Research on gospel magazines


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Research on gospel magazines

  2. 2. From the research that I done on music magazine I foundout that they all follower the same codes and conventions asa normal magazine. The only difference that I found it thegospel magazines is not just about the music but also aboutthe religion and the faith in which the music originally camefrom. They not only incorporate the gospel music but thealso incorporate things about the church and what is goingon in today’s society unlike many other music magazines.One thing that I also found ion common in most of thegospel magazines is how the main image sets the tone ofthe magazine. The magazine is all about the image as that iswhat sells the magazine. Gospel magazines all tend to bevery simple in terms of choice of colours and layouts and allseems to incorporate the religion as well as the music in themagazine.
  3. 3. Here is an example of a gospel magazine that Ifound. I realised that gospel magazines is allabout the main image as that especially in thiscase is what sells the magazine. The mainimagine is overlapping the masthead whichcould indicate the importance of the famousgospel artist on the cover, it could also indicatehow popular with their audience that evenwith half the masthead is covered they will stillbe able to recognised the magazine. Tismagazine also fits with the codes ofconvention of a normal magazine. Thismagazine contains a skyline something verycommon with gospel magazines as the creatorlikes to inform the reader of the latest thingsupcoming. It also has a main headline whichrelates to the main image of Fred Hammondsitting peacefully and relaxed. That picturecould be chosen to be the main image asreaders could interpret it as a reflection of thetype of music the magazine represents –happiness and relaxing . There are also othercover lines that relate to the magazine and thelayout is not busy but very simple. The choiceof colours are very consistence and at firstglance you automatically would assume thatthis magazine is for a more mature audiencepartly due to the layout.
  4. 4. This masthead of this magazine is a directindication of the genre of this magazine. It is boldbut simple which could indicate how straightforward the magazine is and what it stands for. Thismagazine followers the codes and convention of anormal magazines. The main image is an image of afamous gospel singer she is laying down smiling atthe camera indicating she is happy and sending awarm vibe off to the audience. You also haveheadlines that not only relate to gospel music andindustry and the Christian religion. There is also askyline that can inform the reader what else isinside the magazine and bar code and price toinform the reader of the price. The layout of thismagazine is very straight forward and clear, thecolour scheme complements the main image as thecolours match with the image of a gospel artist.One thing that I noticed of the magazine is howeverything is consistence in terms of the choice ofcolour, the text size and the chosen front thisindicates that the creator of the magazine tooktheir time to think about the magazine and what itconsistence of. Lastly the magazine is simple,unlink other genres music magazines, gospelmagazines always seems to be kept simple and verystraight forward. At first glance you automaticallywould assume that this magazine is for a moremature audience partly due to the layout.