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2012 sales brochure_chinaeng


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2012 sales brochure_chinaeng

  1. 1. 20122012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 1 29/02/12 11:42:53
  2. 2. 02 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 2 29/02/12 11:42:53
  3. 3. What you will find in these pages Visits & subscriptions............................................................................................... p04 Worldwide traffic ....................................................................................................... p06 Profile of users. .......................................................................................................... p08 Return On Investment. ............................................................................................. p10 Statistics tools ........................................................................................................... p12 Search engine optimisation.................................................................................... p14 The E*Card . ................................................................................................................ p16 The E*Page................................................................................................................. p18 Video clips, slideshows & PDFs............................................................................. p20 Products catalogue.................................................................................................. p22 Description text & keywords. ................................................................................. p24 Your secure account................................................................................................ p26 Banners & Skyscrapers........................................................................................... p28 Sponsors & VIPs......................................................................................................... p30 Details E*Page in 15 languages........................................................................................ p32 Optional products. ................................................................................................. p34 Display. .................................................................................................................... p35 Ranking points distribution..................................................................................... p36 EUROPAGES 2012 032012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 3 29/02/12 11:42:53
  4. 4. More and more professionals are visiting the site… EUROPAGES is a B2B platform with a very wide audience. In 2011, the EUROPAGES site was visited by over 4.5 million professionals every month. 47.3 million 2009 Launch of the new website 2009 19.1 million VISIT 2008 Since 2008, traffic has increased by an average 56% each year. Why such an increase in the midst of an economic crisis and on an increasingly congested Internet? Because EUROPAGES delivers pertinent results to businesses looking for products or services. The site provides them with detailed results corresponding to their searches, and lists of suppliers corresponding to their needs.04 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 4 29/02/12 11:42:54
  5. 5. Source: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2008-2011 2011 EUROPAGES crossed four times the threshold of 5 million monthly visits 2010 EUROPAGES optimises its pages for search engines (SEO) 2011 56 million 41.4 million 2010ITS 2011 75,538 45,018 50,502 45,879 2008 2009 2010 SUBSCRIBERS …more and more businesses are registering with EUROPAGES Businesses can subscribe with EUROPAGES for free to discover its advantages and update or change their details online. This level of freedom and flexibility combined with the benefits rto their own websites’ increased visibility encourage many businesses to continue in a second time with a paid subscription to improve their online presence. Every month, more than 6000 businesses subscribe to EUROPAGES. In the past 12 months, the number of inscriptions has increased by 73%. EUROPAGES 2012 052012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 5 29/02/12 11:42:55
  6. 6. A worldwide traffic with a European core ... Since its inception in 1982, EUROPAGES’ core vocation has been to make European businesses visible to European visitors. In addition, with the multiplication of the site’s versions (available in 26 languages), EUROPAGES has also succeeded in making European businesses visible outside Europe, as well as winning over many suppliers from around the globe who seek to develop their activity in Europe. 4% North America The United States and Canada represent huge 79% Europe reserves of potential visitors that EUROPAGES is Almost 8 out of 10 visitors are from starting to tap into. In 2011, visits from the USA were Europe. The EU’s biggest economies up 20%, while those from Canada rose by 55%. account for the main share of this audience: Italy (19%), France (13%), Germany (7%), Spain (5%) and the UK (3%). 6% South America Given that EUROPAGES is available in Spanish and Portuguese, its customers benefit from an excellent level of exposure throughout South America. Brazil, now 3% Africa the world’s 8th ranking economy and Africa remains fairly subdued despite some enjoying strong growth on EUROPAGES remarkable signs of development, especially (up 23%), already accounts for 3% of all in the Maghreb (Tunisia +78%, Morocco visits alone. +62%, Algeria +74%).06 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 6 29/02/12 11:42:56
