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Start stop folder-uk

  1. 1. the driving force behindstart-stop.innovative start-stop batteries from
  2. 2. A new era inBattery technology.vehicle Parc development Conventional Batteries Start-Stop Batteries 70 % There are already around 2.8 million ve- hicles equipped with Start-Stop TECHNOL- OGY on our roads, a number expected to rise to 30 million by 2015. This means that by 2015, 70% of new vehicles will feature Start-Stop technology. 2006 2010 2012 2015Everyone’s talking about protecting This makes the issue of hybridour climate and reducing CO2 emis- technology more relevant than The car industry uses the termsions – topics that present the car ever before. Car manufactures use “micro hybrid”, amongst others, toindustry with enormous challeng- the term “hybrid” to emphasise the describe Start-Stop From 2012, new EU regulations eco-friendly characteristics of theirwill not only reduce maximum lev- vehicles. There are various types So it makes perfect sense to beels of vehicle CO2 emissions across of hybrid technology such as micro prepared for the future today –Europe to 130 g/km, but will also hybrid (Start-Stop), mild hybrid and with VARTA Start-Stop andincrease the demands on vehicle full hybrid. Of these, Start-Stop is Start-Stop Plus batteries frombatteries. That’s because meeting set to become the most important. Johnson Controls.this target is going to take more Start-Stop vehicles are forecastthan just improved engine man- to represent 70 % of all vehiclesagement – innovative battery tech- produced in Europe by 2015.nologies are absolutely key. 130 g CO2 per km 2
  3. 3. Start-Stop Technology HELPS the environment.Geared for the future with Johnson Controls.As market leader, Johnson Controls leading companies in this field for through the supply of VARTAis significantly involved in the a number of years, including a products. In this way, Johnsondevelopment of a whole host of joint venture with Saft. Johnson Controls helps its clients to savefuture technologies, from AGM Controls-Saft is a leading global energy, reduce pollution and fuelthrough to lithium-ion technology – supplier of advanced hybrid battery consumption, and recycle more.with the sole aim of providing car systems: providing the lithium-ionmanufacturers with advanced battery systems for vehicles suchbatteries that help reduce CO2 as the Mercedes S-Class HYBRIDemissions and fuel consumption, and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7. Theand protect the environment as company Johnson Controls alsomuch as possible. Johnson Controls provides the aftermarket with thehas been working closely with latest technological developments 3
  4. 4. Car manufacturers’ FutureTechnologies at a glance.Internal Start-Stop Mild AND FullCombustion Engine Hybrid VehicleSConventional vehicles without With Start-Stop vehicles, the engine Alongside Start-Stop technology, anStart-Stop features. is switched off during short stops – electric motor can be used that assists for instance at traffic lights – in the internal combustion engine, for order to save fuel and to reduce example on acceleration. Full hybrid is CO2 emissions by 5 – 10%. used in particular in luxury vehicles and SUVs as well as in markets without diesel technology in order to save fuel.Technology focus: Technology focus: Technology focus: Includes biofuels, natural gas Responding to CO2 reduction Significant reduction in both fuel and diesel technologies targets set by EU consumption and CO2 -emissions Market shift to smaller vehicles Allows engine to be shut off Mild hybrid engine is always and more efficient engines instead of idling while the vehicle running, the battery is there to Weight reduction and improved is stopped support the powertrain (engine) aerodynamics Nearly all vehicle manufacturers and devices during stop phases launching Start-Stop platforms Full hybrid combustion and in Europe electric engines can operate independentlyBattery requirements: Battery requirements: Primary battery function is Battery is required to start Battery requirements: engine starting engine more frequently and Battery becomes part of power- Battery technology: provide energy for device train supporting the engine Predominately traditional support whilst in “stop” mode Battery technology: lead-acid technology Battery is integrated within a so- nickel-metal hydride or phisticated energy and battery lithium-ion management system Battery technology: Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)Johnson Controls are the leading original- Johnson Controls are the leading original- Johnson Controls-Saftequipment supplier in this sector. equipment supplier in this sector. are the first manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries to the automotive manufacturers and supply batteries for the Mercedes Benz S-class hybrid and BMW ActiveHybrid 7. 4
