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Front Cover blog

  1. 1. While doing my research on gospel magazines I came across this image which theninspired me of what I want my logo to represent. Due to copyright I knew that I willbe unable to use this exact image but instead create my own version with my owninterpretation of what I want my logo to look like.I originally began but taking my own images of students in the middle of praise andworship. While using the „quick selection tool‟, „wand tool‟ and „eraser tool‟ I wasable to get rid of the background as I did not need it.
  2. 2. I then changed the colour of my background to red so I can clearly see what elseneeds to be erased. I was able to make the image completely black while using the„paint bucket too‟ as the originally image was not in colour.It then came to my attention that the images did not have a sharp edge, so I zoomed inon certain areas of the image and used the „blur tool‟ to make it more smooth and theerased all the extra bits I did not need by using the „eraser tool‟.
  3. 3. I did not need a full image but instead an image from the waist upwards so I used the„crop tool‟ too selects and crops the bits I did not need. I did this for the other imagesthat I had taken for my logo.The next step was for me to make the rest of my masthead. I used one of the frontsizes that I felt suited my magazine and fitted in with the theme of my magazine. Ithen edited the text by adding a drop and inter shadow, a stroke, inter glow and bevel& emboss. I then attached the images that I created and made another copy of it andplaced it next to the original as there was a large gap at either end. I also ended upchanging my masthead to a different name that I felt suited my audience better as my
  4. 4. original masthead could be argued that it is for another age group and not the agegroup audience I aim my magazine for.One criticism that I received on my masthead is that “the words are unclear as theyare joined together therefore; some viewers may find it hard to read what it says”. Itook that into account and while using the eraser tool I edited the masthead by makingthe words separate and no longer joined together in order for my target audience to beable to clearly read the mast but I still applied the same techniques that I did to myfirst masthead to create the same effect.
  5. 5. A BI then took a range of different photos in my church of what I felt would bestrepresent my magazine but at first found it hard as the lighting in the church was notnatural so the photos came out really dark (such as picture A). I decided to go withimage B as it was of a man in praise and worship and instantly you can tell what he isdoing. I also found it difficult to get images of youths in praise and worship whichalso added to the reason I did not want my magazine to be targeted at the youthgeneration. AREA FOR THE REST OF THE COVER LINES!I decided to make my main cover line in a large front above the image as it will; beclear to the audience that the cover line is based on the man signing. I also decided toplace it where I did as I will have a larger area to place my other cover lines. I chooseto make “Mark McRay” in bold and a larger front to everything else as that is mainstory in the magazine and will catch the attention of the audience. I also choose tomain a small heading to make more the audience understand the importance of thename in that size and the purpose.
  6. 6. I created some cover lines and subheadings to inform the reader of what else to expectfrom the issue of the magazine. I also created cover lines the way I did as that is whatis expected from a traditional magazine and it is following the code and conducts of amagazine by me doing this.Another aspect of a magazine is the bar code as that is the only way in todays societyfor you to sell something as you need to scan it. I also added the price at the top of thebarcode to inform the reader of the price of the magazine. I choose to price thismagazine as “£1.95” as I feel that for the age group that I am aimed at they will beeconomically stable enough to afford it. I also decided to add what issue number the
  7. 7. magazine is so that the audience can clearly see it. I believe that it will also attracttheir attention as they are already looking into that direction due to the price of themagazine being there. I decided to place the selling line underneath the mastheadbecause it will be clearer there and make the masthead look stronger.Lastly I added a strap line at the bottom of the magazine in order for the magazine tofit the codes and convention of a typical magazine. I also added it to increase theselling point of the magazine by adding what else the magazine features.I then looked back on my magazine making sure that everything is lined up neatly andsharply and ensuring that there is a margin around the magazine. I made sure that mychoice of colour and text were the same throughout the magazine.
  8. 8. This was my end result for my front cover. After receiving feedback I realised that Iwill not be able to place my main cover line on the original side it was on as it wasover laying the main image. I then decided to change the surname as due to myfeedback I was told that it did not fit with the first name. I then changed the size of thetext by using the next toll and front size and made a duplicate copy of the text tocreate a shadow in order for my main cover line to stand out. I then removed one ofmy cover lines as I was told my page looks too crowded and made sure thateverything was lined up correctly.