  7. 7. source : Comscore Digital Analytix, 2008-2011 7% Russia and Asia While visits from Russia and China, the two heavyweights among the BRICS countries, represent only 8% of worldwide traffic, they are on the increase: up 17% in 2011 for China, and up 12% for Russia. 1% Oceania Despite an 80% increase in the number of visitors from Australia, this region of the world has not yet come into its own in terms of exchange with Europe. ... EUROPAGES in unison with the world’s biggest market Source: World Trade Organization, 2010 3,3% 0,7% 27,4% 8,3% 6,6% 5,1% 4,6% 0,6% 2,5% 2,1% 0,4% 16,9% 9,1% 1,0% According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Europe remains the biggest trade market in the world. In 2010, trade between all European countries represented some $4000 billion, accounting for 27% of world trade. Meanwhile, trade between Europe and the world’s other two leading economic regions (namely the US and Asia) accounted for 14% of world trade ($3400 billion). If we add up the two, Europe alone represents 42% of world trade. By the same token, Asia represents 34% and North America 20%. EUROPAGES 2012 072012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 7 29/02/12 11:43:03
  8. 8. Profile of users: SMEs working in industry More than half of the site’s visitors work in industry, a prominent B2B sector. However, there was an increase in the service sector where imports and exports have grown strongly. EUROPAGES visitors mainly hail from the world of B2B; retailers are still marginal (4%). 19% Wholesalers, Distributors, Subcontractors, Agents and Representatives Purchasing professionals, purchasing cooperatives and Manufacturers 53% distributors appreciate EUROPAGES for the time gained when searching for suppliers and manufacturers of finished products. More than one in two users comes from the industry sector. The three leading sectors are construction & public works, mechanical engineering, and metallurgy & metal working. Two users in every three are responsible for - or participate in - the decision to purchase In B2B, decisions to purchase may often take O longer than one month. p er 25 This time is shortened at % io when the decision- Top na makers are involved ent l right from the start agem man of the purchasing cycle. Opportunely 45% t en on EUROPAGES, most % em 31 anagle users are the actual m idd decision-makers. M08 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 8 29/02/12 11:43:04
  9. 9. Source: analysis of 30,000 company profiles that registered in 2011. An audience of SMEs 4% Retailers The Retailer category (mainly Business to <10 32% Consumer - B2C) is not highly developed on EUROPAGES. Nevertheless, some retailers are 11-50 19% working directly with manufacturers and use EUROPAGES for their searches in this respect. 51-100 13% 101-200 9% 201-500 8% >500 6% EUROPAGES’ audience is comprised mainly of small enterprises. Almost 40% are small or very small enterprises (<20 employees), while small and medium-sized enterprises account for 50%. Intermediate-sized enterprises, i.e. those with more than 250 employees, account for less than 10% of the EUROPAGES user population. Dynamic SMEs <1M € 15% Services 22% 1M-2.5M € 19% Representing a growth sector, service 2.5M-5M € 15% providers account for 1/5 of the site’s audience. In fact, searches relating to corporate services 5M-10M € 13% are top of the list on EUROPAGES. 10M-50M € 15% >50M € 24% On EUROPAGES, one in two SMEs has a revenue greater than €2 million, i.e. higher than average for businesses of this size. One SME in every four posts sales higher than €50 million, again higher than average for businesses of this size. EUROPAGES 2012 092012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 9 29/02/12 11:43:04
  10. 10. A remarkable retour sur investissement E*Page Views Targeted visibility 4 500 4 000 3 500 3 000 2 500 Medium 2 000 Economic 1 874 1 500 1 294 Entry 1 000 923 Access 500 591 Starter 411 20 000 40 000 60 000 80 000 100 000 Each month, EUROPAGES’ 25,000 listed customers attract millions of visits. The three main units for measuring ROI are E*Card Views (general visibility), E*Page Views (targeted visibility) and Clicks-Out (clicks to the customer’s own website). The ROI varies depending on the corresponding subscription (Starter, Access, Entry, etc.). We can see that the combined number of E*Card Views and E*Page Views – which represent a company’s visibility – helps to increase the number of clicks to the customer’s site (bubble). Depending on the type of subscription taken out by the business, the more its visibility increases, the higher its ROI.10 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 10 29/02/12 11:43:06
