Research on Music Magazine


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Research on Music Magazine

  1. 1. Research on Music Magazine
  2. 2. Masthead & Colour schemeBoth magazines are a Hip Hop and R & B from the same company. Themasthead spells out the word ‘ VIBE’ it is bold and automatically catches yourattention. There enough space in between the letters and all around it. TheMasthead is lined up straight and does not fall off the page.The choice of colours on both magazine is consistence and matches. They arealso bold colours that catches you attention and fits in with the theme of themagazine.
  3. 3. Cover LinesThe cover lines on both magazines are very clear. Theyare both lined up straight and you can clearly see whichones are the main cover story. The text sizes vary foreffect which worked. The cover lines not only link to thetype of magazine this is but also to the main image. Themain colours on magazine A was yellow and white whichwork well together and then red was also added to causeeffect and highlight important words for the reader. Onmagazine B the main colours was red and black on awhite background making it easy to see. The front type onboth magazines was bold the same for the masthead.High level of consistency is shown.
  4. 4. Skyline, Barcode, Selling lines, Price and StraplineBoth of the VIBE magazines has a strapline on top of their masthead.Their strapline is both their skyline and the selling lines. The strapline isinforming the reader about some of the special attractions that is includedin the magazine and could also be seen as the selling line as that helpssell the magazine as the information that in the strapline will be seen asappealing to the reader.On the bottom of both magazine there is a barcode, date and price. Thatis a key element of a magazine and reinforces that it is a magazine aswell as informs the reader of the price of the magazine and what issuethis magazine is.
  5. 5. Main ImageBoth images are off a well known celebrity but both are beingportrayed in different ways. Magazine A is an image of Hip HopRapper 50 Cent. The image is an close up image of his shoulderup, 50 is staring back at the camera on a background of cloudsand possible thunder. Yet, magazine B is of Beyoncé posing in asexual position on a white tile background. Even though they areboth from the same magazine, they will automatically attractdifferent audience.
  6. 6. Layout & Direct AddressBoth magazines has 3 columns, 2 with text on both opposites sides andboth with a single image in the middle. They both have a masthead, coverlines and a main cover line. A strapline and barcode. The both fit in withthe codes of a conventional magazine. Both magazines are from the sanecompany but are both directed at different audiences. Magazine A mainimage is of Hip-hop Rapper 50Cent. The main audience picking up thiscopy will be males from the ages of 16 upwards. Magazine B is a halfbody image of Beyoncé in a sexy, seductive pose. This will attract femalesthat are fans of Beyoncé and males who are interested to see the 10 pagespread of Beyoncés summer photos.
  7. 7. Both magazine themes are hip-hop and r&b and both are of famousfemale in that industry yet the portrays a different image due to the mainpicture and layout. Magazine B is a seductive image of Beyoncé withwater dripping of her body whereas magazine C could also be seen as aseductive image of Jill Scott due to the close up image of her but could beinterpreted differently. Both images are dominating the magazine as theyare covering the masthead and magazine C text seems to be writtenaround the image and not clashing with it. Both magazines has a barcodeat the bottom of the page and has cover lines and main cover lines. Unlikemagazine C, magazine B has its on skyline at the top of the page but bothare included with anchor text. Both magazines are lined up correctly andthe text does not run into anything nor does it appear like it is falling off thepage.
  8. 8. Both logos are contrast to one another. Vibe magazine has a boldeye catching logo whereas Billboard are more creative in the designof the magazines due to the choice of colours in the text and thefront size they used. Although it appears simple, in actual fact it isalso bold. Both masthead represents their magazine as Vibe couldbe seen as representing the type of music there magazine standsfor and Billboard could also be seen as representing more r&b thenhip-hop.