Presenting the OntoHR idea at EAWOP 2009


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Presenting the OntoHR idea at EAWOP 2009

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  • Construct related validity evidence
    According to Binning and Barrett (1989) the construct-related approach to establishing validity evidence for selection context predictors involves the identification of psychological construct domains that overlap significantly with the performance domain (Inference 7) and then developing measures that adequately sample these construct domains (Inference 6).
    Criterion related validity evidence
    According to Binning and Barrett (1989) the criterion-related approach involves developing some operational measure of behaviors in the performance domain (Inference 8) and then identifying or developing predictors that will relate empirically with the operational criterion measure.
    Content related validity evidence
    According to Binning and Barrett (1989) the content related validity evidence approach involves developing predictors that directly sample the performance domain (Inference 9).
    Support for inference seven (see also binning and barrett article) is seldom generated in Personnel Selection Research
  • Binning and Barrett state that “To the extent that the validity of Inference 10 is questionable,
    all other inferences in the system are questionable”
  • Presenting the OntoHR idea at EAWOP 2009

    1. 1. Ontology Driven Selection and Recruitment EAWOP 09,Santiago de Compostella 14/05/2009 Gábor Kismihók Dr. Stefan Mol
    2. 2. Interdisciplinarity 2
    3. 3. Experience • eLearning and mLearning research EU Projects: Contsens, mPss, Motill • Knowledge management Educational Ontology Development, Content Management System Development, Adaptive Systems, IS Integration • HRM Selection and Recruitment, Workplace Training 3
    4. 4. Ontology based education • Educational Ontology Describing complex systems in a structured way • Adaptive Testing • Customized content • Competency based • Integrated into Learning Environment Vas, 2007 4
    5. 5. Personnel Selection Binning and Barrett’s (1989) elaborated model for personnel decision research 5
    6. 6. Personnel selection • The traditional approach  Predicting job performance on the basis of individual differences variables (such as the Five Factor Model or General Mental Ability GMA) • Empirical success in showing that predictors relate to job performance, but WHY? • Little is known as to why personality and GMA predict job performance • Black Box theories • Knowledge has been suggested as a mediator in the relationship between GMA and Job performance • Little research 6
    7. 7. Architecture 7
    8. 8. Personnel selection – Case Scenario Trial for a single Job Role  Job for which lots of documentation is already available  Call center employees / police / military / sales agents • Constructing the JR Ontology • Customizing the test engine • Integration with a VLE 8
    9. 9. 9 More Information
    10. 10. 9 More Information