  11. 11. Premium Source: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2011 A much higher ROI for customers 20 636 3 235 EUROPAGES allows businesses to register for free. Some 2 million businesses are E*Card Views Clicks-out listed on the site The size of the bubbles increases along with the number of clicks Clicks to the free of charge. x58 website While the free listing is useful to discover the site’s merit and 353 to create some free members paid members initial visibility, once a business 555 seeks to increase its return, the paid subscription proves to be E*Page Views an excellent investment to x18 boost its visibility and online audience. 30 On average,100 000 120 000 members with a free members paid members paid listing obtain 492 a level of visibility E*Card Views 58 times higher General visibility than those with a free listing, while their number of targeted displays Clicks-out is 18 times higher. Moreover, they x114 enjoy 114 times more visits to their own websites. Herein lies the 4,3 essence of EUROPAGES. free members paid members EUROPAGES 2012 11 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 11 29/02/12 11:43:07
  12. 12. Business Intelligence for the benefit of companies Every month, 4 million visitors search for, display and click on the E*Pages of the 2 million businesses listed on the site. These interactions represent millions and millions of data items, all saved on EUROPAGES servers. In total, an annual 5 terabytes of data (1012) are assembled, processed and displayed to businesses in complete transparency, allowing them to calculate their visibility (E*Card Views and E*Page Views), measure the hits on their websites (Clicks Out) and compute contacts and requests for quotes (Emails and RFQ) to better evaluate their ROI. Powerful tools to deliver customer statistics ETL : Extract, Transform & Load Geomarketing : Modelisation R.O.I. Analyses & Scoring prospects reporting Optimisation e-marketing Reporting intern & clients Every morning, the previous day’s data is extracted (ETL) from the various sources, injected in a datawarehouse and then aggregated in datamarts where only the selected data is stored. This system deployed by EUROPAGES works like a huge, highly sophisticated filter to provide customers with the substance of their statistical data.12 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 12 29/02/12 11:43:08
  13. 13. Customized reports on demand (Findit) Who searches for what, who searches for whom, which keywords are used for which industry sector, where do users come from, which companies have been viewed, from which queries and in which countries? To answer all these questions, EUROPAGES has created the Findit system, a veritable decision-support tool that extracts pertinent responses Visits per country from a complex set. Some of the market’s most sophisticated tools constantly analyze searches on EUROPAGES, their origins and their effects on the businesses. Reports are available at all times to answer all their queries regarding the traffic they have generated. R.O.I. per month Individual statistics in just a click (mySTATS) On EUROPAGES, every business has its own individual account where it can access its personal stats at all times. The customer can thus see how many E*Pages have been viewed, Monthly visits how many clicks out have been performed, and how many emails have been received, identifying the country of origin for each. EUROPAGES customers benefit from this level Visits per country of precision thanks to the sheer power of the decision-support system deployed upstream (described opposite). EUROPAGES 2012 132012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 13 29/02/12 11:43:09
  14. 14. referencing A universal system for businesses yandex SEO yahoo bing baidu14 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 14 29/02/12 11:43:10
  15. 15. Much like a galaxy, the structure of the Internet is determined by gravitation. In this expanding universe, websites, like planets and satellites, revolve around solar centres that represent the (big three) search engines. Given their mass, the search engines attract matter present on sites (text, keywords, video clips, photos). The more matter there is, the greater the attraction. On EUROPAGES, this matter is all the more considerable given that it is published on 26 different sites:,, Europages. it,,, etc. This makes it a highly attractive target for the leading three search engines (Google, Bing and , Yahoo!), as well as for national search engines with considerable local influence (Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China, Rambler in Korea, etc.). This system works so well not only because the content is translated into 15 languages, but also because the information’s