NANOQ Queue Management System


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NANOQ Queue Management System

  1. 1. QUEUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DESIGN Name: Nano-Q Purpose: Successful SME´s Design No: 42406/2010 Keep up with the “BIG players” The SMEs fight with the large multinational corporations, in most of the cases, starts from an inferior position. The SME sector is characterized by smaller budget, restricted latitude and the lack of efficiency growing technology. The Customer Services in manycircumstances, are the “battlefields” thatwill decide, if a customer will comeback again and again or will be a loyalbuyer on the opposite side of the street. We designed the Nano-Q Systemfor those who already realized that thefaster service, the discretion and acomfortable waiting will result in loyalcustomers, but could not afford to investlarge sums in such systems. Use the Nano-Q System and keep upwith the “BIG PLAYERS”.
  2. 2. Recommendation Pharmacies General and private medical centres Dentists Beauty-shops, solarium-shops, hair dressers Real-estate agencies City councils, District councils, HousingFeatures and associations, Tax-Revenue-Custom offices Universities, Colleges, Language Schoolsadvantages Local Police Offices Small Bank and Building Society branches Self-service and fast food restaurants ,Space saving design small and medium sized shops Nano-Q due to its size is our slimmest Queue Galleries, Museums, Exhibition Centres,Management System. Nano-Q can be ordered in 3 Conference and Event organizersdifferent variations: free standing, wall-mounted and Indoor playhouses, Amusement Parks,desktop design. Due to its flexible design, Nano-Q is theideal choice for small shops, Customer Services and Sport Arenascustomer waiting areas. The system will fit perfectly intoyour existing or future inner architectural design.Reliable and flexible The Nano-Q system is unique, compared to ourother queuing systems, as it is the only ticket dispenserterminal that doesnt incorporates, the controller PC. Thecontroller PC connects to the local network as a separatecomponent. This configuration will result in a morereliable operation and a greater flexibility in building upthe whole network.Value for money An important principle in designing the Nano-Qsystem, was to maintain similar features and functionsused by the larger systems but to keep its price as low aspossible. The induction of the Nano-Q system will resultin a faster service, more comfortable working conditionsand more satisfied clients, through which the return ofthe investment will be far more better.2 Nano-Q Queue Management System
  3. 3. www.onlinet.euTechnicalspecification Control board: Control board with 5 pushbuttons List of services or products displayed with a standard design Printer: 2" thermal printer Paper roll type and size : Thermal paper, length: 45m, width: 2” Average number of tickets per roll: 900/paper roll (in case of a 5cm long ticket) Printer power supply: 12V DC Connection to external PC: USB port External housing and colour: Alloy/metal case, grey Recommended max. nr. of cashiers/advisors: 10 Recommended max. nr. of tickets printed daily: 2000 Sizes: Free standing design(WxLxH): 260x353x1520 mm Desktop design(WxLxH): 260x353x420*mm Wall-mounted design(WxLxH): 260x353x420 mm Control board(SzxH): 260x353mm Base (free standing design): 348 mm *The height can be increasedNano-Q Queue Management System 3
  4. 4. www.onlinet.euAccessories and Relatedoptions solutions Central LED based display Higher number of cashiers/advisors Displays the ticket numbers, counter numbers and Higher number of daily printed tickets the directions to the cashiers We recommend: EZ-Q Queuing System Central LCD/Plasma display Touchscreen ticket dispenser terminal Displays ticket numbers, counter numbers, We recommend: Multi-Q Queuing System commercials and various other information Digital poster Counter display Interactive window display Displays the ticket number called by the cashier Information & Self-service kiosk We recommend: Digital Signage solutions Simplified hardware terminal for cashiers / advisors: with 2 pushbuttons – new client call and More competitive price close current administration Purely software based solution We recommend: Hardware-free Queuing System Software terminal for cashiers/advisors Complex cashier/advisor tasks and functions (requires a PC workstation at the cashier point) Statistics and monitoring software modules: Related On-line monitoring and historical data analysis and statistics related to the customers, the administration process and employees. services Custom coloured housing Consulting List of services/products with unique design Site survey, planning Installation, commissioning, training Maintenance, remote support, repairs Paper roll and spare parts supply Operation, statistics and data analysis Custom development and design Integration to existing CRM or Front-Office systems Warranty Standard warranty: 1 YEAR In case of a maintenance and support contract, even LIFETIME WARRANTY.4 Nano-Q Queue Management System