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Biotronic Case Study


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Biotronic needed a HIPAA compliant, high availability data center with the appropriate security, cooling, power and redundancy in place.

Biotronic selected Online Tech for their high availability power architecture with no single point of failure and SAS 70 certified data center. They also saved money by moving to the private cloud and eliminating hardware costs.

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Biotronic Case Study

  1. 1. Biotronic – A SERVER COLOCATION, REMOTE OFFSITE BACKUP AND IT DISASTER RECOVERY CASE STUDYOnline Tech Provides High Availability and Secure Server Environmentfor Monitoring Brain and Spine Surgery Case StudyTHE CHALLENGEBiotronic provides neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring services forhospitals across the United States. Hospitals, physicians, and patients counton Biotronic to report any changes in the brain’s neural signals duringsurgery. So Biotronic needed to make certain that their systems were upand running with no downtime. “I can sleep soundly at nightAs a growing company, Biotronic also began to realize that their corporate knowing that everything isheadquarters did not provide enough space for their increasing server running smoothly. With Onlineenvironment. Other challenges they were facing were inadequate airconditioning as well as unstable power and internet connections. Tech’s SAS 70 certification IBiotronic could not justify the capital costs to update or build a new data know everything is secure.”center. It was much more cost effective to outsource their IT infrastructureto a managed data center that already had the appropriate cooling, - Judson Pitt, Biotronic CIOpower and redundancy in place. In addition to giving Biotronic an idealenvironment for their production servers, Online Tech’s unique advantagewith separate data centers over 50 miles apart with separate power gridsand network feeds, but connected by high-speed direct cable, offersBiotronic ideal secure and fast offsite backup and disaster recoveryoptions. The combination of Online Tech’s high availability data centers forboth production and offsite IT disaster recovery bring great value toBiotronic. The ChallengeBesides the uptime and infrastructure requirements, Biotronic needed a SAS70 certified data center to satisfy HIPAA compliance standards for patient Biotronic needed a highprivacy and data security. The SAS 70 audit is a nationally recognized availability data center with thestandard for evaluating the process and security control procedures across appropriate security, cooling,the data center that is required by Sarbanes-Oxley. The SAS 70 certification power and redundancy in place.demonstrates that the data center has the proper controls and proceduresaround physical and network security, environmental controls, systemavailability and performance and confirms that those controls have beenfollowed consistently over time.
  2. 2. Case StudyTHE SOLUTION The SolutionBiotronic looked at several vendors before selecting Online Tech’s SAS 70 Biotronic selected Online Techcertified data centers. Judson Pitt, Biotronic CIO, found that Online Tech of-fered more personalized service than larger managed data center provid- for their high availability powerers. “From the very beginning, I experienced very personalized service and architecture with no singlesupport from Online Tech’s technical staff as well as their executive team. I point of failure and SAS 70didn’t feel like a number to Online Tech. When I contacted the operations certified data center.staff, they knew who I was, calling me by name. I didn’t feel like I would getthe same type of personalized service with other data centers than I did withOnline Tech,” says Pitt.They chose Online Tech’s high availability power architecture with no single Benefits for Biotronicpoint of failure in the power delivery – assuring a very high level of server up-time. Online Tech delivers HIPAA compliant hosting in their SAS 70 certified A data center that offers highdata center with all of the physical and network security features required to availability and an offsite ITassure that an organization can comply with the HIPAA data privacy re-quirements. disaster recovery solution.“I can sleep soundly at night knowing that everything is running smoothly. Able to comply with HIPAAWith Online Tech’s SAS 70 certification I know everything is secure. The re- data privacy requirementsdundancy, power and battery backups, and people onsite gives me the with Online Tech’s SAS 70confidence that everything will be up and running,” says Pitt. certified and HIPAA compliant data center. Personalized service and support from Online Tech’sABOUT ONLINE TECH technical team.Online Tech ( is one of the Midwest’s premier managed data centeroperators. Online Tech owns and manages secure and reliable multi-tenant data centers inMichigan. With a full range of colocation and managed dedicated server offerings, OnlineTechs clients dramatically reduce their IT data center costs, operational risks and downtime.Industry leaders trust Online Tech’s SAS 70 certified data centers to insure their servers arealways on, always online, and always safe.ABOUT BIOTRONICBiotronic is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected providers of neurophysiologicalintraoperative monitoring services in the country. They work with more than 400 hospitals andover 850 physicians throughout the United States, and have over 175 neural monitoringtechnologists located around the country. Their success is a direct result of high-quality and cost For More Information-effective intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring services. Phone: 734-213-2020 Fax: 734-527-6081 v.30NOV09© 2010. Online Tech. All rights reserved. Online Tech is a registered trademark of Online Tech. All registered trademarks are the property of their registered owners.