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Cbec keynote-nov27-forum-final-cn-v7-video


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Presentation at the international conference “PECOS4SMEs – Cross-border e-Commerce for SMEs” by Rolf Visser.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Cbec keynote-nov27-forum-final-cn-v7-video

  1. 1. Growth Beyond Borders 全球跨境电子商务联盟 Rolf Visser Chairman & Co-Founder CBEC
  2. 2. 电子商务行业 目前人才缺口巨 大,预估在2020 年专业人才的缺 口将达到2300万。 Ecommerce Agenda 2020
  3. 3. To convince Merchants to start selling online, or sell / buy cross-border, we have to lower the threshold and take away all the barriers –end 2 end in the Ecommerce Eco System! Governments, Ecommerce Solution Providers and Merchants are able to boost Ecommerce significantly by paying attention to the ‘Customer Journey’ and dissolve the weakest link in the Ecommerce Value Chain. Vision
  4. 4. Traditional Business Models are only driving its own core values and not paying attention to the weakest link in the Ecommerce Eco System, as a result limited future growth. As Economies want to grow Cross- Border Ecommerce we have to work together and ‘educate’ the market. Do we want to grow globally, the Cross- Border Ecommerce Community seems to be the right place to Connect & Grow! Vision
  5. 5. China Import / Export
  6. 6. UK Import / Export
  7. 7. Facts & Figures over the year 2013, Import / Export 2013年各国电商现状图形表,进口/出口 Downloadfor Free! Scan QR-Code or go to 扫描二维码或访问CBEC的网站 超过20个国家的图表---免费下载!
  8. 8. FREE REPORTS TO DOWNLOAD 免费下载各国跨境电子商务报告 www.crossborder-ecommerce.com Partners taking part in detailesreportsCBEC 合作伙伴参与各国跨境电商报告
  9. 9. In Europe -Our Valued Partners 我们的欧洲合作伙伴 MERCHANTS ALL OVER THE WORLD 全球的电商企业 CBEC
  10. 10. English copy 中文版 Official 1stRelease in CN 2014年中英版报告正式首发!
  11. 11. Western Perspective US & Europe in 2014
  12. 12. The West -Mobile as biggest Game Changer!
  13. 13. Credit Cards going strong as Cross-Border Glue! 信用卡是全球通用的跨境电商主要支付方式
  14. 14. Our Valued Partners 我们的合作伙伴 2013年中国信 用卡发卡量增 长了19%,中国 银联信用卡发 卡量会在接下 来五年内成为 增速最快的卡 类。
  15. 15. Have you ever heard from Q-City in Hangzhou?!
  16. 16. English copy 中文版 Official 1stRelease in CN and EN 2014年中国地区报告中英版正式首发!
  17. 17. WEST 西方 CHINA 中国 10% Creators 评论者80% Curators 转发者 Spectators 查看者 Alibaba(Marketplaces) versus (Invisible Partner)Shopify(US/120.000) & Magento(EU/150.000) 阿里巴巴(平台)VS (西方“隐形”合作方)Shopify(美国/120.000) & Magento(欧盟/150.000) Creators and Curators –Marketplaces and Search
  18. 18. / 全球跨境电子商务联盟Collective Model Cross-Border Ecommerce Community 全球跨境电子商务联盟 Connecting Cross-Border Ecommerce Platforms / Business Parks around the world to assist Merchants to boost Import and Export trade. Non Profit Association of Regional Partners (Charity model e.g. Green Peace) that do research and share if for free. CBEC exists through its Partner Marketing Collective Model 非赢利性机构(公益性质,如世界绿色和平组织),各地区合作伙伴 在CBEC的平台上分享自己的研究和调查报告。 CBEC的模式:整合全球的合作伙伴的市场资源并以此组成一个巨大的 资源信息源。
  19. 19. PECOS4SMEs is one of very few cross-border e-commerce projects that was selected by the European Commission as relevant and is co- financed by the European Commission. PECOS4SMEs 是欧盟委员会在跨境电子商务 项目中批准并资金赞助的3个项目之一。 PECOS4SMEs –Project Co-financed by Ministry of Ecommerce
  20. 20. Main Content Contributor / 主要内容提供
  21. 21. Mobile App Android App IOS App
  22. 22. MERCHANTS ALL OVER THE WORLD 全球的电商企业 CBEC In Europe -Our Valued Partners 我们的欧洲合作伙伴
  23. 23. LOGISTICS 物流公司 LEGISLATIONS 律师事务所 PAYMENTS 支付服务公司 RISK MNGMNT 风险管理公司 MERCHANTS ALL OVER THE WORLD 全球的电商企业 LOCALIZATION 本土化公司(翻译,网站设计) RECRUITMENT 猎头公司 CBEC 全球跨境电子商务联盟We are building same model in China 我们正在中国建立同样的合作模式 MERCHANTS ALL OVER THE WORLD WANT END-TO-END PERSPECTIVEBEFORE EXPANDING ABROAD 全球的电商企业都希望能够在扩张境外市场之前得到端对端的信息资源 MEDIA 媒体 MARKETPLACE 第三方平台 GOVERNMENT 政府 UNIVERSITIES 大学
  24. 24. / 全球跨境电子商务联盟Business Model Ambitious Vision –completion in 18 months! / > 60 partners 发展目标-18个月覆盖全球范围!/ 超过60个合作伙伴
  25. 25. CBEC 全球跨境电子商务联盟 •EPCA in Brussels (Europe); •ETA/Transact-14 in Las Vegas (US); •MRC in Paris (Europe); •CNPExpoin Orlando (US); •Cross-Border Ecommerce Import in Shanghai (China); •Global Payment Summit in Singapore (Asia); •Direct Response Forum in Washington (US); •9thRetail Development in Shanghai (China) •Money2020 in Las Vegas (US); •SAIS in Cape town (South Africa); •Cross-Border Ecommerce Export in Shanghai (China). CBEC Speaker Academy in 20142014年CBEC被以下行业峰会邀请为演讲嘉宾 Access to local partners / Brand Awareness 和当地企业建立联系/提升公司知名度
  26. 26. / Market outlook 2015 5” Video Future Perspective coming from Global Industry Leaders Event: November 2-6, 2014 at Money20/20 in Las Vegas (US)