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Online Support Disaster Recovery Webinar


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Disaster Recovery isn’t an option; it’s something you have to be prepared for. Traditional Backups are not enough to protect your business, that’s why more and more SMB’s are choosing a combined data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. Online Support has developed an affordable all-in-one Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for SMB’s.

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Online Support Disaster Recovery Webinar

  1. 1. Disaster Recovery Webinar
  2. 2. House KeepingType your question here Send question to us
  3. 3. PresentersCharlie WetherallSales Director, Online SupportTim PageTechnical Director, Online Support
  4. 4. What You Will Learn Today1. Key factors to consider when designing your Disaster Recovery Plan2. Brief overview of how our Disaster Recovery Solution works3. Demonstration of restoring a server using our Disaster Recovery Service
  5. 5. Implementing Disaster Recovery  Brief introduction to Online Support  Shortcomings of traditional Backup solutions  Key considerations when developing an Disaster Recovery plan  Overview of how our Disaster Recovery Solution works
  6. 6. Who Are We? IT Solutions and Services company Based in West London Established in 2002 Developed a speciality in Online Backup and Disaster Recovery
  7. 7. Main Causes Of Downtime 0 0% Software Issues and Hardware Failure Data Corruption 35% 61% Other 4%Source: EMC European Disaster Recovery Survey 2011
  8. 8. Did You Know? “8 out of 10 businesses suffering a major IT disaster that have no Disaster Recovery plan go out of business” (Source, IBM) “50% of all tape Backups fail to restore” (Source, Gartner)Main causes of Backup failures: Lack of monitoring / human error Misconfiguration of Backup software
  9. 9. Key Consideration - Down Time How long can you afford to be down for?Assumption:Most companies claim they can be down anywhere from 2hrs to 2 daysReality:Following a major hardware failure most companies with traditional Backupsystems can be down from 2 days to 2 weeks
  10. 10. Essentials For Recovery Two components of Backup & Disaster Recovery Safeguarding your data Protecting your Servers
  11. 11. Key Steps For Continuation Backup entire server with ability to restore to nonStep 1 similar hardware quickly and easily Keep a copy of these server images off-siteStep 2 to cater for every Disaster Recovery scenario Access to both Hot Spare Servers and a Virtual ServerStep 3 Platform to restore your server images
  12. 12. Access To Your Restored Servers What would you do if this happened to your offices? We can recover your servers to our virtual server platform but what computers would your staff use to access them Office computers are likely to have been destroyed Home computers are unlikely to be loaded with the relevant applicationsAs a minimum: Keep a copy of all application software and licences off-site.We can also: Provide a ‘virtual PC’ platform preconfigured with your applications and through which you can access your recovered servers - Access to this ‘virtual PC’ platform can be from anywhere using ‘Remote Desktop’
  13. 13. Other Considerations  What are your critical IT services and applications  Draw up a list of your critical staff that need to remain productive  Make sure all bases are covered – Outside of IT what else requires consideration to keep your business both functioning and productive  Review and update your Disaster Recovery plan every year
  14. 14. How Our Solution Works?  We install a Disaster Recovery Appliance at your offices  The first Backup of your server is a complete image of the hard drives and every Backup thereafter is incremental  Incremental Backups can be taken as often every 15mins and can be consolidated into daily, weekly and monthly Backups  To reduce storage requirements Backups can be deleted when no longer required and separate retention policies can be set at each level consolidation
  15. 15. Onsite Data Backup & DR This alone provide a comprehensive onsite data Backup and Disaster Recovery facility Since all Backups are stored in a central database. It is very quick and easy to locate and restore specific files and folders in your ‘point-in-time’ images These Backups are a complete image of your servers and there are built in tools which allow you to easily restore these images to non-similar server hardware
  16. 16. Off-site Disaster Recovery  These Backups can also be encrypted and then transmitted off-site to our data centre – providing you with an up-to-date off-site image of your servers - So as not to impact on your Internet bandwidth this is normally done once a day over-night  In the event of a major disaster i.e. fire or flooding, we can use these off-site server images to completely recreate your server infrastructure - Thus catering for every Disaster Recovery eventuality
  17. 17. Server Recovery Tools • Restore and host your recovered servers Virtual Server • Caters for worst case scenarios i.e. fire and flooding • Perfect for hardware failure if you haven’t got a spare server availableHot Spare Servers • Saves time on sourcing replacement server hardware • Fast recovery serviceHeadstart Restore • For businesses which are time sensitive
  18. 18. SummaryAn on-site data Backup and off-site Disaster Recovery solution rolled intooneGuarantees to recover your server within 1-24hrs of failureCan offer both on-site and off-site recovery platformsCan offer a ‘virtual PC platform’ for easy access to your recovered serversDesigned and priced to be affordable to the SME market
  19. 19. Demonstration  A file restore within 3mins  A mailbox restore within 5mins  A disaster has struck and we restore our server to completely dissimilar hardware, within 45mins  An analogy – compare Backup to a home insurance policy
  20. 20. Recap Of What You Have Seen A flat file restore was possible within 3mins. Compare this to traditional Backup where this may take hours and was probably a Backup from last night The contents of a mailbox folder was restored within 5mins – simply impossible with traditional Backup Our server died and we had it restored, to completely dissimilar hardware, within 30mins Our Disaster Recovery is a quantum leap forward which combines complete server Disaster Recovery with instant day to day data protection
  21. 21. Any Questions?Type your question here Send question to us
  22. 22. Next StepsThank you for joining us today.For further information, please contact:Tim Page Charlie WetherallTechnical Director Sales Director0208 232 1203 0208 232