Research on double page music magazines


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Research on double page music magazines

  1. 1. One thing that I noticed about double page spread is the simple layouts. Therealways is a border in order to ensure the text do not run off the page, there is alsoat least one main image which reflects what the article is about. Text is never in onecolumn but a minimum of two which makes the page appear more clearer. Theretends to be a title which may run across the main image or above the sub heading.The choice of colours tends to reflect the image in order to ensure everythingremains consistence.
  2. 2. Through the research I done on music magazines I discovered one thing they all had in common was thelayout. There was always an images on either the right hand side or on the left and the other side will havesome text in different front sizes and another image that is related to the main image. Another thing that Irealised was the use of column used to illustrate the text and make it clear for the reader to follow. In additionto that, I also noticed a subheading above the smaller image in bold text, a different colour and a differenttext. The effect of this was it brought my attention to the article and I felt informed about the content of thearticle which as a reader I appreciated. I believe the choice of colours on this double page spread was verygood as they all worked well together. The black and pink text on the white background stood of and wasvery clear for the reader to see. I think that although this double page spread is very simply, it is also veryeffective as the two images are bold and eye catching. Overall the layout of this image is very simple but dueto the choice of colours and images it is a effective article.
  3. 3. I found it very difficult to research double pages on gospel magazine as there was very limited to choose from. I then decided toturn my research from gospel magazines to music magazines. I found this double page spread on a famous artist namedJamelia. What I liked about this article is how unique it was and how different it was from all the other types of magazines I wasresearching. This magazine layout on the first page was a top image, subheading on the side and two columns underneathanother heading. The creator od this double page spread was very creative as they were able to make the image transparentapart from the text on top of the image which showed the actual colours of the image. The second also had a transparent imageon it in order for the text to stand out as it is only half od the image that is transparent. Both images are of the artist the article isabout and shows the artist sitting/standing peacefully looking straight into the camera, a common thing that is also shown ingospel magazines. Just like gospel magazines, the choice of colours are very consistence and complements one another. Youcan clearly disguises between the questions and the answers in the article as the are both in two different colours which do notclash but work well together as they both are calm and warm colours just like the image of the artist. Although this article appearsbusy, it is very simple due to the techniques used by the creators. Everything is lined up correctly and nothing is running of thepage partly due to it have a border to make sure everything is kept in the correct place.
  4. 4. I also wanted to have a look at some gospel magazines as that is the genre of my magazines. What Ifound about this double page magazine from a gospel magazine is that fits in with the codes andconventions of a regular magazine and a gospel magazine. From my past research that I done on gospelmagazines I found that most of them seems to be very simple and clear in terms of the choice of colour,layout and images. But, unlike this magazine it is the complete opposite. The images used has a lotgoing on it them and could be argued that it is not straight forward until you read the text and get a fullunderstanding. Although, the layout of the double page spread is very simply. It consistence of one pagededicated to what seems to be the main image and the other page has two columns and a image aboveboth images. The choice of colours work well together as the white background on the second page isvery neutral and compliments the bright, bold colours on the first page. The text used is very clear due tothe black being on a white background, the white and yellow on top of the busy image and the simple.This double page fits in with the codes and conventions of a regular magazine as it consistence of amain image dominating one of the two pages and text on the other page divided into two columns with abrief subheading.