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Custom Online Web Based Examination Solution for educators


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Our online web based testing software has a powerful content management system that permits you to manage everything with ease.

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Custom Online Web Based Examination Solution for educators

  1. 1. Custom Web Based Exam Management SoftwareExamination online is a ready-to-use web-based examination application thatcan be customized as per your needs. It also allows you and your students toaccess it from anywhere on internet.Examination online is the first fully customizable software that you can mould asper your requirements. We have a strong, multi-functional base platform fromwhich we create our intuitive, easy-to-use interface: from there we include orexclude the features you require for your own custom online exam creation andreporting functionality needs.Our computer based exam software is being used by :Schools: Teachers & Students : Online testing with our software helps schools& teachers manage, create and administer exams. Reports aid in instant studentevaluation.Government : The government is a major stakeholder in the overall growth of anation. Compliance verification, employee training, drivers license testing - alleasily customizable with our intuitive interface.Corporations : Training departments can rapidly provide testing and provetraining viability while reducing costs: reports will aid execs in pinpointingstrengths & weaknesses company-wide.Training Organizations : Private coaching centers prepare students for SAT,PSAT, GRE, GMAT and other entrance exams using our custom test preparationsoftware.Our learning management sytem & test assessment tool comes in multipleflavors. Since our focus is on providing custom built exam management systemfor every client, our prices vary for every project. There are still some factorsthat help us give you indicative prices for our test engine. These are - frequencyof use, the number of candidates, the ownership of the program etc.Total custom software:This is the most advanced plan where we provide a total custom solution ofonline examination system for your unique requirements. Though our softwarealready has tons of features, yet your school or coaching institute may havesome custom needs. We use our base software a starting point and add yourrequested features to provide you a unique custom built test assessment tool for
  2. 2. your business needs.Setup fees - starts from $5,000 Monthly fees - $99"Own the code" SolutionWe also offer the complete source code to the customers to whom ownership &security of the data is most important. You can purchase the full ownership ofthe software for a one time cost that starts from $9,999 without anycustomization. Once you purchase the code, you are allowed to makeamendments yourself and set it up in any way you want.Many customers asks us to build a total custom exam software for a fixed costand then retains the ownership of the code for additional fees. All these pricesare customized to suite clients requirements.Examiners and Students Control Panel Screenshots :You can see the examiners control panel and student control panel screenshot andsee How it works. Please visit : Examination Online :Examination Online is a web based exam management system and testingsoftware. Our software provides following features for educators at a veryaffordable price.• Question Categories• Manage Question Bank• Maange Test
  3. 3. • Managem Student• Student Reporting• Grade Setting• Result analysisVisit For more details: