and there are costume or masquerade balls, both private and public.
  18. 18. Bauta Bauta is a "mask which covers the whole face, with a stubborn chin line, no mouth, and lots of gilding".
  19. 19. It was used also as a device for hiding the wearer's identity and social status.
  20. 20. Moretta The moretta is an oval mask of black velvet that was usually worn by women visiting convents.
  21. 21. Larva The larva, also called the volto mask, is mainly white, and typically Venetian.
  22. 22. It is worn with a tricorn and cloak. It is thought the word "larva" comes from the Latin meaning "mask" or "ghost".
  23. 23. Columbine The Columbine also known as (Columbina and Columbino) is a half mask often highly decorated with gold, silver, crystals and feathers.
  24. 24. It was held up to the face by a baton or tied with ribbon as with most other venetian masks.
  25. 25. Medico Della Peste The Medico Della Peste with its long beak is one of the most bizarre and recognisable or the venetian masks.
  26. 26. Traditionally the full face mask is white consisting of a hollow beak and round eye holes that covered with crystal discs creating a bespectacled effect.
  27. 27. Today, the masks are often more decorative.
  28. 28. Architecture of Venice
  29. 29. Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge on the Grand Canal
  30. 30. The bridge is one of the most colored place in Venice.
  31. 31. According to people,the view of Grand Canal is very beautiful from Rialto Bridge
  32. 32. St.Marco Square Square was used for marketplace when square was first built.
  33. 33. There are two columnars at the square.On one of the columnar,there is a statue of Queen Theodora who was protector of city before St.Marco.
  34. 34. On the other columnar,there is a lion which was made by gold,and represents St.Marco and Venice.
  35. 35. St.Marco Church Most people know St.Marco Church as a Cathedral of Venice.
  36. 36. The church represents power of Republic of Sea.
  37. 37. In 832,structure of the church was done,then in 883,decoration of the church was done.
  38. 38. You can see pictures in the church which tell Jesus’s life story,miracles,and St.Marco’s life.
  39. 39. That is a little bit information of Venice. Ci vediamo presto (See you Soon)