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Efficient Digital Signage With Queue Management System


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How to make a Digital Signage application efficient with Queue Management System. Forget the queuing and ineffective advertising. Control your customer flow and reach your target audience with targeted content.

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Efficient Digital Signage With Queue Management System

  1. 1. Increasethe<br />efficiency of your<br />Digital Signage<br />with<br />Queue & Customer<br />Management System<br />KioskComSelf-Service Expo<br />London – September 30-October 1, 2009<br />
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION<br />The evolution of the (Digital) Signage …<br />02<br />
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION<br />… and theevolution of thecustomer’sreaction!<br />03<br />
  4. 4. THE REASON<br />Whya Digital Signagebecomesunefficient?<br />Lack of motivation, toomany<br />oronlya fewimpulses<br />1<br />Lack of targetedcontent<br />fortargetedaudience<br />2<br />Effects, resultsarenot<br />measured and immediatemeasuresarenottaken.<br />3<br />04<br />
  5. 5. THE SOLUTION<br />Howtomake a Digital Signageefficient?<br />1<br />Motivateyourcustomertowatch!<br />Delivertargetedcontenttoyour<br />audience!<br />2<br />Measuretheeffects , takeimmediate<br />actions and makestrategicaldecisions!<br />3<br />The solution: Queue & Customer Management System<br />05<br />
  6. 6. MAIN COMPONENTS<br />Statistics &<br />Administration<br />Software<br />Management<br />Marketing<br />Sales<br />IT<br />Central display or Plasma/LCD<br />Main server<br />Counterdisplays<br />Desk No.1.<br />Desk No.2.<br />Desk No.X.<br />Ticketdispenser<br />HW or SW Terminals<br />06<br />
  7. 7. HOW DOES IT WORKS?<br />The customerenters<br />intotheBranchor<br />Customer Service area …<br />… and select a service by<br />touchingthescreenor<br />pressing a button …<br />… thentakethe printed ticket.<br />07<br />
  8. 8. HOW DOES IT WORKS?<br />Information displayed <br />onvariousticketdispenserscreens<br />Information displayed<br />on ticket<br /><ul><li> Company/Branch Name & logo
  9. 9. Ticket Number
  10. 10. Selected service
  11. 11. Arrival time/ People waiting for the same service
  12. 12. Anticipated waiting time
  13. 13. Company/Branch Name & logo
  14. 14. List of services
  15. 15. Choice of multiple languages
  16. 16. Clerk selection/ VIP customer identification / Pre-registration
  17. 17. Commercials/Useful information/Ticker</li></ul>08<br />
  18. 18. HOW DOES IT WORKS?<br />The customerswillsitwiththeticket and …<br /><ul><li>readleafletsplacedinthewaitingarea
  19. 19. watchdedicatedcommercialsorread</li></ul>informations/news displayed onindoor<br /> LCD/Plasmascreens<br /><ul><li>simplyrelaxordrink a coffee</li></ul>09<br />
  20. 20. HOW DOES IT WORKS?<br /><ul><li> A shortsignal is played when a newcustomer is </li></ul>called<br /><ul><li> The ticketnumberrelatedtothedesk/cashier</li></ul>number is displayed onthecentral display in<br />order of calling<br /><ul><li>Incase of an indoor LCD/Plasmathecustomer</li></ul>willseetherollingticketnumberstogetherwith<br /> a runningcommercial and/orotherinformations<br /><ul><li>Arrowswill show thedirectiontothe displayed </li></ul>desknumber<br />10<br />
  21. 21. HOW DOES IT WORKS?<br /><ul><li>When a client’sticketnumber is displayed</li></ul>onthecentralor LCD display, thesamenumber<br />willappearontheclerk’scounter display<br /><ul><li> The customer is served and ifit is necessary</li></ul>can be transferedtoanotherclerkfor<br />another service, usingthesame<br />number, thesameticket<br /><ul><li>Afterthecustomer is servedthe</li></ul>clerkwillcall a newclient<br />usingthe hardware or<br /> software terminal<br />123<br />11<br />
  22. 22. MORE THAN JUST A QUEUE BUSTER<br />Managersoneverylevelhaveaccess<br />tovariousreal-timeornear-timestatistics:<br /><ul><li>aboutemployees
  23. 23. aboutcustomers
