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3G Testing Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad


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Online Training Materials provides the best 3G Testing online training institutes from India by real time experts. For demo sessions call us to +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 or else mail to

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3G Testing Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad

  1. 1. Online Training Materials Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad Ph No: +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 3G Testing Online Training Course Content 1. GSM GSM Basics GSM Services GSM Architecture & Nodes Making a call in GSM 2G Packet Data Networks Time Slot Structure GSM Protocol Stack GSM Call Flow 2. GPRS GPRS Circuit Switched Network GPRS Packet Switched Network GPRS Features GPRS Architecture GPRS Channels GPRS Protocol Stack GPRS Call Flow 3. UMTS(3G) UMTS (WCDMA) Overview UMTS Features Evolution Spreading and Scrambling OVSF Codes in WCDMA Importance of Power Control Macro Diversity in WCDMA 4. UMTS Radio Network Functions of UTRAN Key Components (RNC & Node B) 5. UTRA Channels & Protocols
  2. 2. Channel Structure in UMTS UMTS Channels MAC Protocol (3GPP TS 25.321 Release) RLC Protocol (3GPP TS 25.322 Release) RRC Protocol (3GPP TS 25.331 Release) 6. Circuit Switch Overview of Circuit Switched Call Call Origination and Termination 7. Packet Switch UMTS Attach Procedure PDP Context Activation Establishing Packet data session 8. Mobility & Handovers Radio & Core Network Mobility Handover & SRNS Relocation 9. HSDPA & HSUPA HSPA Problems with UMTS R99 HSPA in Uplink & Downlink HSDPA Channels & Operations HSUPA Channels & Operations Data Transfer (Uplink & Downlink) Mobility Management 10. LTE LTE Overview 4G Networks Strengths and Challenges 11. Testing Test Plan Creation Testing Methodology Test Scenario Development 12. PERL Scripting For more details please click on this site: