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Ondamove brief bp summary


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ondamove brief bp summary

  1. 1. ondamove, spot yourself!Brief Introduction to the Business
  2. 2. Mission Statement•  “Here we drive the GeoTagging Revolution: technology meets new needs of aggregation, users generate content.”•  Our business model builds on the innovative concept of “geotagging” and “mass-promoting”•  We believe we are the evolution of GroupOn and Foursquare•  We think global, we act local
  3. 3. The Company•  Founders: –  Giovanni Giuseppe Savini: ETH, Bocconi graduate –  Mammad Mahmoodi: Sharif University of Technology•  Sales Collaborators and Advisors: –  Guido Bartalena: PHD graduate at ETH –  Kathrin Hoesli: Swisscom –  Giovanni Berzuini: graduate student at UCL –  Andrea Malinverni: Ebay Italy –  Roberto Rossi: Social Media Analyst
  4. 4. Market Summary•  Nowadays, our business model is partly used by Competitors•  However, no Competitor integrates all elements thus the user needs are still not satisfied•  The investments required for e-projects are low in respect to traditional start-ups•  But the potential source of revenues is much higher and faster to be achieved
  5. 5. Opportunities•  We believe we can exploit the first-mover advantage in some laggard markets (in Italy geo-localization and, more generally, smartphones connections still resist to diffuse)•  Italy has got the first smartphone penetration rate of Europe•  The Team have a background of know-how that is particularly connected to our target of users•  We have a great network of PRs that can help us promoting the business•  Our business model targets businesses and merchants that are willing to exploit the digital marketing techniques•  These businesses and merchants also showed the need of monitoring their customers
  6. 6. Business ConceptsInnovative Social NetworkGeo-localization technologyMixture of gps webplatform and e-commerce websitesWeb-platform, for traditional useAndroid and Apple applications, ready-to-use toolsFunctions for apps and website are perfectly integrated
  7. 7. Webplatform / Homepage
  8. 8. Webplatform / Map You can are filtered to your nearest friends, celebrities, non-friends and wimbies (promotions)
  9. 9. Webplatform / Spot-meWhen you spot your position, it will becomeavailable to the public
  10. 10. Website/Post profile pageSpecial Pages for Places, showing all the people that spotted in there
  11. 11. Technology Webplatform•  Geo-localization•  Fast diffusing: Html5 and FrontPage•  Easy to implement•  Before: IP recognition•  Nowadays: tracking Wi-Fi waves –  More precise –  Less legal problems –  But not working with wired connection
  12. 12. Technology Smartphones•  Gps-localization•  Using Satellite•  Very precise (less than few meters error)•  Completely legal•  Covering most of usage (more convenient to use cell phones instead of laptops to check-in)•  Available for i-os and Android devices•  Apps are integrated to the webplatform•  Users spotting at specific places during wimbies will receive special codes of attendance to access promotions and discounts