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VELIXA Company Brochure:pdf final crown 8:16:13- copy


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Details about Velixa corporation such as: products marketing product testing and safety etc.

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VELIXA Company Brochure:pdf final crown 8:16:13- copy

  1. 1. Corporate and Product Overview 1 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  2. 2. TM TM 2 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  3. 3. Why Velixa? Women have myriad choices as to high-end skincare products. Why should they choose “Velixa”? The memory of a star-crossed love defines the soul of the company. Product press packaging highlights our signature violet, a sensuous color that accentuates the mystique of our brand, customers are emotionally stirred by Velixa do to their innate nature. 3 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  4. 4. Our Velixa app. is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. It is entertaining, informative and a convenient way to order our products. press 4 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  5. 5. Who is Velixa Velixa is a visionary skincare company dedicated to the quality, luxury and science of facial enhancement. Formulated by some of the world’s most esteemed dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skincare experts, Velixa’s unique products blend advanced anti-aging technology with powerful antioxidants, peptides and nourishing plant nectars. Controlled in vivo biometric studies consistently establish that Velixa’s innovative products successfully reduce the appearance of fine facial lines and wrinkles for a more luminous and youthful looking complexion. About our Products Velixa offers a broad palette of luxury skincare products. We specialize in therapeutic formulas that lessen the visible signs of aging and give skin a vibrant, healthy glow. Velixa products have no harsh or irritating ingredients and effortlessly complement a woman’s existing skincare regimen without changing her daily routine. “As a skin care enthusiast, I've tried some of the best brands. Velixa is in a class by itself. In the first week, I could see a difference in the quality of my skin; it seemed more radiant and (dare I say!) youthful-looking. I love this product line.” — Jill S., Chicago IL. “I work in the skincare industry...The whole line of Velixa is phenomenal. Fine lines are reduced and my skin feels firmer with an overall youthful glow. Highly recommended! ” — A.P.V., Beverly Hills, CA Many of our specialty products provide effective, non-greasy moisturizing. A variety of our formulas are designed to work exceptionally well under makeup. We also fulfill private orders for dermatologists. Our Legacy Velixa products are deeply influenced by founder John Allen Orofino’s devotion to the memory of a remarkable woman named Velaia. Determined to create a lasting tribute to his beloved partner, John Allen founded the skincare company Velixa. The$“V’’$refers$to$Velaia,$while$the$balance$of$the$letters$ rhymes$with$“elixir”,$a$magical$concoction$for$prolonging$life.$ Founder & CEO Velixa’s founder and CEO, John Allen Orofino, brings 20 years of manufacturing, branding and marketing experience in the cosmeceutical industry to this venture. His extensive background can be traced back to his family’s 25-year-old business, Crosstex International, which earned the reputation of being the fastest growing manufacturer of quality healthcare products throughout the world. Presently, Crosstex is a whollyowned subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. 5 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  6. 6. Co-op advertising Co-op advertising refers to an agreement between a manufacturer and a retailer to share advertising costs.This can include in-store displays, catalog placement, promotionals/ giveaways and staff training. The traditional goal of co-op advertising programs is to drive customers to local merchants to buy the manufacturers products. Beauty retail stores such as Sephora expect their merchants to have a significant in-store advertising budget. Co-op advertising sells the product. It helps foster relationships with a particular distribution channel. It also helps build the brand in a personal way by engaging with the customer. Assembling a qualified sales team requires training experienced skin care professionals to be fluently familiar with Velixa’s products. They will discern the special needs of the individual 6 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  7. 7. Word-of-Web & Viral Marketing Campaigns Creating a "buzz" on the Web is always a challenge. The best campaigns use word-of-mouth and written testimonials to recommend a particular site. To boost traffic to, we will continue to use a variety of techniques: online press releases, announcement sites, hot site/cool link reviews, award site submissions, newsgroups, public and opt-in list-servers, viral marketing, and chat room conversations. Marketing and advertising summary To maintain our brand image and a high level of awareness of Velixa has appeared on: Velixa products among our target audience, we follow the strategic marketing plan below: Online advertising (site optimization for marketing awareness, custom search engine submissions, link campaigns ETC.) Co-op advertising and in-store support featuring: placement in store catalogs, in-store events Social media -Facebook and Twitter promotion Interaction with select influential beauty bloggers Print advertising (popular beauty magazines such Allure and Cosmopolitan ETC.) Media and press events Developing apps for iPhone and Droid Did you know? BuzzFeed ( is the leading social news organization. Founder Jonah Peretti says that “the future of online advertising is not in banner advertising, but instead in branded and sponsored content that is shareable on social sites.” He spoke about the power shift in media. Peretti believes that making content that people want to share is how advertisers are going to endear themselves to brands. 