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Paint aid manual


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Paint aid manual

  1. 1.
  2. 2. PAINT AID € 80 148 ‘ (2 u 28’) Charlotte De Ruytter Wouter Velle Paulina Hernandez Santamaria
  4. 4. PAINT AIDBILL OF MATERIAL4 quickstep2 metal pipe (diameter 22mm length 70cm)2 wheel chair supports2 quickstep supports (arm rest)2 quickstep supports (next arm rest)2 quickstep connection (board-pipe)6 screws (diameter 5 mm)6 nuts (diameter 5 mm)6 washers (diameter 5 mm)1 bag (supports)1 bag (paint)1 paper holder4 ribbon holdersVelcroPress buttonsRubberGlue, scissors, thread, needle.TweezersJigsawDrillDrill bits (9mm, 5mm)PressScrewdriverTape measureDouble sided tape 15 tools 3 21
  5. 5. 1 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Confirm you have 2 table attachment pipes on each side of the wheelchair, if not, you can buy them easily at an wheelchair supply store. Attach to the wheelchair. No plan needed 5’ Screwdriver Attachment pipes for the weelchair 2 Depending on the needs
  6. 6. 2 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Put the 2 metal tubes into each attachment pipe. No plan needed 1’ No tools needed 2 metal tubes 2 € 19,60
  7. 7. 3 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Measure the distance between the 2 pipes (center to center) and add 10cm. Write this distance down because you will need it to cut the boards. No plan needed 1’ Tapeline No parts bought No parts added €0
  8. 8. 4 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Cut the quickstep to get 4 pieces of the obtained measurement. (as described in step 3). Cut 6 pieces of 17cm long quickstep. For clean edges it is best to use a buzz saw but if you don’t have one, you can also use a jigsaw. No plans needed 10’ Saw Quickstep boards 10 € 33,59
  9. 9. 5 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Tape the 17 cm long pieces together with the double sided tape in groups of two. Make sure you only tape on the backside. No plans needed 4’ Double sided tape Double sided tape 0 € 10,49
  10. 10. 6 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Print plan A twice, plan B, C and D once and cut them out roughly. Plans A & B needed 3’ Printer, computer No parts bought 0 €0
  11. 11. 7 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Tape the printed plans onto the pieces. No plans needed 1’ Double sided tape No parts bought 0 €0
  12. 12. 8 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Drill the required holes on plan B (diameter 9mm) Plan B needed 4’ Drill, woodbit (diameter 9 mm), screw clamp No parts bought 0 €0
  13. 13. 9 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Saw plan A & B on the provided guidelines using a jig saw. Plan A is a plan made especially for Ludwiene’s wheelchair. It is possible that you have to change some dimensions. Plan A & B needed 10’ Jig Saw, screw clamp No parts bought 0 €0
  14. 14. 10 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION File the holes clean. Plan B needed 5’ Wood file No parts bought 0 €0
  15. 15. 11 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Detach the taped pieces and remove the plans. When ready remove the two parts from eachother. Now you have 2 equal pieces from plan B and 4 pieces from plan A. When needed, sandpaper the edges of the pieces. No plans needed 1’ No tools needed No parst bought 0 €0
  16. 16. 12 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Glue the pieces A back together with wood glue and let them dry under pressure. No plans needed 3’ action, 30’ drying Screw clamps, woodglue Wood glue 0 € 2,50
  17. 17. 13 PAINT AID Cut DESCRIPTION pieces of rubber. Two times 16mm x 50mm, four times (16mm x 45mm) and twice 16 mm x 15 mm No plans needed 2’ Sharp knife of scissors No parts bought 0 €0
  18. 18. 14 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Glue the rubber into the attachment system using superglue. No plans needed 4’ Superglue Superglue 2 € 0,59 (Zeeman)
  19. 19. 14 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Take a new board of quickstep and saw 2 pieces as noted on drawing C. Be sure you use the good side of the board! Plan C needed 5’ Saw No parts bought 0 €0
  20. 20. PAINT AID DESCRIPTION 15Tape the paper pieces from drawing C ontothe two pieces of quickstep. Plan C needed 1’ Double sided tape No parts bought 0 €0
  21. 21. 16 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Drill the hole as shown on the print. Be carefull you position the hole correctly, a wood-drill is better than a metal-drill. (diameter: 5mm) When drilling with a metal-drill we suggest to drill a smaller hole first. Plan C needed 5’ Drill, woodbit (diameter 5 mm) No parts bought 0 €0
  22. 22. 17 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Carefully, cut out the leaving part of the wooden piece. Plan C needed 4’ Saw, screw clamp No parts bought 0 €0
  23. 23. 18 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION To make the bolts fit exactly into the wood, you can carefully drill a tapered edge in al the holes, this with a bigger drill. No plans needed 3’ Wood glue No parts bought 0 €0
  24. 24. 19 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Glue pieces B and C together using wood glue. Press hard. No plans needed 3’ action, 30’ drying Screw clamp No parts bought 0 €0
  25. 25. 20 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Remove the metal tubes from the wheelchair and cut them at 60cm. No plans needed 6’ Metal saw No parts bought 0 €0
  26. 26. 21 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Drill holes in the metal pipe as shown on drawing D. Plan D needed 18’ Drill, metal drill (diameter 5 mm) No parts bought 0 €0
  27. 27. 22 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Use the countersunk M8 bolts, washers and nuts to put it all together. Repeat for the second tube. When ready, refix the tubes onto the wheelchair. No plan needed 8’ Screwdriver Countersunk M8 bolts, washers & nuts 3 € 12
  28. 28. 23 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Cut 3 pieces of white ribbon and one red ribbon. Create 2 corners of 90° and sew them together. Do this for each ribbon. You can choose the best length to make the handle. No plans needed 10’ Needle, wire & ribbon No parts bought No parts added €0
  29. 29. 24 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Glue the ribbons to the boards. Be sure you glue them at the right side. In the picture you can see which side you have to glue them to. Use screw clamps to let the glue dry under pressure. . No plans needed 9’ action, 10’ drying Superglue No parts bought No parts added €0
  30. 30. 25 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Now you have the four boards you need, you still have to turn one board into a paint palette. The board with the red ribbon is the one that we’re turning into a paint palette. Be sure you use the right board to continue the next steps. . No plans needed 0’ No tools needed No parts bought No parts added €0
  31. 31. 26 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Position a circle (diameter of your water cup) on the Quickstep-board with the red ribon. Drill a hole inside the circle. No plan needed 10’ Drill & woodbit No parts bought 0 €0
  32. 32. 27 PAINT AID DESCRIPTION Cut out the circle with a jig saw using the hole from the previous step as a start point. Sandpaper the hole. No plan needed 12’ Jigsaw No parts bought 0 €0
  33. 33. EXTRA’S
  34. 34. BAG / HANDLES
  35. 35. PAINTBAG
  41. 41. HOW TO USE TECHNICAL ADDENDUMThe plans needed to be printed at scale 1:1. Thisway you can easily cut them en tape them onto thewood to saw/drill.To print the plans, click on the attached links.Plan APlan BPlan CPlan DExtra’s:BagsHere is the principle of how the bags are made
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  50. 50. TEL +32 494 66 49 TEL +32 477 22 88 25 TEL +32 471 74 07 03