SAP BI Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India


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Online Training Materials provides the best SAP BI online training institutes from India by real time experts. For demo sessions call us to +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 or else mail to

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SAP BI Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India

  1. 1. Online Training Materials Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad Ph No: +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 SAP BI Online Training Course Content 1. SAP Introduction: ERP Introduction Data Ware Housing Concepts Over View Concepts of BW Over view of SAP R/3 Types of Applications OLTP OLAP R/3 Architectures Landscape of SAP SD&MM Flows 2. MODELLING Difference between BW&BI Info object types: Star schema & Extended star schema Modeling & Extraction Objects o Info area o Info objects Catalog o Info objects o Data source o Source system o Application component o Data loading using flat files  Attribute data  Text data  Hierarchy data  Transaction data  Type of data sources:  Master data  Text data  Transaction data  Hierarchy Info package PSA DTP Types of info providers
  2. 2. Multiprovider Infoset Infocube Infoobject DSO DSO Types of DSO’s o 1.Standard dso o 2.Direct update DSO o 3.write optimize DSO DSO Tables: o 1.Active data table o 2.New data table o 3.Change log table o Performance Tuning  Loading performance  Adjusting Data packet size  ABAP code optimization  c.Delete indexes  d.Delete application logs  e.Loading master data before loading transaction data Query performance o cube partition o create indexes o aggregates o compression o Multiprovider o Line item dimension o High cordinality Types of cubes Types of DTPS Re-modeling Re-partition Business content Transportation Open hub destination Routines o Start o Field o End o Expert o Process chains 3. REPORTING: BEX TOOL INTRODUCTION o Query Designer o Analyzer o wad o Report designer
  3. 3. RKF&CKFs Free characterstics Filters Local&Global structures Query properties Exceptions Conditions Variables: o Char o Text o Formula o Hierarchy o Hierarchy node Processing Types: o User entry/Manual entry o Replacement path o Customer Exit o Sap Exit o Authorization RRI Currency&Unit conversions Types of attributes WAD Report Designer Work Books Information Broadcosting 4. EXTRACTION Different source systems Categerizataion of data sources Replication of Data sources standard data source enhancement Custom data sources&different delta types o Table o View o Function module LO Extraction&Different delta mechanisms COPA Extraction Abap Introduction Data Dictionary: o Domain & data elements o creating tables & enhancing standard tables o Types of tables:  transparent  Pooled  Clustered Types of views o Help view o projection view
  4. 4. o o Maintenance view database view Reports o Basics of Reports, o Select Queries and its use. o Performance tuning techniques o Open SQL, o Open & Close Cursor technique, Package Split concept and its use. o How to write a BI-Abap real time Programs from scratch and Sample programs explanation. ALE IDOC’S : Other required BI-ABAP related concepts. 5. REAL TIME SCENARIO’S Product Issues Ticket Handling Ticket tool tracker Error handling For more details please click on this site: