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Talking About Taboos
International Meeting in Siena (Italy)
February 17th
, 2014
Communication language: English
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Siena meeting TAT - agenda


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This document has been drafted within the framework of the European project Talking about taboos.The project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The document reflects the view only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Published in: Education
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Siena meeting TAT - agenda

  1. 1. Talking About Taboos International Meeting in Siena (Italy) February 17th -18th , 2014 Communication language: English Meeting venue: SIENA (ITALY) – Via Roma 77 (near Porta Romana) Programme 17 th February 2014 First day 18 th February 2014 Second day Morning 9.30 > Welcome coffee 10.00 > Opening of the meeting – Metrica 10.15 > Project introduction - ELAN Participants introductions - all 10.45 > First part - Review of needs assessment phase results 11.30 > Coffee time 12.00 > Second part - Review of needs assessment phase results 13.00 > Lunch 9.00 > Opening of the second day 9.15 > Presentation of Metrica: activities and experiences with immigrants and disadvantaged people – Stefania Milani/Tinka Preci 10.45 > Coffee time 11.00 > Workshop: experiences and resources for intercultural training – Silvia Volpi 12.30 > Talking about Taboos in education and training: sharing feedbacks and ideas 13.00 > Lunch Afternoon 14.00 > Design of local actions, evaluation system and tools 14.45 > Identification of good practice criteria and measurable goals of project and of local actions 16.15 > Coffee time 16.30 > Presentation of the on line platform and discussion about updating activities and promotion 18.00 > Closing of the first day 14.00 > Dissemination Plan: events and social networking 14.45 > Discussion on final products of the project and which format (book, e-book, platform, video, ecc.) 16.00 > Sharing of the workplan: next steps and new proposals 16.30 > Evaluation of the meeting 17.00 > Closing of the meeting and greetings Location Metrica - Via Roma 77 - Siena Metrica - Via Roma 77 - Siena Evening Dinner in Town Information: Metrica Società Cooperativa – Via Roma 77 – Siena ITALY