7 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  8. 8. Who is the Velixa target market? And how do we plan to reach it? The Velixa Audience: Profile The Velixa woman is discerning and motivated. She is between the ages of 31 and 51+ and is likely to have earned a college degree. She appreciates and understands the unique value of quality products. Our strategy is to enlighten her to a particular Velixa product. She could then add this specialty product into her existing daily routine. After experiencing other Velixa formulas, we hope that she will become a devoted fan. Demographics Average household income: $100K to $150K+ (upscale clientele); Consumer age: 31 to 51+ yrs.; Core targeted customer age 31 to 47 yrs. Gender Marital Status Race Afr. Am. 5% Asian 5% Hispanic 20% Men 10% Single - never married 30% Married or divorced 70% Women 90% Education level Caucasian 70% Did you know? Core target market 20% of Americans have a household income of $100K plus, which represents 70% of total US consumer wealth. Source –Mintel Beauty Retailing Report Household income What about men? Most of Velixa’s products are fragrance-free and suitable for both men and women. However, some of our products have aromatherapy elements with feminine notes that may be more appealing to women. We see great potential in men’s anti-aging skincare products, and the development of a men’s line is in our future plans. The information on this page was determined by our online sales, Facebook “likes” and by observing the demographics of 3 of our future competitors (Clarins, Sk-II and La Prairie), a leading beauty market research company was also a source. 8 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  9. 9. The Science Behind Velixa We are sensitive to a woman’s desire for youthful, vibrant, healthy skin. Velixa conducts extensive product tests to verify the efficacy of our formulas. We follow strict scientific protocol; all active and inactive ingredients undergo systematic lab testing. In addition, Velixa consults with dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetologists to develop formulas that combine advanced scientific research with natural elements. Complete Product Testing Our cGMP- compliant and FDA - registered factory utilizes the latest in technological equipment in manufacturing our products, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. All our products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded and wrapped under rigid quality control guidelines. It is important to us that our in vivo studies definitively show that consumer subjects notice a marked improvement in the appearance of their complexion. Likewise, samples are often provided to client focus groups for assessment and feedback, with the aim of achieving higher quality products and safer formulations. Product Standards Assurance All Velixa products are designed and manufactured in the United States by Ecocert-certified manufacturers under strict FDA compliance and with full compatibility testing. We have taken meticulous measures to make certain that our products maintain the highest quality and safety protocols and are cruelty-free. Exclusivity: Only From Velixa Our lab continually gathers detailed scientific knowledge on raw materials and their effectiveness to improve and expand our product lines and formulations. We are excited to be working diligently with a team of top New York City dermatologists to develop new, exclusive complexes that combine the collagen-building power of biometric peptides with pure forms of a select group of simple, natural elements to calm irritation and nourish the skin for a radiant, healthy complexion. 9 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  10. 10. Velixa manufactures and distributes more than 50 products. Combination packages are available to retailers at discount prices. Velixa products purchased from authorized retailers or on are backed by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. 10 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  11. 11. Not just a skin care triumph… It’s a love story VELIXA®, an advanced skin care therapy company headquartered in New York City, launched its Youth Enhancement Series – their latest innovation in skin care science. The company boasts a unique and inspiring back-story, based on a true-life romance between its founder, John Allen Orofino, and a remarkable woman who co-originated the skin-enhancing formulas. Mr. Orofino met the beautiful Velaia during a chance meeting in a Venice, Italy museum. Together, they focused on the overriding facial concerns shared by most women. His vocation soon became her obsession; the two of them fantasized longingly about discovering the Fountain of Youth, before unmerciful fate led to her premature death. Bereaved, John Allen was determined to create a lasting tribute to her by working with some of the world’s most esteemed dermatologists and plastic surgeons and ultimately, creating a company called VELIXA. The “V” represents Velaia and the “elixa” alludes to the elixir of life. 11 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  12. 