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Digital media strategy for hospitals


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Digital media strategy for hospitals

  1. 1. Use of social media In healthcare
  2. 2. Overview Online Market Growth Online Growth Categories Daily Digital Diet Understanding Healthcare Industry Trend Customers Behavior Need Are Brands embracing the change: The S Competitive Landscape Owned Media Analysis Social Listening & Monitoring Analysis Building a Brand: Webenza Strategy Engagement Strategy IncPot for CRM/ORM Contents
  3. 3. Brazil Russia China India 62.6 336 5952 44.5 322 49.148.9 Jul 11 Jul 12 6% 20% 41% 5%UniqueVisitors (in millions) 15+ Age,Home andWork users India 62.6 44.5 • Indiais the fastest growingonline market in the last 12 months • Russiaand China have added over 10 million users in the last 12 months and continue to grow • India’s explosive online growth to continue,as most online categories show below average penetration compared to global averages Online Market growth comparison India is the fastest growing online market in the last 12 months. Data source: ComScore
  4. 4. Games News Search Retail Health SN Travel 41 43 43 43 43 54 60 44 95.5 21.1 59.9 91.5 80.3 40 YoY Growth % Jul’12 Reach % 21.1 41 59.9 • Unprecedented growth inTravel,Search,SN and News,surpassingWW averages • Growth to continue in Retail,Games and Health,as they are below WW averages • Key drivers being content and accessibility • Coupons category has de-grown by 38%as players have moved to allied verticals . . Unprecedented growth in News, Search and Social Networks(SN), surpassing worldwide averages; it is the main reason why people are more connected, aware and active Growth Rate High growth categories
  5. 5. Total Daily Intake GAMING 1h SOCIAL NETWORKING 1.25h NEWS & REVIEWS 2.5h ENTERTAINMENT 3.5h MICROBLOGGING .75h DDD Daily Digital Diet What Makes social media Powerful? Technology + Emotions II Revolution
  6. 6. "Social media is changing the nature of healthcare interaction, and health organizations that ignore this virtual environment may be missing opportunities to engage consumers.” Understanding the healthcare industry: Trend
  7. 7. "One-third of consumers now use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online forums for health-related matters” Others 43 % 38% 14% 12% Understanding the healthcare industry: customers sproutsocial
  8. 8. Understanding the healthcare industry: behavior What on social media Seeking medical information Sharing symptoms Tracking Symptoms Broadcasting Doctors Services Treatments
  9. 9. Understanding the healthcare industry: need The ability to send and retrieve Information from everywhere has Changed the way we work and live. Customerserviceviasocialmedia Socialcare Hence Brands need to Change the way they Think.
  10. 10. Social care When customers choose when and where they voice their questions and complaints When the line between Marketing and Customer service gets blurred When Brands get ready to react on all the channels
  11. 11. . . Frequency of social care use among users 9% Daily 21% Weekly 70% Monthly On average 47% of social media Users engage in social care Customerserviceviasocialmedia Socialcare Social care has become an immediate imperative for global brands
  12. 12. Are Brands embracing the change?
  13. 13. mediabistro
  14. 14. Competitive Landscape: Healthcare India
  15. 15. Top players In social media
  16. 16.  Publicly available information on the Web is captured and analyzed to create a comprehensive report about a brands’ Social Media presence & Online activities.  The intent is to help a company better understand the performance of and reaction towards the brand on Digital media and turn social media into strategic insights to help them develop operational intelligence and situational awareness.  The Brands’ online behavior is mapped and classified based on :  Presence on Social Networks  Engagement level on social media  Impact on their sphere of Influence  Popularity and reach  Activity Patterns  Sentiments associated with the conversations Overview
  17. 17. SMQ : Social Media Quotient ‘Social Media Quotient measures a Brand’s performance on social channels. It is calculated based on the analysis of “Presence & Performance” of various social media assets; it takes into account- Connections/Followers/Public posts, engagement level, influence, technology adoption etc.’ Following Channels have been covered under SMQ Analysis:
  19. 19. Fortis here tops the list by total 3200+ tweets with tweeting at the rate of 5 tweets a day and having 2594 followers. This is above the industry tweets count of 2800 and 1592 followers. Manipal Hospitals is a great contender in this category with the rate of tweet equal to 6 tweets a day. Apollo Hospitals has 1 Million Facebook Fans and 8907 likes on their last seven posts Fortis and Manipal Hospitals needs to have more engaging content on their pages, so that users can feel more connected and spend more time. Relative Performance 11.7 50.0 40.0 0.0 30.3 Twitter 10.6 37.5 70.0 10.3 34.0 Facebook
  20. 20. Insights Appolo utilizes Facebook cutom tab as contact centre for direct, honest, actionable customer feedback. Marketing through facts : Apollo’s engagement strategy. Sharing the joy: Emotional connect, make people feel valued
  21. 21. Website is the most important online asset of all. Website should reflect the Brand Personality and core business of the company. Apollo has tried to connect with the people emotionally using its website. Blogs are the most interactive part of any website. Companies use Blogs to establish Thought Leadership. Blogs are also now being used for CSR initiatives. Relative Performance 20.00 30.00 30.00 0.00 10.00 Website 20 20 30 30 0 30 40 40 30 0 Wikipedia Blogs
  22. 22. Apollo has a very social friendly website with more than 200 plugins. This option makes it easier for users to share information across various channels Manipal allows customers to book appointment online through its website and through its social media channels. Insights
  23. 23. 35.12 65.76 87.26 16.96 32.89 Narayana Hrudayalaya Fortis Apollo Nimhans Manipal SMQ SMQ is affected by a hospital’s social media practices, engagement level, content, popularity and reach against industry’s benchmark Social Media plays a pivotal role in ‘Healthcare’ & ‘Brand Building’ Apollo Hospitals leads the way in SMQ with 87.26% but it could have fared even better with its presence on Pinterest and high number of views on YouTube. Fortis and Manipal Hospitals lag because of their insignificant presence at all other popular channels like Wikipedia, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  25. 25. PROCESS Track online conversations based on an identified set of relevant keywords. Analyze the conversations, identify patterns and provide actionable insights.
