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Mdst3705 2013-01-29-praxis


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Mdst3705 2013-01-29-praxis

  1. 1. Code as Praxis Prof Alvarado MDST 370529 January 2013
  2. 2. Business• Please create Posts, not Comments• Quiz 1 to be posted next Tuesday• New materials on the site – Requirements – Schedule later today• Concerns about coding level – Media Studies – Computer Science
  3. 3. Review• Code, like language, both assumes a world and constructs worlds• 10 PRINT showed this – Close reading of the line of code – The pattern that the code generated• Word patterns (an example) – ay/sara.php• Another example is Conway’s Game of Life – Anyone heard of it?
  5. 5. Very simple rules and structuresComplex and unpredictable results An example of “emergence” This is what Barricelli saw …
  6. 6. Coding as Hacking
  7. 7. But first, what’s a hacker?
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. How is hacking like painting?
  11. 11. Hacking is a form of creation or building The code itself The effects of the code
  12. 12. Are creativity and logic incompatible?
  13. 13. Ginevra de BenciLeonardo da Vincic. 1475
  14. 14. What is the relationship between doing and knowing? (Ramsay’s argument)
  15. 15. According to Ramsay, scholars who write programs learn somethingabout knowledge and meaning that others do not(He created a big stink in saying so.)
  16. 16. “Praxis,” which is German for practice, refers to a theory of knowledgeThis theory holds that only knowledgebased in and oriented to action is validAssocaited with Marxism, but also withAmerican Pragmatism (Perice, James, Dewey)
  17. 17. How is hacking not like painting?
  18. 18. Hackers and painters are also at odds … Plato banished the poets (which included painters) in favor ofphilosophers (whose descendants are computer scientists)
  19. 19. Code and Plato’s Cave
  20. 20. Coding and painting, literally speaking,use different “parts” of the braine.g. Visual vs. SyntacticPeople skilled at one are notusually skilled at the other
  21. 21. The code reflects this division of labor Good software is always the collaboration of “hackers” and “painters” Graham’s implicit point is that hackersand painters can get along because they both have a creator’s approach to knowledge
  22. 22. } PAINTERS } CODERS
  23. 23. The nature and structure ofprogramming languages reflects this division of labor
  24. 24. Code Review
  26. 26. HTML + CSS
  27. 27. HTML + CSS + PHP
  28. 28. PHP Values• Strings are in quotes – $foo = “BAR”; – $foo = „BAR‟;• Double quotes mean you can put variables inside the string – $foo = “BAR $baz”;• Numbers have no quotes• Booleans have no quotes – true – false
  29. 29. PHP Operators• Numeric +-/*%• Strring . (the “dot” operator) e.g. “This ” . “and that” = “This and that”• Boolean && || < > == != <= >= and or xor e.g. if ($x < $y) { … }
  30. 30. Regarding Truth• The “true” is that which has a positive or negative value• The “false” is that which has a no value, other 0 or an empty string