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Eng swim-and-fun-low


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Eng swim-and-fun-low

  1. 1. S W I M & F u nhr ed Aw a r d s s : Fitne Aqua sure Mor e p l e a3 per m Golden Wave 2007 P refabricated S wimmingPoolS • w hirlPoolS
  2. 2. M o d e n a Sw i m & FunSwimming, whirling, being fit.The swim spa that does not leave anything tobe desired: swim, whirl, be fit – that’s the newmotto. The Modena Swim & Fun has everythingthat is needed for that purpose.A strong counter current system, equipped withadjustable jets. In addition air controls, whichcan make the water stream softer or harder– completely to your preference.By turning the nozzles, massage jets are activated:a water fall for the shoulder and neck area, fingerpressure massage jets for the back and calves, anair bubbler to massage the feet and legs.Various hand rails support your Aqua-Gymnasticsoptimally and allow for goal-directed stretchingand strengthening exercises for all areas of thebody. The equipment is installed in the factory,easy to access and easy to service. A cartridge orsand filter keeps the water clean – a heater takescare of the water temperature. And the ultimatefeature: the pool is covered and opened againsimply by pressing one button.Modena Swim & Fun: just perfect. The Modena Swim & Fun: Winner of the Golden Wave 2007 swimming„...more pleasure per m 3 …“ pool category. “We are especially proud to have received the innovation prize in our branch for this design” and are pleased with this modern product. Swim & Fun is simply more fun per cubic meter…more fun and benefit from a swimming pool. 2
  3. 3. The Swim SpaThe Modena 520 with equipment bay and roller shutter box. This pool has everything you need to feel good and fit
  4. 4. Swimming, whirling, being fit... Counter-current systemThe double-jet counter-current system is the heartof your FunPak. Each jet is operated with a separatepump. Each pump can be activated individually.The jets can be rotated and can therefore be regula-ted in their capacity. By turning the jet, the counter-current system is able to operate other attractions aswell. Multi-Masterjet: Geyser: massage for your back Foot and leg massageA soft, voluminous water flood washes round thebody, tingling like a soft sea breeze. Neck-douche: 10 Microjets: Shoulder and neck massage massage for back an calves
  5. 5. Swim Fun 8-phase fitness for perfect relaxation: Phase 1: Slow-move-swimming Phase 2: Counter current swimming Phase 3: Foot and knee exercise (bar) Phase 4: Hip exercise (handrail) Phase 5: Spine exercise (corner) Phase 6: Shoulder exercise (bar) Phase 7: Arm exercise (wall) Phase 8: Cool down and massage for shoulder, back, legs and feets
  6. 6. Th e e q u i p m e nt Preinstalled equipment: All the equipment is located in a technique shaft, factory- installed and inspected. All items are operate with the Duplex Digital Control Panel. Massage pumps, filter times, water temperature and lighting can all be operated and programmed. System alerts are clearly marked. Easy access Just open the cover and the equipment is easily acces- sible. The pump’s filter tank and pre-filter are within reach. The entire deck is completely dismountable for service needs. Roller shutter cover „Thermosafe“: Your pool should be well equipped also when not in use: With the roller shutter cover „Thermosafe“ 80 % of thermal energy is lost on the water surface and dirt is carried into the water. The Thermosafe cover protects the pool surface fully, offers excellent thermal insulation, minimises moisture evaporation, reduces dirt and offers optimum safety. The covers are available in white or as solar covers. The upper surface of the solar cover is transparent and lets the sun’s energy reach the water and prevents algae growth. The sun deck from Bangkirai is hinged and therefore allows access to integrated skimmers. The large collection basket for filtered leaves is easy to remove.
  7. 7. Roller shutter safety edge Steel supports Sandwich- system insulated allSurface material aroundRiviera Pools are made from epoxy-acrylate, a modern Standing ledgematerial specially designed for the needs of the swim-ming pool sector. Low maintenance, uV- and chlorineresistant, frost-proof and extreme stability are the most Epoxy-Acrylat:important properties. The pool shell comes standard with the best materialrigid polyurethane foam insulation in the floor and side RivieraPool has everareas and is additionally equipped with steel bracings usedaround the edges and stairs.DeliveryThe pool arrives at your house pre-assembled in onepiece. It can easily be placed into the excavated sitewith a crane. Installation at Installation for ground level above-ground poolsInstallationThe excavation should be about 25 cm larger than thepool on all sides. A 10 cm-thick concrete slab the size ofthe pool should be laid at the bottom. The pool will beplaced on the concrete slab without any further layersin between and then installed. Start to fill the pool withwater and, as the water level increases, lean concrete willbe backfilled from the outside.Installation for indoor poolsThe pool can also be placed indoors without concretebackfilling. For this, the pool can be equipped with steelwall braces at the factory that will bear the water pressure.In this case only an enclosure on the upper edge and floorarea is necessary. Ask for special instructions. 7
  8. 8. Colours: white Colours: papyrus Colours: sand Modena 520 6320 2550 15001540 6400 2400 Modena 660 7840 3350 15001540 7920 3200 M 1:100 One of the leading German manufacturers of prefabricated swimming- pools, pool equipment and whirlpools. Member in the BSW.