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How to fix your online reputation and other questions


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Online reputation management, repair and how to fix your online reputation, by Steven W. Giovinco, Recover Reputation

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How to fix your online reputation and other questions

  1. 1. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• Online reputation management, repair:• How to fix your online reputation www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  2. 2. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• Online Reputation Management is important: – More potential clients turn to the web seeking reviews – Includes professional services such as lawyers, and because a reputation can be tarnished—and, unfortunately—destroyed, quickly in ways that were never possible just a year or two ago. www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  3. 3. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• How are reputations built and defended? – Search engine optimization (SEO) – Content creation – Social media www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  4. 4. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• SEO – Crucial in this process – Helps define some of the key search terms used to help push up good information. www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  5. 5. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• CONTENT CREATION – Key search terms used in developing positive content that reader or clients find useful www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  6. 6. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• SOCIAL MEDIA – Helps distribute to various sites to help drive traffic and spread the word. www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  7. 7. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• Are Yelp and other sites treated the same if a negative item is posted? – Each issue is unique and different. – If a problem shows up on page ten on Google, it might not be troublesome – Negative press can quickly migrate to the first page if not treated – Yelp reviews cannot be removed. – It really can be a question for the business owner: are they feeling pain, losing clients, and having less sales as the result of a negative reputation? www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  8. 8. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• Who can be impacted by a negative online reputation? – Almost any business online can be impacted – Since so many people search on the web for professional services such as for law, finance and marketing, a negative item can make a prospective client jump to a competitor’s site. www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  9. 9. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• How long does it take to repair a reputation? – Impact can be seen almost immediately – Most projects take an average of three to six months to complete successfully – Many variables, such as Google’s search algorithm, the traffic generated from the businesses main site, etc. www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation
  10. 10. How to Fix Your Online Reputation• Do news headlines impact an online reputation? – Some news events can adversely impact an online reputation – Even if nothing negative occurred for a particular business – For example, during the recent hurricane Sandy, businesses with “Sandy” in their name could be pushed down lower in Google’s search results and this could result in lower searches and lower sales conversions. – A negative term could be associated with a business that works in a completely different field. www.recoverreputation.comRecover 347-421-7598Reputation