  24. 24. aboutsales and workforceefficiency</li></ul>As a resultcantakeimmediateactions<br />and areabletomakestrategicaldecisions<br />inSales/Marketing/HR/Finances/Investments.<br />12<br />
  25. 25. BENEFITS OF THE CLIENTS<br />Whatdidthecustomerssays?<br />„ I hatequeuing! This is a differentway<br />of waiting”<br />„ I don’tspeak English verywellbut here<br />I canusetheservicesinmyownlanguage<br />and I am directedalwaysto a cashierwho<br />speaksittoo.”<br />„ I havesent a text messagetomybranch<br />tomake a pre-registration. It’sthatsimple.<br />I willneverspendmylunchbreakinthe<br />bank again.”<br />„ I wasalwaystreatedlike a valuedcustomer.<br />Withthe VIP management policy now I get<br />even more.”<br />13<br />
  26. 26. BENEFITS OF THE MANAGERS<br /><ul><li> On-line monitoring of every event </li></ul> and workforce, anytime and anywhere<br /><ul><li> More channels for sales and cross-sales
  27. 27. Efficiency continuously measured, </li></ul> evaluated<br /><ul><li> Various statistics related to almost </li></ul> every aspect of the business<br /><ul><li> Better decisions based on reliable </li></ul> and accurate data, better strategy <br /> planning and success rate<br />14<br />
  28. 28. DIGITAL SIGNAGE INTEGRATION<br />Information kiosks<br />Indoor and outdoor<br />Digital posters<br />Central management/Monitoring /Statistics<br />Media Management<br />Server<br />Cashier/Clerk<br />Indoor central displays<br />Interactive window display<br />15<br />
  29. 29. RAIFFEISEN BANK: CASE STUDY<br /><ul><li> HQ : </li></ul>Wien, Austria<br /><ul><li>Year of establishment: </li></ul>1927<br /><ul><li> International presence: </li></ul>16 countries<br /><ul><li>Customers:</li></ul> 15 million<br /><ul><li>Branches:</li></ul> 3200<br /><ul><li> Profit aftertax 2008: </li></ul>1.5 billion EUR<br /><ul><li>Employees: </li></ul>66,650<br />16<br />
  30. 30. RAIFFEISEN BANK: CASE STUDY<br />How<br />thesolution<br />was<br />implemented?<br />Phase 1 : 2004-2009<br />Installation of Queue & Customer<br />Management Systems in<br />160 branches<br />Phase 2 : 2009<br />Installation of Digital Signage Systems<br />incooperationwith Cisco in<br />70 branches<br />IMPROVE<br />the<br />CustomerServices<br />CONVERT<br />into<br />a SalesPoint<br />17<br />
  31. 31. RAIFFEISEN BANK: CASE STUDY<br />Benefitsof thesolution<br />MOTIVATION : Asthecustomersfollows<br />the flow of theticketnumbers, they’llfollow<br />themediacontent.<br />1<br />TARGETED CONTENT : The mediaplaylistcan<br />be overwrittenaccordingtothe most <br />selectedservices.<br />2<br />MEASURED EFFECTS : The successcan be <br />measuredthroughthevariousstatistics<br />providedbythesystem.<br />3<br />18<br />
  32. 32. WHO WE ARE ?<br /><ul><li>Estabilishedin 2001
  33. 33. Headquarter and manufacturingin</li></ul> Budapest-Hungary<br /><ul><li>7 subsidiaries
  34. 34. The largestCustomerDirecting System </li></ul>supplierin CEE <br /><ul><li>Resellerpartners: </li></ul> Europe, MiddleEast, NorthAfrica<br /><ul><li>ISO 9001 Certified
  35. 35. Customerportfoliobysector:</li></ul>Finance/Telecommunication/Retail/<br />Public/Healthcare/Hospitality/Transport<br /><ul><li>Ourpartners:</li></ul>19<br />*Each logo is a registered trademark of it’s own company.<br />
  36. 36. WHAT WE DO ?<br /><ul><li> Customer Directing System</li></ul> (Queue Management System)<br /><ul><li> Information & Self Service Kiosks
  37. 37. IT based Marketing Tools and</li></ul> Digital Signage<br /><ul><li> Management supporting</li></ul> softwares<br />20<br />
  38. 38. AWARDS<br />Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE – <br />2006,2007,2008<br />Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA – <br />2007,2008<br />CE – Central Europe<br />EMEA – Europe, Middle East, Africa<br />21<br />
  39. 39. EXPANSION<br />8 presentcompanies<br />expansionin 2010-2011<br />expansionin 2012-2013 <br />22<br />
  40. 40. SOME OF OUR CUSTOMERS<br />23<br />*Each logo is a registered trademark of it’s own company.<br />
  42. 42. Informationin a touch<br />AnyQUESTIONS ?<br />THANK’S FOR YOUR ATTENTION !<br />LaszloPenzes<br />Onlinet System Technologies Ltd. UK<br />0796 8489261<br /><br /><br />