  5. 5. Plug-in ElectricVehicleA plug-in hybrid electric vehicle isa hybrid vehicle with recharge-able batteries that can be restoredto full charge by connecting aplug to the electric grid – e.g. homerecharging.Technology focus: Has an electric motor and maybe an internal combustion engine Requires a battery with more energy and power Battery can be charged through standard outletBattery requirements: Battery is primary (or only) power source for vehicle Battery technology: lithium-ionJohnson Controls-Saftis a global leader inadvanced batterytechnology forhybrid, plug-inand electricvehicles. 5
  6. 6. Start-Stop.The basic principles.When the driver stops the vehicle and The battery is then the sole sourcetakes it out of gear, for example, at a of power to all the car’s electricalred light or in slow traffic, the system devices, such as air conditioning,switches the engine off. This reduces the radio and the satellite navigationfuel consumption and CO2 emissions. system.Start START Stopping and Engine off Driving onBattery starts the vehicle. Whenever the vehicle comes to a When the driver presses down on stop at red lights or in a traffic jam, the clutch pedal ready to pull away, for example, and is put into neutral, the engine automatically restarts. the system switches off the engine, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to zero. Battery requirements: Battery requirements: The battery supplies the car’s Battery must have sufficient electrical devices such as air energy to restart the engine. conditioning, the radio and the satellite navigation system on its own. The engine only runs when it’s absolutely necessary. Battery needs to be in a sufficient state of charge to enable “engine off”. 6
  7. 7. Varta start-stop.THE RIGHT POWER FOR ENTRY- THE BENEFITS OF VARTALEVEL START-STOP FUNCTION. START-STOP AT A GLANCE:VARTA Start-Stop batteries with Optimised EFB (Enhanced Twice the cycle life of standardEFB technology are perfect for Flooded Battery) Technology lead-acid starter batteriesvehicles with a standard, entry- with “polyester scrim” Spill-proof to 55°level Start-Stop function. When Latest OE technology for Good starting performancethe engine is switched off, they standard entry-level Start-Stop Longer lifespanprovide the vehicle’s electrical vehicles Totally maintenance-freedevices system with a reliable Improved charge acceptance forpower supply and ensure that the recovering energy more quicklyengine restarts in a fraction of a during driving phasesecond. Furthermore, they boasttwice as much cyclic stability asconventional batteries and can bemore discharged without any lossof functionality.THE CONSTRUCTION OF VARTA START-STOP BATTERIES WITH EFB TECHNOLOGY. EFB stands for “Enhanced Use of special polyfleece “scrim” This reduces the loss of active Flooded Battery” holds additional active material material Specially developed for standard in the plate Current vehicle models to feature entry-level Start-Stop vehicles Enhanced cycle performance the technology include the Fiat EFB batteries come with an versus conventional flooded 500 Start-Stop version, the additional polyfleece “scrim” and batteries Toyota Yaris Start-Stop version thicker plates than conventional Scrim material applies a uniform and the Ford ECOnetic wet-cell batteries low contact pressure on the active mass Positive set of platesPositive grid Plate block Negative set of plates Negative plate Negative grid Positive plate inside a pocket separator Positive plate with polyester scrim material
  8. 8. THE battery. The heart of everyThe battery is the heart of theStart-Stop system, with vehiclemanufacturers using a choice of twoadvanced battery technologies: 4. Energy VARTA Start-Stop Plus with AGM Management for cars with brake energy recupe- System ration and other additional innova- (EMS) tive fuel-saving technologies 3. VARTA Start-Stop with EFB Enhanced technology designed for entry- Starter level Start-Stop vehicles Motor 2. Alternator 1. Battery 7. Intelligent Battery sensor