assembly is constantly being optimized for natural referencing (SEO). As a result, the businesses listed are seen by users in over 200 countries in their native language. Translation at the service of search engine optimisation EUROPAGES translates its customers’ content into 15 languages*. For the purpose of improved quality control, it has created Order its own translation network comprising approximately one hundred independent translators in Europe and throughout the world. Projects are managed using a Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tool that CAT tools stores all previous translations in a dedicated memory. As Analysis Translation soon as a new project is memory launched, the translation memory proposes the available translation if it finds any equivalent translations. If no equivalent translations are found, the Translation content is translated from scratch. Once completed, this content is automatically placed online. If translated content is in Modification any way considered non-compliant with a company’s requirements, the company can either request a modification, or offer its own translation. In 2011, 175,000 texts and 7,000,000 keywords were translated into 15 languages. With its proven translation Online system, EUROPAGES provides businesses with natural referencing of their content both in their native *Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, language and in a wide range of Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified additional languages. Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. EUROPAGES 2012 152012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 15 29/02/12 11:43:10
  16. 16. 1,289,891,497 Source: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2011 E*Card Views in 2011 logo description company name Non binding pictures keywords websites products searched for Available in web and mobile web versions.16 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 16 29/02/12 11:48:17
  17. 17. E*CardSource: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2011 The Further improving your company’s visibility The E*Card is displayed in the EUROPAGES search engine results page. This is what the site’s users see first when they perform a search. As such, it represents your company’s initial level of visibility. The choice of content that you publish on EUROPAGES is decisive since this is what is actually used to display your E*Card in response to a user’s query. The content’s reactive elements are the description, the keywords, the company name and the names of the products in the catalogue. The more numerous and precise they are, the greater your chances of satisfying a targeted query. Non binding pictures EUROPAGES 2012 17 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 17 29/02/12 11:53:45
  18. 18. 79,870,132 Source: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2011 E*Page Views in 2011 company name description logo contacts map video websites products Non binding pictures keywords Available in web and mobile web versions.18 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 18 29/02/12 11:48:18
  19. 19. E*Page Source: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2011 The A second website in 15 languages for your company The E*Page is displayed when a user clicks your E*Card (see the previous page).on However, it is indexed on the Web through natural referencing (see pages 14-15) so that more and more users can reach your E*Page directly via search engine results pages. The number of times your E*Page is viewed (“E*Page Views”) reflects the interest shown in your company by visitors. The E*Page is like a second website for your company; it acts as a showcase for your business on EUROPAGES. In addition to basic information such as the company name, address, map, description and keywords, you can publish all sorts of other contact data (email, phone, fax). You can also provide further details on your activity that may be useful to attract visitors’ attention (websites, video clips, pdf documents, images, etc.). To further leverage productivity from your investment, EUROPAGES also allows you to include your product catalogues on the E*Page (see pages 22-23). These elements are all optimized to be indexed in different languages and to position your business on search engines. EUROPAGES 2012 19 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 19 29/02/12 11:53:45
  20. 20. 3 easy steps to put your videos on the E*Page for free… …and your slideshows or PDFs too! 1 I create my free account on YouTube, Dailymotion or Slideshare. 2 I upload my video on YouTube or Dailymotion, I upload my PowerPoint slideshow or my PDF on Slideshare. 3 I copy & paste the embed code in the myEUROPAGES account, and my video clip, slideshow and/or PDF files are visible on my E*Page. Non binding pictures Video Slideshow Available in the Web version20 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 20 29/02/12 11:48:19
