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Best Quality Water Filter Systems of Ontario Safety Standards


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The Ontario Safety Standards is an industrial water service company, providing a vast range of apparatus, offerings, materials and consulting services for industrial method water and excessive purity water purchaser with an experienced employees

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Best Quality Water Filter Systems of Ontario Safety Standards

  1. 1. The Ontario Safety Standards is an industrial water service company, offering a wide range of equipment, services, and parts and consulting services for industrial process water and high purity water consumer with an experienced staff. Our services are supplied to various industries, such as power generation, chemical processing, auto, steel, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hospital, medical, laboratory and light industrial and commercial markets. Our service centre and regeneration facility is currently located in Canada, Ontario. Each individual water source may include its signature of water quality characteristics, which can prepare a treatment system around the Ontario Safety Standards. Common features that can treat the Ontario Safety Standards efficiently and economically: • High total suspend solids (TSS) • High total dissolved solids (TDS) • High total hardness • High concentrations of iron and manganese • High concentrations of sulphates and chlorides • High or low alkalinity waters • High or seasonal levels of total organic carbon (TOC) • Seasonal water temperature fluctuations The entire line of products and services of O.S.S gives us the flexibility to prepare a system to meet the needs of our customers regardless of water. Treatment application or water source quality. Ontario Safety Standards experienced and knowledgeable staffs provide comprehensive and diverse services, according to the needs of our customers, such as engineering, construction, installation, operation and maintenance support. We have experience in providing surface water, well-water treatment systems, and essential quality water for waste water sources. We have installed systems and have provided operating and maintenance services in the Midwest, which are providing high quality water by using multimedia filtration, ultrofiltration, activated carbon filtration, softening, reverse osmosis, telecommunications, and desalinization so that our customers In any combination to meet the needs.
  2. 2. Ontario Safety Standards Mission Statement: "Our goal to provide quality water services and equipment to our customers is to earn the trust and trust of our customers every day, offering the highest quality people, products and services."