Online Teaching: Do I have to be a Computer Expert?


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How to Teach Online: Do I have to be a computer expert? is a short presentation to answer one of the first questions potential online teachers ask when they begin thinking about teaching online. The presentation discuses the technical skills needed for teaching online college and university course and teaching online English classes.

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Online Teaching: Do I have to be a Computer Expert?

  1. 1. <ul><li>Teaching Online </li></ul>Presented By : David Redman www. how-to-teachonline .com
  2. 2. <ul><li>Is Teaching O nline for me? </li></ul>I know how to teach but… I am not a computer Expert! What Should I do?
  3. 3. Do you have to be a computer expert? This is usually the first question that teachers ask themselves when they consider T eaching O nline!
  4. 4. However, a better question would be; What level of technical skill do I need to Teach On line? To answer this, it is best to divide the question into two categories: 1. The skills needed to teach a language (ESL) class online. 2. The skills needed to teach an on line college course.
  5. 5. T he skills needed for teaching online ESL or language classes are pretty basic. 1. Download a program like Skype and install it. If you don’t know how, has easy to follow instructions. (Or it’s possible to use your phone service if your students want to use their phone. See my website for more information on that ) 2. Send an e-mail. 3. At tach a document to an e-mail. 4. Use a browser like Explorer or Firefox.
  6. 6. If you can download and install Skype and can do the other skills listed here: send an e-mail, attach a document to an e-mail and maybe use a chat program like one included with Skype or msn you can work teaching Online! There has been a movement for some ESL students away from the computer and ESL students want to have their lessons on the phone. They will most likely be using a mobile phone, as it is so convenient for them to receive their lessons anywhere. However, you may want to encourage your students to use an ear piece or blue tooth!
  7. 7. The skills needed for Teaching OnLine College and University classes are a little more advanced. You will need to be able to set up folders and directories on your hard drive. Use a word processing program like Word. Be able to cut, copy, paste and save files. Use a browser like Explorer or Firefox to work on the internet. Be able to learn a course management program. (Most colleges offer a training program for their On Line instructors.)
  8. 8. Always remember that it is not the tech savvy that make the best teachers online; it is much more important to have the desire to teach and the ability to communicate with your students.
  9. 9. More information at: www. how-to-teachonline .com The End