  21. 21. e Video clips, slideshows & PDF files Add up to 10 video clips, slideshows or PDFs on your E*Page for free and attract visitors! You can increase both your popularity and your ROI by displaying videos, interactive presentations or PDF documents on your E*Page. Video helps to convert potential customers and can have a considerable impact on a company’s sales. Visitors who have seen a video of a product will be more inclined to purchase that product. The procedure is straightforward: you create a free account on a video platform such as or, or on a site that hosts slideshows such as (1). You upload your video clips or slideshows (2). You then copy & paste the embed code of these videos to your myEUROPAGES account (3). Videos can only be published by members with a paid subscription. Non binding pictures EUROPAGES 2012 21 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 21 29/02/12 11:53:45
  22. 22. Your productsautomatically retrieved and updated 1 we retrieve your products catalogue. 2 we publish it 3 we update it product description Non binding pictures Available in the Web version22 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 22 29/02/12 11:48:19
  23. 23. The Products Catalogue Display all your products on your E*Page… Professionals are first and foremost looking for products, whether on the Web in general or on EUROPAGES in particular. By including your catalogue on your E*Page, you increase your chances of being seen, and above all of being selected. Your products are automatically retrieved (crawl)* If your products are already online on your own website, simply provide us with the web address and specify how many products you wish to include on your E*Page. We will then send a crawler program to your site to retrieve the photos and descriptions of your products (1). This information is subsequently published on your E*Page (2). The publication of product catalogues is a paid option, and is reserved to members with a paid subscription. Ongoing automatic updates for optimal efficiency As soon as EUROPAGES detects a change on your site, it automatically retrieves the new product and updates the catalogue accordingly (3). Manual retrieval of your electronic files (Xml or Excel)e it Alternatively, if your products are not available on your website, you can provide us with an electronic file (in xml or xls format) indicating how many products you wish to include on your E*Page. This information is subsequently published on your E*Page. It is updated as soon as you send us a new file An individual online reference for each of your products Your catalogue is displayed in full on your E*Page. In addition, a dedicated page is created for each of your products. EUROPAGES assigns each page a unique URL to boost its natural referencing. Catalogues in several languages published simultaneously You can display the catalogue on your E*Page in up to 9 language versions. For example, your catalogue in English on the English version of your E*Page, the same catalogue in German on the German version of your E*Page, and so on. The following languages are accepted: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. *EUROPAGES cannot perform crawls on Flash sites or PDF files. EUROPAGES 2012 23 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 23 29/02/12 12:12:17
  24. 24. description keywords Image non contractuelle24 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 24 29/02/12 11:48:20
  25. 25. Description & keywords The essential elements of your indexing on the web The description text* The first thing users will see on your E*Page is the description of your activity. This description must use expressions characteristic of your line of business, since it essentially presents your company’s know-how, much like a CV. It is translated and published in 15 languages, and indexed by the main search engines. It must be clear and concise. Bear in mind that visitors prefer short sentences rather than a long series of words. Keywords The role of keywords is to define the specific aspects or your business, and the list of your products or services. Translated and published in 15 languages, these keywords are indexed by search engines. Note that the more precise your keywords are, the better your conversion rate will be. Give preference to highly specific keywords (e.g. piston and screw- type compressors) rather than keywords that are overly general or vague, and that will merely generate "noise" (e.g. compressors). Additional keywords Each type of subscription comes with a set number of keywords (e.g. 33 for a Premium subscription). However, you can always add more keywords to your E*Page. This will improve its reactiveness to searches and, as a result, its visibility. Additional keywords are sold individually. They are translated and published in 15 languages. Priority keywords To give added weight to certain keywords, you can confer priority or ranking points to them. Priority keywords increase the overall value of your E*Page and its positioning. The «priority» option is sold per individual keyword. * Your description text can contain 1000 characters in your natural language. For other languages, you must provide a shorter description comprising no more than 500 characters. This description will then be translated in 14 languages (see pages 14-15). Your E*Page will thus be published in a total 15 languages. EUROPAGES 2012 252012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 25 29/02/12 12:12:17