  9. 9. y start-stop system. 1. BATTERY: Special VARTA Start-Stop Plus with AGM Technology 2. ALTERNATOR: High-efficency generator which converts the brake recuperation energy back into the battery 3. ENHANCED STARTER MOTOR: Enhanced Starter Motor for significantly more engine starts 4. energy MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS): Manages all the energy systems 5. and controls all the energy and Consumers vehicle systems 5. CONSUMERS: The CO2 -reducing and fuel-saving technologies are entirely dependent on the battery’s ability to provide continuous energy to the vehicle’s electrical comsumers while the en- gine and/or generator is switched off. 6. WHEEL SENSOR: Measures the speed of the car and informs the energy management system when it is OK to turn off the engine. Here, the battery must provide critical safety power to 6. the vehicle steering and braking Wheel systems while the engine is off sensor and until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. 7. INTELLIGENt BATTERY SENSOR: Determines the state of charge, the health of the battery and sends this information to the EMS
  10. 10. Varta start-stop PLUS.THE RIGHT POWER FOR ADVANCED THE BENEFITS OF VARTASTART-STOP FUNCTIONS. START-STOP PLUS AT A GLANCE:VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries are Innovative AGM Technology High charging acceptance forthe perfect solution for vehicles (Absorbent Glass Mat) with high- absorbing large surges offeaturing advanced Start-Stop tech- compression fleece separator electrical energy generated vianology with regenerative braking Latest OE technology for brake energy recuperationand additional fuel-saving technol- advanced Start-Stop vehicles 100% leak-proof and spill-proofogies. Only the specially developed Has at least three to four times to 360°VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries with more cycle life and can meet Excellent starting power, so youAGM technology can meet the chal- the demands of all Start-Stop can rely on the engine starting –lenges imposed by these systems. vehicles and high-end luxury even at a low state of chargeCompared to VARTA Start-Stop bat- vehicles Longer lifespanteries, VARTA Start-Stop Plus bat- Totally maintenance-freeteries offer even greater performanceand versatility, and are capable ofreliably supplying power to an evengreater range of devices.THE CONSTRUCTION OF VARTA START-STOP PLUS BATTERIES WITH AGM TECHNOLOGY. AGM stands for Absorbent This significantly reduces loss The perfect solution for vehicles Glass Mat of active mass to an absolute with Start-Stop technology, AGM technology, with its Absorbent minimum brake energy recuperation and Glass Mat, is the most advanced This technology does not suffer further fuel-savings technologies, development of lead technology from acid stratification – the main e.g. BMW EfficientDynamics, The electrolyte is held permanently failure mode in these applications VW BlueMotion in the glass fleece separator and Highest performance, extreme exerts a uniformly high contact cycle life and spill-proof pressure on the active mass Plug with pressure safety valves and lid with single point venting Thicker, more robust case and lid Positive plate set Positive plate Plate block Negative plate set Negative plate Negative grid Positive grid Positive plate with fleece separator
  11. 11. Start-Stop Plus.For Vehicles with Start-Stop Technologywith regenerative Braking andAdditional Fuel-Saving technologies.Whenever Start-Stop technology is demands are placed on the battery. systems all run smoothly and en-used in conjunction with additional Situations like these call for VARTA sures maximum reduction in fuelsystems such as regenerative braking, Start-Stop Plus with AGM Technol- consumption and CO2 advanced energy management ogy. This plays a significant role insystem, or passive boost, increased making sure the various Start-Stop 90 60 120Driving & Accelerating Braking Stop and Engine off 30 150 STARTAn advanced energy management Regenerative braking allows the The vehicle comes to a stop andsystem decouples the alternator vehicle’s kinetic energy partially to the Start-Stop System switchesduring acceleration and under be converted into electrical ener- off the engine.normal driving conditions. This means gy, which is then fed back into themore of the engine’s power is battery.available to the wheels. The alter-nator is only recoupled again whenthe battery’s state of charge fallsbelow a predefined threshold.Battery requirement: Battery requirement: Battery requirement:Battery is being discharged and The battery needs to be recharged Even when discharged, the batterycharged and must supply all quickly and have sufficient capa- must still supply the starter motorelectronic devices on its own. city for the additional energy. The generator with sufficient starting battery must be capable of functio- power to start the engine again. ning at a lower state of charge. 11
