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TNT EMPLOYEESSOCIAL MEDIAGUIDELINESHow to make your voices heard and displayTNT’s can-do attitude online Version: 1.0   Da...
TNT employees Social Media GuidelinesIntroducing Social Media                               Let us be your guideSocial med...
The basicsWhy guidelines, and not a social media policy?        Use the latest artwork. Do not squeeze orThere are several...
TNT employees Social Media Guidelines   DOs                                                 DONTs                         ...
Reacting to posts about TNT                                                FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE                        ...
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TNT employees social media guidelines


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The official TNT employees social media guidelines

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TNT employees social media guidelines

  1. 1. TNT EMPLOYEESSOCIAL MEDIAGUIDELINESHow to make your voices heard and displayTNT’s can-do attitude online Version: 1.0 Date: 01/09/2010
  2. 2. TNT employees Social Media GuidelinesIntroducing Social Media Let us be your guideSocial media are media that use online Empowering people through social media istechnologies to facilitate social interaction. By fundamentally good news. But it can haveinviting users to become content producers unforeseen and unintended consequences asinstead of content consumers, they transform well. The objective of these guidelines is to helptraditional media broadcasts into social media TNT employees get the most out of social mediaconversations. In this way, “they support the while avoiding the pitfalls that can result in a lessdemocratization of knowledge and information.” than enjoyable social media experience.(Wikipedia).E.g. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube, These guidelines are not intended as a kind ofSlideshare, LinkedIn, Xing, Ning, Hyves, Flickr, instruction manual for those who manageWikipedia and many others. official TNT communication channels; they apply to your personal social media activities only, whether during work-hours or at home. Generally speaking, what you do outside of work is your own business. However, you never stop being an employee of TNT. Most social media “incidents” are the result of a failure to appreciate that your actions and behaviour impact (and potentially reflect negatively on) your employer’s reputation.Why use Social Media?Social media can be used in different ways and for Here’s a real-life example thatdifferent reasons: could have been avoided with a little common sense: • as a networking tool – your life is basically the sum of your professional and personal networks; • to aid communication (just as mobile phones and e-mail did in the past); • to participate in stimulating conversation; and • to enhance TNT’s reputation online.TNT’s reputation is built on a can-do attitude.Without people to bring this attitude to life,however, can-do is just a word. Social mediaprovide our employees with channels / tools tomake their voices heard and display their can-do Other examples: Domino’s pizza video, Canadianattitude online. It is a form of empowerment that woman loses benefits over Facebook photo, Kevinoffers significant potential for enhancing TNT’s Colvin, Robert Scoble’s employee.reputation.
  3. 3. The basicsWhy guidelines, and not a social media policy? Use the latest artwork. Do not squeeze orThere are several reasons. Firstly, we don’t want otherwise distort the logo. Do not use the logo into tell you what to do and what to say, because combination with a product name. Use the correctsocial networks are by definition very personal. shade of orange (#FF6600) and the otherAlso, social media come in many different forms – corporate colours. See TNT Brand guidelines forthere are literally hundreds of different tools and more details (on out there. What is more, the social medialandscape is forever changing, with new tools 4. Recognize that you are entering a socialappearing all the time and changing the way systempeople interact. A “one-size-fits-all” approach is Social media is like any social eventtherefore not very practical or realistic. – a meeting, a party, the coffee corner. Behave as you would inHere are some general principles that can help such an environment. The sameyour social media activity: good manners apply: introduce yourself, don’t pretend to be some- one else, don’t intrude in or interrupt1. Know your Business Principles the conversations of others, and so on. Take carePlease make sure that you have read and are to ensure that your actions and behaviour arefamiliar with the TNT Business Principles. They consistent with the image you want to portray inprovide a framework to guide TNT employees in the office and with your clients. Keep in mind thattheir dealings with colleagues, customers, you are sharing any social space – online orsuppliers, and other stakeholders. For this reason, offline – with your boss, colleagues, and clients.the Business Principles very much apply in asocial media environment. 5. Remember that Google never forgets Everything you post stays online for a long time.2. Point out that you are not an official Think before posting something you might regretspokesperson later.We welcome your participation in various TNT-themed accounts / blogs / groups / websites.However, if you plan on setting up one of these In case of doubtyourself, be sure to make clear in some way that it Ask your manager whether it is “safe” to post specific information online. If you have a social media questionis not an official TNT communication channel. that is not content-related, please contact:Also, you should state clearly that you areexpressing your own views and opinions, Cecilia Scolaroespecially when discussing topics that relate to Online Communications SpecialistTNT’s business (transportation, logistics, etc.) If GHO cecilia.scolaro@tnt.comnecessary, add a disclaimer (“The opinions andpositions expressed are my own and don’t Charles Cassarnecessarily reflect those of TNT nv.”) to indicate Customer Experiencethat you are not speaking on behalf on TNT. TNT Express charles.cassar@tnt.com3. Respect the TNT Brand guidelines Zsa Zsa HordijkTNT brand consistency is important. If you include KlantFocusa TNT logo on your profile, be sure to follow TNT TNT PostBrand guidelines (on
  4. 4. TNT employees Social Media Guidelines DOs DONTs Do not post things you would be Know the TNT Business Principles. embarrassed to have your mother / boss see. Be yourself, say who you are and who No spam! you work for, especially when No covert marketing. publicising TNT. Do not speak on behalf of TNT If you are using the TNT logo, follow (Use a disclaimer if you have your the TNT Brand guidelines. own blog / channel). Do not squeeze, modify the TNT logo. State clearly that the views / opinions Do not associate the TNT logo with expressed are your own. Speak in the inappropriate content. first person. Do not lie. Get your facts right, be truthful. Support your opinions with facts. Cite Don’t pick fights. the sources of your contents. Don’t post any defamatory, vulgar, obscene or threatening material. Add value. Do not share internal information. Think before posting. Refrain from commenting on TNT’s business performance. Use common sense and courtesy. Do not cite colleagues / stakeholders, Admit mistakes, apologise if do not post their materials without necessary. their approval. Do not censor others’ opinions. Be respectful of other cultures, religions, values, etc. Respect the copyright. Avoid the use In case of doubt, questions, suggestions: of logos, trademarks, music, images, etc. without prior authorization. TNT GHO Monitor the reactions to your posts TNT Express and make sure they are as true, respectful and legal as your own. TNT Post
  5. 5. Reacting to posts about TNT FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE From simply acknowledging yourYou have come across a post about YES customers (responding to positiveTNT? Is the content / tone positive? feedback, making suggestions) to driving the discussion forward. NO REPORT Is it spam? Look for the ‘Report’ button or write a How to contribute? DOs and DONTs YES (vague text with suspicious links) personal message to the owner of the online space / account. NO Is the author a “troll”? (someone trying to annoy other people) MONITOR ONLY NO Avoid responding to specific posts, YES monitor the situation. If it deteriorates report to a social media advisor. Is the posting a rant, joke, intended to ridicule or satirize? NO FIX THE FACTS Does it contain information Check the facts for yourself and that is incorrect and you know the YES respond with factual comment that can right answer? be seen by everyone. NO RESTORATION Apologize if necessary, see what you Was it written by an unhappy YES can do to help and be seen to help. If customer/ stakeholder? you are unable to resolve the problem, notify the proper department.