  26. 26. Your secure account myEUROPAGES Your account Your E*Page Your stats Non binding pictures 2.0 Your videos, photos Your products & slideshows Your emails Available in the Web version26 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 26 29/02/12 11:43:22
  27. 27. View your statistics, update your details and enhance your E*Page at will and whenever you like! Available 24/7 As soon as your E*Page is online, you will receive an access code to your myEUROPAGES account. You can connect to this secure account at all times. Your stats in complete transparency You can evaluate your ROI by viewing indicators that reflect your visibility (E*Card Views and E*Page Views), or by seeing how many visits have been generated to your own website via EUROPAGES (Clicks Out). These figures can all be sorted by country. They are provided by ComScore Digital Analytix (see pages 12-13). Your stats are updated every month. Improve your results yourself Once you have logged on to your account, you are entirely free to modify anything you like. You can complete or update details on your company (address, contact details, e-mail addresses, websites, etc.). You can add elements or refine your activity’s description to optimise the pertinence of both your E*Page and your Internet referencing (description, keywords, etc.). You can add value-added elements for free to make your E*Page more attractive (videos, slideshows, PDFs, photos, etc.). You can also provide all-important information on your company (workforce, revenue, delivery practices, languages spoken, countries where you work, and so on). EUROPAGES 2012 272012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 27 29/02/12 11:43:22
  28. 28. Banner & Skyscraper Display your brand at the right time Your Banner or Skyscraper will only appear when relevant A Banner* is a horizontal rectangular ad. A Skyscraper** is a vertical rectangular ad. You can assign as many headings as necessary to them, selected from among EUROPAGES’ list of 4000 headings. Your Banner or Skyscraper is displayed whenever a user’s query corresponds with one of your headings. Your brand name therefore appears for queries that correspond with your activity, and not merely at random. This contextual display guarantees a much higher click rate than for similar ads habitually found on the Web. You choose the period for your ad campaign Just as different activities have different seasons, so companies work according to different schedules. To comply with your specific needs, EUROPAGES lets you choose when your banners/skyscrapers are displayed. In the spring, after the summer? Once, twice, three times a year? For one, two or six months? You choose, we display. Banner/Skyscraper locations Banners and Skyscrapers are displayed on the results pages and on the E*Pages of free members. On the results page, the Banner is placed at the top and bottom of the page, while the Skyscraper is placed to the right. On a free member’s E*Page, the Banner is placed at the top of the page, and the Skyscraper to the right. *Leaderboard (728x90) or Full Banner (468x60). Jpeg, Gif or Flash. Maximum 20 KB. **Wide Skyscraper (160x600) or Standard Skyscraper (120x600). Jpeg, Gif or Flash. Maximum 20 KB.28 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 28 29/02/12 11:53:47
  29. 29. 151,345,547 Source: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2011 Banners & Skyscrapers displayed in 2011 Banners are published at the top and bottom of the results pages. Skyscrapers are published on the results pages and on the E*Pages of free members Non binding pictures Results page Free member’s E*Page Available in the Web version EUROPAGES 2012 292012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 29 29/02/12 11:50:53
  30. 30. Sponsor & VIP Present your brand to all B2B visitors Targeted exposure to an international B2B audience The Sponsor* is a large rectangular ad. The VIP** is a small rectangular ad. Both are displayed on the EUROPAGES home pages. They are displayed permanently, not contextually. On EUROPAGES, these formats are ideally suited to companies seeking to present their brand name to the widest possible B2B audience. You choose the display period and frequency To suit your needs, EUROPAGES lets you choose the period during which your Sponsor or VIP is displayed (one or more months). The space reserved for the Sponsor can display up to 4 customers in alternation. If you want to have the space for your company alone, you can opt for the Exclusive option. Your company will then be the only one displayed for the selected period. The VIP space can display up to 8 companies in four dedicated spaces in alternation. You choose the nationality of customers targeted There are 26 versions of the EUROPAGES site. Depending on the markets you seek to reach, you can choose the home pages on which to display your Sponsor or your VIP. *Sponsor (300 x 250). Jpeg, Gif or Flash. Maximum 30 KB. **VIP (120 x 60). Jpeg, Gif or Flash. Maximum 30 KB.30 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 30 29/02/12 11:53:47
