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Presentation1.ppt content page

  1. 1. Statement of Intent Content Page
  2. 2. WHAT layout will you be using for your contents page (This relates to the use of COLUMNS and GRIDS in planning your Contents Page layout) and WHY?For my content page I decided to divided the page into 3 columns. I choose 3 columns as believe it will be more clear and simple I do not want my page to look overcrowded with different things and the columns will be a nice clear guide of where everything should be. In the first column there would be some images with a summary underneath it. This will also apply to the second column. But for the last column it will be purely text as I do not want the content page looking overcrowded and that will also be the place where you will be able to find the regulars and the features. Underneath these columns will be a large image of the main cover line with more of a summary underneath that. My masthead will be located at the right corner and the content page logo will be next to my masthead in the top left and corner. I will be using boxes for the page number to link the images with the summary leaving no room for any misunderstandings. The text will also be placed in boxes in order for it to sand out. Images will all be the same size apart form the main cove line so that everything is kept consistence.I have also decided to use rulers and margins in order for my text and images to be kept lined up straight and equally amongst one another. I also will be using grids to ensure that everything is correctly placed in the right area. I decided to make a clear and simple layout to fit in with my target audience.
  3. 3. WHAT codes and conventions will you be using from your CONTENTS PAGE RESEARCH and WHY?My content page will consist of many codes and conventions such as the masthead which represents branding and it ensures the reader knows what company this magazine belongs to. Another codes and convention would be colour. Ive choose white on a black background as it is a striking eye catching look that will draw the attention of the audience to content page. I will also used a range of front for effect. This will give the content page some dynamic. I will also be using guides and grids for a neat and simple end result. Lastly I would be using more the 5images. From the research I have done there has always been more the 3 images on a content page and it gives a vivid detail image about what ever the text may be based on.
  4. 4. WHAT four image shot types (this relates to the different types of shot used in film, television, magazines or newspapers. These shots can have their own connotations. A close-up is more intimate and personal. A low-angled shot makes objects look bigger and more powerful.) will you be using for your Contents Page and WHY will they appeal to your potential target audience?• The main image:Medium shot this is because this shot is almost a close up but not completely. This will make the reader feel intrigued about this new upcoming artist. Its almost an intimate shot but till mangered to maintain the right level of professionalism. This shot will b at eye angled as I want the reader to feel equal with person in the image• Overhead shot: a view like this will let the audience feel like they are over looking everything that is going on without missing anything out. This will also be from a high angel as the reader is looking into what is going on.• Full camera shot: this will enable the reader the have a full gimps of what is going on. It is as if the reader is getting invited into the image. This will be taken at a high angel for the effect of the reader having some sort of control.• Close up shot: in order for their to be a intimate and a personal atmosphere which is why it will therefore be taken at a eye-level.
  5. 5. WHAT stories will you be including in your Contents Page and HOW will they be related to the images?I will be using the stories on the front cover and also add some more cover lines. This will be stories such as new album release date, up-coming artist, conventions, tour images, the features and the regulars. These stories will be related to the images as the images will also be numbered according to the page it is related to and the images will be a clear representative of the story in question.• The main cover line will be based on an up coming artist, this will relate to the image as the image will be of the artist stilling smiling, a very common pose that I realized during my research. This also relates to the type of magazine it is as its mainly about music and this article is an interview with an upcoming artist. Another of my cover stories is off a new line to a clothing line. The image will therefore be a full shot in order for the reader to see the outfits being modeled. For the over story of the upcoming convention, I will take a picture of a pat convention to inform the reader of the possible out come of this convention. That goes to show that this magazine also features tours, performances and conventions. The photo will be taken from a high angle to make sure that everything is captured in the picture. The last image will represent a already established artist by taking a close up image o the gospel artist. I want these images to see the story they are covering. I want them to tell the audience not only what this magazine has to offer them but also to give them an visual insight on the article.
  6. 6. WHAT colour scheme (shades, tints and colours) will you be using and WHY?The colours black and brown can be seen as a metaphor for gospel music as the music its representing is very simple but also straight forward. The also a bold and strong colours when put together that will catch the attention of the audience. I did not want to just use those two colours as it may come across as bold but dull so I decided to add some brown which is a colour that is also on the front cover. That indicates consistency and a link between both the front and the content page.I also choose these three colours as I felt they worked well together and and represents my targeted audience as it is clear, simple but bold
  7. 7. • WHAT essential information will be included in your Contents Page e.g. Features, reviews, commentary and WHY?There would be a feature and a review section. This is so that this magazine fits in with the codes and conventions of a regular magazine. This is also so that on the content page there is always something that the reader knows is granted to be there and look forward to. For that reason this ay create regular buyers.• HOW will you make your Contents Page easy for your audience to find the major cover story or other stories?There are many elements that will make my content page easy for my audience to find out about the major cover stories or and other stories. The text size will be enlarged for main story lines and may also be highlighted in bold. The front size will by an average reading number so everyone will be able to read the normal cover lines. Al the text will be written using guidelines to ensure they are clear and organized. Boxes will be used to draw the attention of the audience for anything that is important and certain phrases will have a different color text to make it stand out and catch the audiences attention.• WHAT type of fonts and font sizes (style of lettering used) will you be using for your Contents Page and WHY?I originally researched different front designs on but most of the designs that appeared all seem to be very complex and I was looking for a simple design for my content page as I did not want it to look too overcrowded. I then choose from some of the fronts that was available to me. For the title ‘Contents’ on the left hand corner of the page I will be using the front ‘Arial black’. This front is very bold and eye catching and I believe it will draw the attention of the audience. Or the rest of the text I will be sing a mixture of ‘calibri bold’ and ‘Cambria bold’ for both the heading and the summaries. I choose these fronts as they were al clear to read and basic, I know I can add more effect on the front if needed. I also decided to to make the front size all different. The title content was a text size 76b because this was the title pf the page and therefore needed to be large and bold in order to catch the attention of the audience. For the cover lines I will make that front size a 14 to still draw the attention of the audience as that is also a key element of the content page. The summary will be a front size 11 as I just want to make it slightly smaller then the actual cover lines. Although for the main cover line the front size will be a 16 to stand out from all the cover lines. The summary will also be a front size 12 to also standout. I choose the white for all of the text as it will sand out from the background .the only difference Ill make in regards to the choice of colours is the brown stroke on the cover lines for effect and so that there is an established difference amongst the text.