Statement of intent


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Statement of intent

  1. 1. 0 Through the research I have done on different music magazines I decided to base my magazine on gospel music. Through my research I discovered that there is room in the market for a fresh gospel magazine as there is not that much the moment. I choose to make my target audience early 30s as I believe at that age you will be the most certain in your faith and gospel music originated from the Christian religion. Due to my age group I decided to make my selling price that age group My magazine will be selling at the £2.75 as I believe my target audience will be economically stable.
  2. 2. 0 While researching gospel magazines I discovered that they are all based around the same concept and nothing stands out from one another. This has lead me to make my magazine not solely based on gospel music but I will also incorporate the Christian religion and events going on. I believe that this will make my magazine unique, versatile and increase the sell.
  3. 3. Front Cover0 WHAT is the name of your music magazine and WHY?I decided to name my magazine ‘United Voices’, from my own experience the Christian religion is very united and almost like a large family. I believe that this name is best suited as through the gospel everyone will be united again no matter what race or background you are from.0 WHAT will your music magazine be about and WHY?My music magazine will be based on gospel music but I will incorporate the Christian religion by adding events occurring and adding passages from the bible. The reason why is to make my magazine stand out. I want my magazine to be based mainly on gospel music but I don’t want it to be another gospel magazine. I want my magazine to stand out from all the other magazines that is currently out there and in order for me to do that I need my magazine to have something unique about it that no other current gospel magazine has. I will also be giving out free albums and making some competitions where you will be able to win concerts tickets in order for me to get more people to buy my magazine and not another gospel magazine.0 DESCRIBE the design of the title? (Colour: What colour you are going to use, how you intend to place the masthead, layout and fonts you are hoping to use?)For my masthead I wanted to be creative and make it from scratch. I did some research on different types of gospel magazine masthead in order for me to get an insight of what to look out for. During my research I found a range of different types of masthead that represents gospel magazines. Something that I found in common was that the masthead all attempted to incorporate positive up lifting words such as ‘praise’ and ‘love’. Another thing that I found in common was that in the age group my magazine is based at it tended to be very simple but creative which I found useful as I wanted to create my own masthead. Form my research the colours used were bold but simple and very elegant especially at my target audience and the front normally tend to be clear and simple.Therefore, for my masthead I decided to recreate a masthead that I saw of a gospel magazine. I will be using the colour black as I believe it will stand out and is also a bold colour something common in gospel magazine mastheads. I decided to name my magazine ‘united voices’ as I believe it is a positive uplifting phases that clearly represents the genre of my magazine. I also decided to incorporate images that will be blacked out of people in the middle of praise of worship. Lastly the front that I will be using will be ‘Angle Tears’ a front that I saw online and immediately caught my attention as it reminds me personally of a front that would be used in the past to write passages from the Bible. I was inspired from this design due to a image of a masthead I came across during my research.0 WHAT will be the dominant image on your magazine cover? WHY will you be using this image(s)?As my magazine I aimed at people above the age of 30, the dominant image on my magazine front cover will be of either a male or female at around the age of 25+ in praise and worship. The reason why I will be using this image is because the image represents my target audience, the props used will also relate to my target audience and the genre of the magazine and the location and setting will be in a church which is key for the genre of my magazine as that is where gospel music originally started.0 WHAT image/images will you be including on your music magazine front cover?I will also include images of other things that is related to the Christian religion and the gospel genre in order for my magazine to remain consistence. Therefore they may be images of church conventions, other gospel artist, new albums and new gospel clothing lines.
  4. 4. 0WHAT are your thoughts on REPRESENTATION as regards your image/images and WHY?I believe that the image is a key aspect to any magazine as that is one of the main things that sells the magazine so I want tomake sure that I choose the right image that clearly represents my magazine. I will do this by considering the age of theperson in the image and the age of my target audience, props, locations, setting, mise en scene and the camera angle asthroes are key elements that helps the image represent what ever it is you want it to represent.0WHAT do the image/images tell your potential target audience about the content of the magazine?I believe that the image will tell my target audience the genre of the magazine, what ethnicity and sex it is aimed at and whatage is it aimed at. The image will therefore tell my potential target audience that this is a gospel magazine as the person is ina church performing praise and worship. It will also tell my potential target audience that this magazine is aimed at the oldermore mature crowd and that it is for both sex and does not discriminate against any race or ethnicity as in the backgroundthere will by people of different races also performing praise and worship.0WILL your target audience find your front image appealing? WHY OR WHY NOT?Yes; it is a positive image of someone in praise and worship, the colours used will be all warm and the picture is very simple.0WHO is the potential target audience for your magazine? HOW do you know?My potential target audience for my magazine will be at both he working and the middle class from the age 30+. I know thisbecause the content in the magazine will be best suited for that class. From my researched I also found that people are mostreligious in their 30s as that has been statically proven to be one of the most stable stage in your life. This has lead me to theconclusion that males and females will be most stable in their faith at that stage of their life and there will find this magazineappealing to them. I also believe that age group is more economically stable to afford the magazine.0WHAT stories will be found in the magazine, as depicted by your chosen cover lines? HOW do those articles relateto the title of your music magazine?Most of the stories will be based around gospel music so you will find stuff about the latest gospel artist, upcoming gospelartist, new songs, concerts, tours and performances in place such as The Festival of Life. That relates to the title of mymagazine ‘united voices’ as it is all about the voice. You will also have some articles about help if needed, passages from theBible to help guide your life, problem pages and church conferences as it is also about ‘uniting’ everyone together.0HOW many different fonts (style, colour and size) will you be using for your front cover? Will your target audiencefind these appealing? WHY OR WHY NOT?I want this magazine to remain as consistence and simple as possible as that is what I found from my research so I wouldwant my main cover line to have a different front from my cover lines in order for it to stand out. I also what the size to bedifferent. The selling line will also have a different front and size in order for it to fit in with the masthead and the sky lineand any other text should be in the same front. I want no more the 3 colours to be used as I want to keep things simple. Mytarget audience will find this appealing as it is simple and clear in full English. It will be the norm to them I do not expectthem to want anything but the norm.0WILL your chosen font depict the genre of your music magazine and WHY?My choose front will remain consistence and represent he genre of my magazine as it will be clear and simple just like thegospel music it is representing.