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MULTI K - Kiosk from ONLINET

  1. 1. KIOSK DESIGNName: Multi-K www.onlPurpose: Versatile employeeDesign No.: 87554/2010 Would you like an employee who´s working always OVERTIME? A new employee means more work done and more income. Means more wages and taxes also. Well, sometimes it doesn´t! How many clients are you loosing just because you do not have time for everybody? How many times do you repeat the same answers for the same questions in a day, instead of serving your real clients, ready to buy? Imagine that you have an employee, who answers all the questions of the visitors, serves your clients, never get tired, never takes a coffee break and is always willing to work overtime. Everyday during the week. EVERYDAY DURING THE YEAR.
  2. 2. Recommendation Banks, Building societies Insurance companies Shoe and fashion stores Mobile, internet, cable tv suppliers Self-service restaurants, small and medium sized shops Galleries, museumsFeatures and Travel agencies, tourist information points, car rentalsadvantages City and District Councils, Registry/Tax Office Solicitor and Notary Public officesMaster of routines Malls, Supermarkets, Store chains The main task of the Multi-K kiosk is to provideinformation with which eases the staff, handling most of Healthcare institutionsthe routine tasks. The staff could spend it´s valuable time General practitionerswith real customers, ready to buy, while the kiosk will Real estate agenciesserve the visitors and those with a general interest. Consulates, Embassies, Ministry buildingsReady for everything The Multi-K kiosk as an option can be equippedwith printer, card reader, biometric or barcode reader,proximity sensor, webcamera and speakers. In this wayyour customers will not only have access to information,but will be able to make transactions or to purchase usingthe kiosk.„Bus Lane“ for your customers Some services required by customers can behandled quickly without the intervention of a humanbeing. The Multi-K kiosk makes possible to yourcustomers to use a „fast lane“ when requires yourservices. The queues will be shorter, the administrationand service faster and the number of the servedcustomers in day will increase exponentially.2 Multi-K Information and self-service kiosk
  3. 3. www.onlinet.euTechnicalspecification Display: 19" portrait LCD touchscreen (standard) 26" and 32" portrait LCD touchscreen (optional) Built-in PC as local server: Optimal performance, reliable and high quality PC* External housing and colour: Metal/aluminium profile, grey Software applications: Secure browser Customized applications according to client´s specifications *PC performance and capacity can be customized upon request Sizes: Height: Width: 1800 mm 160 mm 19" Length: 440 mm Height: Width: 1910 mm 180 mm 26" Length: 500 mm 3" printer and card reader Heigth: Width: 1910 mm 150 mm 32" Length: 570 mm Barcode and passport reader Note and coin acceptor 32" touchscreen model Leather coatingMulti-K Information and self-service kiosk 3
  4. 4. www.onlinet.euAccessories and Relatedoptions solutions 26" or 32" LCD touchscreen Customer management Customer Services efficiency increase Vandal-proof QWERTY keyboard, Monitoring and statistics with trackball (mouse function) We recommend: Queue Management System Custom coloured housing Solution offering a 24h opening Interactive information for passers-by Leather coated cover We recommend: Interactive window display Custom coated housing Commercials for those who are passing-by Commercials for those who wait inside 3" thermal printer We recommend: Digital poster A4 normal printer Magnetic and chipcard reader Biometric, biometric chip and passport reader Barcode reader Proximity sensor Related Webcamera, speakers Note and coin acceptor services Consulting Secure Browser Site survey, planning Application used on information kiosks which allows Installation, commissioning, training a user to browse and surf only on a specific webpage Maintenance, remote support, repairs or on a part of it. Spare parts supply Operation Customized software applications Custom development and design Interactive information provider or transactions and sales kiosk applications, tailor-made to your specs. Warranty Standard warranty: 1 YEAR In case of a maintenance and support contract, even LIFETIME WARRANTY.4 Multi-K Information and self-service kiosk