12. Environmental/Social responsibilities More than ever today, savvy and conscientious consumers demand societal and environmental accountability from the companies behind the brands they buy. Certainly, Velixa is committed to responsible product development, fair-trade protocol, and eco-friendly packaging. Charity From our inception, Velixa has maintained a commitment to donate at least 10% of revenue earned from website sales to impactful nonprofit organizations, including New York Restoration Project, United Nations International Fund for Women, Operation USA, The St. Jude Children’s Fund and Broadway Barks. “I began using Velixa's “Wrinkle Treatment Serum” two weeks ago and WOW! My skin looks and feels healthier. My wrinkles have softened and are less noticeable. I look younger and rested. Thank you Velixa! ” — Silvia J., Paris Ethical Conduct Our business code of ethics is clearly illustrated by our advertising. All publicized claims are based on proven performance and data, and are consistent with the “Velixa image.” Transparency Consumers will always have prompt access to product information. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we have effective mechanisms to address any and all complaints. Distribution We maintain that an efficient distribution network is essential. Our inventory is stored at our drop-ship company and all products can be dispatched anywhere across the globe at a moment’s notice. Customer Shipping All orders are shipped on business days. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding Federal holidays in the United States. All standard shipping is free (restrictions apply). Product orders The processing time for orders of each product is typically within one week for up to 100 units per product and three to four weeks for orders up to 3000 units per product. “The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything. She wants all the information you can give her.” David Ogilvy 12 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  13. 13. Looking Forward: Our Plan What’s next for Velixa? Our ongoing mission is to develop innovative, clinically proven and competitively priced formulas that make a clear difference in skin care. Company objectives include strategic expansion through additional retail channels to deepen our reach across target audiences worldwide. Long-term market plans extend to: Europe, China and Japan. Also, it entails, major shopping networks around the globe, such as QVC, HSN, ShopNBC, The Shopping Channel (CAN), TVSN (AU), QVC/UK, Ideal Network andQVC Germany (HSE) ETC. Specialty Retail: SpaceNK, Planet Beauty, Pure Beauty, BlueMercury, CosBar, Ulta, Henri Bendel, Fresh Fragrances Beauty Bar, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. “I love using Velixa products, I am a devoted fan. I have tried almost every skincare brand there is. Velixa Wrinkle Correction Cream leaves my skin soft and smooth with just one application. After a few weeks my skin look younger and healthier. I will be using their products for the rest of my life I highly recommend this line!” — Grace, New York Did you know? Among the first venues to carry Velixa’s luxury products were The Peninsula Hotels, exclusive 5-star luxury properties with worldwide acclaim. 13 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  14. 14. LEGAL To help ensure quality control, Velixa products are distributed and sold exclusively at and by authorized distributors, retailers and physicians. If you obtain Velixa products from any source other than, an authorized distributor, retailer or physician, you will do so at your own risk and any Velixa guarantee may be voided. If you have any doubt about whether a particular retailer or distributor is authorized in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, please contact us at The Velixa name and trademark, and Velixa's registered product names, images and packaging are protected from unauthorized use by the copyright and trademark laws in the USA and abroad. You are not granted any right to use, and may not use any of Velixa copyrights and trademarks; however, you may download material from our web site solely for non-commercial personal use by you. No part of our web site, including, without limitation, the text, designs, graphics, photographs and images may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, re-posted, modified, transmitted, distributed or otherwise used in any way for any non-personal, public or commercial purpose without the prior written consent Velixa. This brochure is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical or any other information or advice. Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. uses reasonable efforts to include only accurate and up-to-date information on its brochures, corporate PDFs and its web site. Velixa makes no representations or warranties concerning such information and assumes no liability for errors or omissions therein. Velixa reserves the right to change the information included in, and content of, this PDF/ brochure, including these terms and conditions of use, without prior notice Velixa is not responsible for the content of PDF/ brochure, including any web sites linked to this VELIXA COSMECEUTICAL’S INC. IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES ARISING FROM YOUR USE OF THIS BROCHURE. THIS BROCHURE IS MADE AVAILABLE "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. VELIXA ® is the registered trademark name of Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. (New York, NY 10021) - doing business as: Velixa and Allen Cosmetics. VELIXA ® IS REGISTERED IN 9 COUNTRIES. 14 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  15. 15. Notes: 15 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |
  16. 16. ® EVERY BRAND HAS A STORY… Velixa Cosmeceuticals inc. 1385 York Ave. STE 30D, New York,NY. 10021 (646) 374 4960 Phone (917) 797 4975 Cell (888) 665 2747 Fax VELIXA ® IS REGISTERED IN 9 COUNTRIES. 16 Velixa Cosmeceuticals Inc. | New York | 646.374.4960 | |