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Product catalogue english

  1. 1. Welding certificate to DIN EN 15085-2 Certification level CL4
  2. 2. Vertrauen Vertrauen Erfahrung Erfahrung Qualität Qualität Confidence is the cornerstone of a co-operative business relationship. ETS has been the partner of rail operators in a wide variety of sectors for many years. This is the case especially when goods need to be durable, when solidity as well as safety are required – qualities with crucial significance for rail traffic. Our experts have extensive knowledge on the special subject of rail vehicles. ETS is the partner of confidence for rail car operators. Be it in Germany, Europe or other continents – the knowhow provided by ETS is widely appreciated. Experience is a quality that does not grow quickly. From common models to specific vehicle solutions for particular ranges of application – in all spare parts matters our customers are individually and competently advised and supplied with exactly what is required. ETS works with experience! Innovation Innovation Finding a common denominator for quality and quantity – for ETS this is an integral part of our company philosophy. Whether it is in the Balkans or the Middle East, in Europe or even worldwide – our partners appreciate the high quality components and spare parts which we dispatch quickly and reliably using our interconnected logistics systems. ETS has available at its 12,000 sq. m. site in Bönen a comprehensive range of rail vehicle parts. This storage capacity is considerably extended by interconnected partners in the ETS service system.
  3. 3. Sicherheit Sicherheit Today rail vehicles are used worldwide in a wide variety of sectors; but no matter what the continent – the decision on rail connected transport of passengers and freight is always made considering the same factors: safety, efficiency and economy. Wirtschaftlichkeit Wirtschaftlichkeit Characteristics that must also be the foundation for rail vehicle service. ETS supplies spare parts for rail vehicles and is a reliable partner in all technical and design matters, providing workshop supplies as well as equipment for new construction. Leistungsfähigkeit Leistungsfähigkeit
  4. 4. Beginning with new construction and conversion our customers value the service for components and accessories for original equipment to TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability) standards. ETS is also the right contact for spare parts in the maintenance sector. Our expertise meets TSI, VPI (Private freight car users association), DIN (German Industrial Standard), EN (European Standard) or TÜV (German Inspection Organisation) standards. ETS also provides appropriate maintenance of used parts. Parts or assemblies acquired from scrap merchants are then disassembled in our warehouse in Bönen and sent to authorised workshops. We then store the recycled parts until they are required by our customers. This guarantees a comprehensive availability of spare parts for the widest range of rail vehicles. Should there be any technical questions from customers, answers can be provided by the ETS team of experts. Our team of experienced specialists offer advice and support from the first projection to the final completion, not only with new construction of rail vehicles but also with conversions and upgrading. This applies especially to individual requirements and specific ways our customers look at problems.
  5. 5. Quality and economy manifest themselves where the diversity of storage for all requirements can and must provide the appropriate spare part. ETS regards as a special challenge the ability to meet all demands by our customers for spare parts, accessories and workshop requirements within the time desired. – – – – – wheelsets and bogies parts for running gear and bogies brakeshoes parts for couplers and drawgear brake parts and spare parts for compressed air brakes and handbrakes – – – – – – accessories for railcars and locomotives accessories for tanks and pressure gas tanks filling and emptying equipment parts for walkways and ladders signs and markings roadbed and track and signal technology
  6. 6. With a comprehensively arranged logistics network we make sure that all measures required for the rail vehicles of our partners can be taken with optimum time handling and minimal stoppages. ETS offers its customers rapid access to more than 4,500 articles, not only for the initial supply of spare parts, but also for all subsequent requirements. Last not least our company can access a comprehensive stock of spare parts, the quality and variety of which leave nothing to be desired. The parts needed are processed immediately on receipt of order and dispatched, as long as they are available. ETS not only has its own fleet of vehicles but also has reliable logistics partners at its disposal. Reasonablypriced express delivery service ensures availability of parts required in the shortest time – our partners in Europe also value ETS express service.
  7. 7. In accordance with the AVV (Standard Usage Contract) we offer flexible solutions to wagon rental companies for the respective “Specimen H” requirements, for example ready-to-assemble bogies, wheelsets, couplers and drawgear and brake components.
  8. 8. Private and state repair workshops, companies for initial equipment as well as operators of factory, port and industrial railways choose ETS as suppliers of spare parts. Private rail transport companies or wagon rental companies as well as companies in the track construction sector choose ETS as a reliable partner. The range of customers that rely on service from ETS is as varied as the use of rail vehicles in Germany and internationally. Economic success today depends more than ever on the time factor. This applies especially to the supply of spare parts for maintenance, repairs and conver- sions. ETS is also an expert contact when short-term availability of equipment and workshop supplies is required.
  9. 9. A – Austria | B – Belgium | BG – Bulgaria | CH – Switzerland | CZ – Czech Republic | D – Germany | DK – Denmark | E – Spain | F – France | FIN – Finland | H – Hungary HR – Croatia | I – Italy | L – Luxembourg | NL – Netherlands | NO – Norway | PL – Poland | RO – Romania | S – Sweden | SGC – Serbia | SK – Slovakia | SLO – Slovenia | TR – Turkey
  10. 10. Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 10 59199 Bönen Telefon: +49 (0) 23 83-9 20 00-0 Telefax: +49 (0) 23 83-9 20 00-99 E-Mail: Internet: