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Mdst3705 2013-01-31-php3


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Mdst3705 2013-01-31-php3

  1. 1. PHP 3 Prof. Alvarado MDST 370531 January 2013
  2. 2. Business• Course Schedule posted – Include project days in April that may be used for more content, depending on progress
  3. 3. Review• Hackers = builders – Coders and Painters are both hackers – Building is a way of knowing (praxis) – Coders and Painters have different skills• Hacking involves awareness of two levels – LEVEL 1: Rules, methods, techniques – LEVEL 2: Effects, emergence, products – The two levels interact – The two levels are in tension
  4. 4. Programs like 10 PRINT and Conway’sGame of Life exemplify the difference and relationship between levels
  5. 5. Finite RulesInfinite Patterns
  6. 6. Digital art iscreated by algorithms like these
  7. 7. What happens when we want to study “real” art and literature?How can we use the computer to help in the task of interpretation? (The digital humanities is aboutinterpreting the art, literature, and other products of human intellectual labor)
  8. 8. We can view works of art and literature as patterns generated by rules
  9. 9. What about text?
  10. 10. Claude Shannonshowed that Englishis governed byprobabilitiesIt is possible togenerate sentencesthat almost makesense, using arandom generator,like the 10 PRINTprogram, governedby probabilities foreach letter or word
  11. 11. Let’s experiment …