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Mdst3705 2012-01-15-introduction


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Mdst3705 2012-01-15-introduction

  1. 1. Code, Language, Media Prof. Alvarado MDST 3705/7705 15 January 2013
  2. 2. Hello!
  3. 3. What about this course interests you?
  4. 4.
  5. 5. This course is really about knowledge
  6. 6. What is knowledge?(Or, where is knowledge?)
  7. 7. Knowledge is a social process mediated by literacy
  8. 8. What do computers have to do with knowledge?
  9. 9. Computers have created new networks of texts, ideas, and of people.Do these new networks have an effect on knowledge?
  10. 10. What happens when we digitize the entire corpus of everything ever written?
  11. 11. The Boring Stuff
  12. 12. Course Design• A follow-up to MDST 3703 – Helpful but not required – This course is less of a survey – Focused on learning to use code to build things• Part seminar, part studio• Flexible and fault tolerant!
  13. 13. Course Design• All class content will be posted on the course “blog” – A WordPress site – Web site will be more of a manual than a syllabus – Linked from Collab• Tests and private information delivered through Collab – Also anonymous messages• All assigned readings will be found online
  14. 14. Course Plan• Learn some PHP – A simple programming language designed for the web• Learn some SQL and MySQL – A simple data language and database system• Reverse engineer primary and secondary sources• Build interactive pages and visualizations• Create an exhibit based on your work
  15. 15. Requirements• Weekly readings and responses to readings• Weekly blog posts – Reflections on concepts learned in the week – Posting of completed studio exercises• Occasional homework• Monthly quizzes – Delivered through Collab – IDs, short answers, and essays• Final Project – Web site• Final Exam – Reflective Essay
  16. 16. Policies• Attendance is required – Two unexcused absences allowed, but you still need to make up any work! – Notify me ahead of time otherwise• No web surfing or messaging in class unless part of an activity• Timely completion of assignments is crucial