  12. 12. Comparison of theDifferent Battery Systems. Energy Flow Energy Flow Energy Flow Start-Stop Plus Battery Start-Stop Battery Conventional Battery Primary Function High number of engine High number of engine Engine Starting starts starts Extended “engine off” Limited “engine off” period period Start-Stop Engine Start-Stop Engine Start-Stop None technologies Plus brake energy recuperation Plus passive boost Advanced Energy Management System cycling ability Extreme/+350% Enhanced/200% Standard/100% Co2 savings High*/approx. 5 – 10% Moderate* approx. 2 – 5% none fuel savings High*/approx. 5 – 10% Moderate* approx. 2 – 5% none battery AGM EFB Traditional lead-acid technology (Absorbent Glass Mat) (Enhanced Flooded Battery) battery*Based on the vehicle’s Start-Stop SystemEXPERT ADVICE FROM VARTA:Vehicles with Start-Stop technology with environmental consequences, lose between 7 and 16 % of theirrequire specific Start-Stop batter- but also reduces the service life of available capacity after just oneies. The wrong battery not only the battery itself. Tests have shown week of being used in an automaticimpairs the Start-Stop function that conventional flooded batteries Start-Stop vehicle. 12
  13. 13. Top Performance –Whatever the Application.VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries are designed to meet vehicle is stationary, VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteriesthe highest energy requirements, i.e. in vehicles such deliver constant power, maximum energy supply andas taxis and ambulances. For short journeys, journeys optimum starting performance.with frequent stops or high consumption whilst theTHE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE: PERFECT FOR: OE specifications for high per- Police/emergency vehicles formance and luxury vehicles Taxis Specially designed for extreme High-end luxury cars power demands High-performance cars Extra long service life Executive class vehicles Totally maintenance-free with high equipment levels Spill and leak-proof Start-Stop vehicles Hybrid vehicles (12 V) 13
  14. 14. VARTA. The driving Forcebehind Start-Stop.Whatever the future of Start-Stop vehicles brings, you’ll reason. That’s because they know that only VARTAbe able to rely on VARTA. 80 % of car manufacturers possesses the knowledge and technological expertisealready place their trust in VARTA, and with good to prepare their cars for the future of motoring. 14
  15. 15. Supplier of 80 % of allbatteries fitted to newstart-stop vehicles.In close partnership with leading vehicle manufacturers support Start-Stop systems. That’s why at VARTA,like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and VW, we have years of experience of working with leadingVARTA has developed innovative battery solutions to manufacturers.OE CONTRACTS AT A GLANCE AUDI e BMW EfficientDynamics FORD ECOnetic GM ecoFLEX HYUNDAI Blue Drive KIA EcoDynamics Land Rover E Mercedes-Benz BlueEfficiency MINI minimalism SEAT Ecomotive SMART micro hybrid drive Volvo drive VW BlueMotion VARTA. The driving force behind Start-Stop. 15
  16. 16. the VARTA start-stop plus andvarta start-stop battery range. VARTA Start-Stop Plus WITH AGM TECHNOLOGYVARTA Start-Stop Plus Dimensions (mm) VARTA code Short code Capacity (C20) CCA (EN) Layout Terminal Hold-down Weight (kg) UK references Length Width Height 560 901 068 D52 60 680 0 1 242 175 190 B13 17.7 027AGM 570 901 076 E39 70 760 0 1 278 175 190 B13 20.4 096AGM 580 901 080 F21 80 800 0 1 315 175 190 B13 22.5 115AGM 595 901 085 G14 95 850 0 1 353 175 190 B13 26.4 019AGM 605 901 095 H15 105 950 0 1 393 175 190 B13 29.2 020AGM VARTA Start-Stop WITH EFB TECHNOLOGYVARTA Start-Stop Dimensions (mm) VARTA code Short code Capacity (C20) CCA (EN) Layout Terminal Hold-down Weight (kg) UK references Length Width Height 560 500 056 D53 60 560 0 1 242 175 190 B13 16.5 027EFB 565 500 065 D54 65 650 0 1 278 175 175 B13 18.4 100EFB 570 500 065 E45 70 650 0 1 278 175 190 B13 18.9 096EFB 575 500 073 E46 75 730 0 1 315 175 175 B13 20.7 110EFB 10,5 580 500 073 F22 80 730 0 1 315 175 190 B13 21.3 115EFB 100 max 100 max 10,5 100 max 100 ma 10,5TECHNICAL INFORMATION: 0 1 B13 10,5 10,5 10,5 18 18 18 18 o 19,5o 19,5 o 17,9 o 17,9 10,5 100 max pos. pos. pos. neg. neg. 10,5 10,5Layout Terminal Hold-downJohnson Controls Batteries Ltd. Johnson Controls Autobatterie GmbHBroadwater Park ExportNorth Orbital Road Am Leineufer 51 10,5Denham Germany - 30419 HannoverUxbridge, Middlesex Tel.: +49 (0) 511 975 - 0United Kingdom Fax: +49 (0) 511 975 - 1544Tel: ++44 (0)1895 838991/93 E-Mail: export@varta-automotive.comFax: +44 (0)1895 838981 + www.varta-automotive.comwww.varta-automotive.comPrinted on 100 % recycled paper.