  31. 31. 3,438,494 Source: Comscore Digital Analytix, 2011 Sponsor displays in 2011 Sponsors are published on the EUROPAGES home pages. VIPs are also published on the EUROPAGES home Non binding pictures pages. Home page 13,753,976 VIP displays in 2011 Available in the Web version EUROPAGES 2012 312012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 31 29/02/12 11:50:54
  32. 32. Details: E*Page in 15 languages Economic Premium Access E*Page Company name (255 characters) 1 1 1 Source description (1,000 characters) 1 1 1 Translated description (500 characters) 1 1 1 Translated keywords 10 19 33 No. of languages published* 15 15 15 Weblinks 1 2 3 Contacts 4 12 20 Logo yes yes yes Map yes yes yes myEUROPAGES Secure account yes yes yes Videos & slideshows 10 10 10 PDF documents and Hyperlinks 10 10 10 Images 10 10 10 Business info yes yes yes myStats yes yes yes *The description and keywords are translated and published in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish32 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 32 29/02/12 11:43:26
  33. 33. Description text: you can provide a description of up to 1000 characters in the source language, and another description of up to 500 characters for translation into 14 other languages. These translations effectively multiply the indexing of the E*Pages on the leading national and international search engines. Your E*Page will thus be published in a total 15 languages. Keywords: these are headings (from EUROPAGES Classification) and structured keywords (from EUROPAGES Taxonomy) selected from a predefined list, free keywords (not included in Taxonomy) and brand names. Each E*Page must contain at least one heading for classification purposes. The keywords are translated in 15 languages. Only the Latin alphabet is used. Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets and Chinese ideograms are not accepted. Weblink: this is a decisive element in relation to your ROI. Remember to display at least one link on your E*Page. Some subscriptions allow for up to 3. Always make sure that the link is valid. Contacts: there are a number of contact details that you can publish on your E*Page (phone, mobile phone, fax and e-mail address). This number varies depending on the subscription, however you must always provide at least one valid e-mail address, since this is how most users prefer to establish contact. Again, make sure that the e-mail address given on your E*Page is valid. Logo: this is your company’s visual ID. It must be in Gif format and cannot be animated. Maximum pixel size: 100 x 100. Maximum file size: 10 KB. Map: the mapping service used on EUROPAGES is provided by Google Maps. Secure account: an account is created for each member with a paid subscription. You will receive a user ID and password to log on to your account at all times and in complete security. The following can be modified: password, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, descriptions, keywords, images, videos, websites and business info. Videos and slideshows: you can display up to 10 videos or PowerPoint-type slideshows on your E*Page. The procedure is straightforward (see pages 20-21). To index these visual objects on the Internet and increase traffic to your E*Page, you can add a title of up to 80 characters and a description of up to 200 characters. PDF documents and links: you can publish up to 10 PDF documents (each with a file size of up to 2 MB) or 10 additional hyperlinks. You upload these documents or URLs to the dedicated space on your myEUROPAGES account. They will be immediately visible on your E*Page. For each element, you can add a title of up to 80 characters and a description of up to 200 characters. Images: you can insert up to 10 images on your E*Page. These can be photos, illustrations or diagrams in Jpeg, Gif or Png formats. Maximum pixel size: 700 x 400. Recommended pixel size: 420 x 420. Maximum file size: 50 MB. Once you have uploaded an image to your account, it will be immediately visible on your E*Page. For each image, you can add a title of up to 80 characters and a description of up to 200 characters. Business info: you can provide a number of details on your activity. These details will help users get a better idea of your company: type of activity, workforce, year founded, legal status, revenue, languages spoken, terms of delivery, payment methods, etc. myStats: you can access your account and its stats at all times to gauge the effectiveness of your E*Page (visits, clicks, e-mails, geographic origins, etc.). Your stats are updated every month. EUROPAGES 2012 332012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 33 29/02/12 11:43:26
