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Mission exuma 2011


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Details on my upcoming mission trip to Exuma to witness during the 2011 Family Regatta.

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Mission exuma 2011

  1. 1. MISSION EXUMA 2011 Every year, hundreds of people from all over the Bahamas gather together on Great Exuma Island(Pronounced Ex-zoom-ah) for the annual Exuma Family Regatta. This tradition began in the mid 1950’s whenmost of the boats used for fishing went idle. In 1954, a group of about 70 sailors in their working vessels heldthe first races out of Elizabeth Harbor. Since then the Exuma Family Regatta has become a national event. Don’t let the word “family” fool you. Most Bahamians see the Regatta as occasion to party. April 24 – May 2, David Cobb will lead a team of witnesses to share the gospel with the peopleattending the race festivities. I believe that the Lord is leading me to be a part of that team. We will partnerwith believers from a local church and go to the places where people gather to share the gospel one-to-one.Not only will we be witnessing, but we will equip the Bahamian believers to share the good news. I need to raise $2,136 to cover my expenses for this mission trip. Will you be a part of my sending teamfor Mission Exuma 2011? Will you consider giving a gift of $100 or some other amount to help me reachpeople with the gospel and train believers to witness? Will you pray for our team as we labor in the harvest? YES Darrel, I will help send you to Mission Exuma 2011… [ ] I will pray for the witness team as you all share the gospel and equip believers. [ ] I will give a gift to help cover your expenses [ ] $100 [ ] $50 [ ] $250 [ ] $25 [ ] $ ________________ Name: ______________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________________________________________Foundation Ministries PO Box 2151, Garner, NC 27529 919.740.5732