  26. 26. Tracking Duration Keywords Conversations Tracked Online Sources Geographies Tracked One Week India 358 Manipal Hospital, Fortis Healthcare, Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Columbia Asia Hospital, Sagar Hospital, NIMHANS Time Period considered: June 4-June 7, 2013 Methodology Only India based coverage were analyzed across competitors. All the 358 conversations were analyzed.
  27. 27. .5% 14% 29% 32% Channel-wise breakdown of conversations TWITTER IS THE MOST PREFFERED NETWORK TO INTERACT WITH BRANDS Twitter Facebook News Discussion Blogs Youtube Post n = 358 Based on the keywords tracked, the total number of conversations were classified based on their sources using our tool The most popular source of earned media engagement is Twitter with 32%, followed by News with 29% and Facebook with 14%.
  28. 28. Gender Age Location Language 67% They are 40+ 66% Are males 99% Speak English 33% Likely to happen in Karnataka Males of age 40+ are likely to talk about HOSPITALS and their services on Social Networking sites Demographic Analysis: Who is talking? 0 50 100 13-20 21-30 31-40 40+ 0 50 100 150 ENGLISH Others 0 10 20 30 40 KARNATAKA MAHARASHTRA NCT TAMIL NADU TAMILNADU 0 50 100 MALE FEMALE
  29. 29. Conversation Sentiments Out of 358 conversations 20% are negative; Amount of negative chatter is an alarm for the brands and they should immediately tap the opportunity of social CRM. POSITIVE NEGATIVE NEUTRAL
  30. 30. Apollo Fortis Manipal NIMHANS Others 61 86 64 41 21 23 11 5 4 10 3 5 20 6 1 Negative Positive Neutral • Manipal has the highest number of negative conversations (20) in the digital space (only past four days are considered). • The sources of these negative sentiments are from Twitter, News and custom sites. Customer sentiments by players
  31. 31. 12 things you must know about Rohan Murty We tell you somethings which are out in the open yet unnoticed about the Jr. Murthy, who is em... Fortis Healthcare gains over 1% o Most talked about Topics Quality Customer Support Doctors/Staff Apollo Hospital offers senior citizens only OPD Noida, June 16 : An exclusive OPD service, complimentary pick up and drop facility and discounted consultation fee are among the latest offerings for senior citizens by the Apollo Hospital, Noida, an official said Sunday. Fortis Healthcare: Install Whiteboards in hospital rooms to list drug allergies & avoid deaths Costs/Prices .Bangalore Mirror Dr Dinesh Banur, paediatric gastroenterologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, who treated ... #Fortis Hospital tks pymt fr blood test aftr 8am. Gawd help us if like me, you've arrived 7 am fr a fasting test! #Wockhardt was different.
  32. 32. Competetive Share of Voice Analysis 26% 35% 16% 1% 13% 3% 6% Apollo Fortis Manipal Columbia Asia NIMHANS Narayana Hrudayalaya Unknown • ‘’Share of Voice" measures how a company is performing relative to its competitors and communication methods • Based on the keywords tracked, the total number of conversations were segregated by the players that are being tracked. • Fortis tops the list with 35% closely followed by Apollo and Manipal Hospitals n= 358
  33. 33. Building a Successful Brand: Webenza Strategy
  34. 34. DEVELOP BRAND IDENTITY EXPRESS BRAND PROTECT BRAND Inspired by  A Target market  A Superiority Claim  A Reason Why  Engage  Interact  Involve  Scandals and Criticism  Associations with undesirable corporations  Misuse of funds Brands can easily be destroyed and brands in Healthcare which rely heavily on trust are particularly vulnerable
  35. 35. Social Media Analytical Centre How can Webenza IncPot help Customer Support Team take control of social media?
  36. 36. We give Meaning to the conversations and Enhance them With meaningful Insights
  37. 37. We Bridge the Gap Between Brands and Customers. Through our engagement console we let you connect and talk to the Customers thereby improving Dialogue & Participation
  38. 38. We Measure & Compare the Performance Our Account Analytics lets you measure the performance of your Facebook, Twitter profile and Google analytics at one place. It also allows you to compare Your performance against your Competitor.
  39. 39. Know what you want to accomplish - Identify the most valuable knowledge you have, and develop a 90-day messaging plan around sharing that knowledge. Create interesting videos and let people spend time watching them on your channel. Videos create strong brand recall. Interaction with customers on social channels is important as Happy customers will generate +WOM for your brand on review sites. Make your brand searchable on all social platforms; enhance discovery through SEO, Make people come to you through their searches and generate leads. Establish Thought Leadership Create brand presence and awareness Build Happy customer community Create top of mind recall Social Media engagement strategy
  40. 40. For more information contact Or Visit