  34. 34. Details: Options Languages Products catalogue accepted Catalogue size 1. EN a) indexing of products from the customer’s Internet 2. FR < 200 products site (crawl) 3. IT 4. ES OR 5. DE 6. NL b) retrieval of the catalogue (or assistance creating it) 7. PT from electronic files (XML, CSV, XLS, etc.). < 500 products 8. PL 9. RU The customer’s products can be retrieved by a crawler on their Internet site or via an electronic file (see page 22-23). You must first make sure that the crawl operation is feasible before proposing this option to the customer. This is because the data on sites that use Flash technology or PDF files cannot be retrieved via the crawler. Moreover, you must check that the address of the site to crawl (i.e. its URL) is valid. Lastly, remember to provide the name, phone number and e-mail address of a person to contact on the customer’s premises in the event of any technical problem. Concerning the multiple-language publication, if the customer wants to publish his catalogue in German on the German version of his E*Page, in English on the English version and in French on the French version, he will have to purchase three catalogues. EUROPAGES can proceed with a multi-language publication for the following nine (9) languages: (EN) English, (FR) French, (IT) Italian, (ES) Spanish, (DE) German, (NL) Dutch, (PT) Portuguese, (PL) Polish and (RU) Russian. Additional keywords Price per keyword for multi-language subscriptions 1 Price per keyword for mono-language subscriptions 2 Mots-clés Priority Price per keyword for multi-language subscriptions 1 Price per keyword for mono-language subscriptions 2 1 The keywords are translated and published in 15 languages for multi-language subscriptions 2 The keywords are published in one language only, and are not translated34 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 34 29/02/12 11:43:26
  35. 35. Details: Display Banner & Skyscraper Format Poids Leaderboard (728x90) Full Banner (468x60) Jpeg, Gif or 20 KB max. Wide Skyscraper (160x600) Flash Standard Skyscraper (120x600) Sponsor 3 EN-English FR-French IT-Italian, DE-German ES-Spanish, ZS-Simplified Chinese RU-Russian, GR-Greek, PT-Poruguese, AR-Arabic, PL-Polish, TU-Turkish NL-Dutch, LT- Lithuanian, RO-Romanian, BG-Bulgarian, HU-Hungarian, CS-Czech, ZH-Traditional Chinese, DK-Danish, SL-Slovenian, LV-Latvian, SE-Swedish, FI-Finnish, ET-Estonian, NO-Norwegian Pixel size: 300x250 • Format: Jpeg, Gif or Flash • File size: 30KB max 3 1 to 4 (exclusivity)slots available at a monthly price. Displayed in rotation. Possibility of acquiring an exclusive display if all four locations are purchased VIP 4 EN-English, FR-French IT-Italian, DE-German ES-Spanish ZS-Simplified Chinese, RU-Russian, GR-Greek, PT-Portuguese AR-Arabic, PL-Polish, TU-Turkish, NL-Dutch, LT- Lithuanian, RO-Romanian, BG-Bulgarian, HU-Hungarian, CS-Czech, ZH-Traditional Chinese, DK-Danish, SL-Slovenian, LV-Latvian, SE-Swedish, FI-Finnish, ET-Estonian, NO-Norwegian Pixel size: 300x250 • Format: Jpeg, Gif or Flash • File size: 30KB max 4 Monthy price per home page. Eight locations available. Displayed in rotation EUROPAGES 2012 352012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 35 29/02/12 11:43:26
  36. 36. ranking points distribution Your ROI is determined by the number of ranking points of your E*Page. The Ranking equates with the ROI On EUROPAGES, each subscription and each option comes with a set number of ranking points. If the company subscribes to additional options, it gains additional ranking points. Depending on your company’s total ranking points, your E*Card will be more or less well placed in the results page. Consequently, the ranking is essential since it defines the nature of your ROI (see pages 10-11). E*Pages 3,938 Bonus points granted to loyal customers In addition to the number of 2,074 ranking points shown in the table opposite, we grant loyal 1,001 customers further ranking points by way of a bonus. This bonus system is quite simple: as soon 100 101 as a subscription is renewed for a year, EUROPAGES Free listing Free member Free listing Mono customer Access Mono & Multi Economic Mono & Multi Premium Mono & Multi automatically adds 10% of ranking points to the renewed subscription. Additional points ranking for mono-language Options 700 subscriptions As well as being displayed 500 in the customer’s chosen language, mono-language subscriptions are displayed as a free listing in all the other versions of the EUROPAGES site. The free listing of mono- 45 35 language customers has a slightly higher ranking than that Additional keyword Priority keyword Catalogue <200 products Catalogue <500 products of free members (101 points rather than 100).36 2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 36 29/02/12 11:43:27
  37. 37. EUROPAGES 2012 372012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 37 29/02/12 11:43:27
  38. 38. EUROPAGES S.A. 127 ave charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - FRANCE Tel : +33 (0)1 41 16 49 00 www.europages.com2012_SalesBrochure_ChinaENG.indd 38 29/02/12 11:43:27