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  1. 1. Studio 4: Hypertext Prof. Alvarado MDST 3703 19 September 2013
  2. 2. Business • Any issues with using the Hive? • Tutorial this Friday at 2:00 in Alderman 323 – I can accept a couple of more people
  3. 3. Review • Text markup is a kind of knowledge representation (KR) • A KR is an operationalized ontology – Ontology = categories and relations – Operationalized = machine processable • The machine is a medium – It allows you to do things with text – But it has limitations (resistance)
  4. 4. Today • Finish up last week’s exercise • Use some POSH to capture information in the text • Use some CSS to represent that information • Learn about two hypertextual elements – A and IMG
  5. 5. Exercise 1: Create a page • Create a directory for today (09-19) • Copy oedipus.html from last week’s directory to this week’s • Working in groups, implement the solution we discussed to the problem of creating pages in the document • Use CSS to add style to the page
  6. 6. Exercise 2: Markup some topics • Use SPAN elements with CLASS attributes to mark up a few topics (people, places, behaviors) in the page you just created • Set the class of each topic to the kind of topic, e.g. person, place, etc. <span class=“person”>Cadmus</span> • Use CSS to highlight the topics
  7. 7. Exercise 3: Add a link • Somewhere at the top of your document, create a hypertext link from your document to one of your colleague’s pages – For example: – The URL should be something like this: <a href=“”>some text</a> 19/oedipus.html
  8. 8. Exercise 4: Add an image • Search the web for an image that represents on of the topics your markup up earlier • Insert the image after the paragraph in which the topic appears using this tag <img src=“http://someplace/myimage.jpg” />