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Getting a Kitten? Consider These Kitten Feeding Tips


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If you are about to become the proud owner of a new kitten, here are some feeding tips to keep in mind.

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Getting a Kitten? Consider These Kitten Feeding Tips

  1. 1. Getting a Kitten? Consider These Kitten Feeding Tips © Online Pet Accessories
  2. 2. If you are about to become the proud owner of a new kitten, here are some feeding tips to keep in mind. Advance Kitten Food is a highly recommended cat food. We have several brands available and this is one of the most popular options. This high quality brand of pet food meets all the nutritional needs of a growing kitten. It is very important to feed kitten food to your young cat. Most veterinarians recommend this until the cat is at least one year old. If you have many cats in your household, you might find this costly. Do not be tempted to give your kitten regular cat food too soon, since it can substantially benefit from having Advance Kitten food for the first year of life. Adult cat food does not have the right consistency for a young cat’s digestive system and the nutritional needs of a young cat are different from that of an older cat. Conversely, do not give your adult cat with kitten food. There are suitable types of food for every stage of a cat’s life. Amount of Food Every bag of Advance Kitten Food has feeding guidelines that are based on the age of your kitten. You can also read the nutritional profile of the product and check that quality ingredients are used. Cats do tend to graze, rather than eat all their food at once. Most of them have well regulated appetites but too much kitten food will definitely lead to obesity for some kittens, so following the general feeding guidelines would be a good idea. Feeding Time Always offer plenty of fresh water along with your pet’s food. When kittens are young, feel free to add a bit of water to moderately hydrate the food and make it easier for chewing. Be aware though that this will shorten the lifespan of the food so it should not be left out for several hours once it is moistened. Regularly wash the kitten’s bowl as well. If you have several cats, it is important to keep a watchful eye on them when introducing new cats to the house, or when feeding a number of kittens at the same time to ensure that no one is being a bit of a bully. If necessary, separate them to make sure everyone gets their fill.2011 ©Online Pet Accessories Page | 1
  3. 3. Switching Cat Food Brands It is not advisable to instantly change a kitten’s food unless they are having a bad reaction to the food. If you are changing to a new brand of pet food, do a gradual shift if possible. Otherwise, it could upset their young tummies. If your cat is having issues with more than one cat food, talk to your vet in case there are food sensitivities or other medical issues at play. Online Pet Accessories offers a wide variety of pet supplies for your cat, whether you need cat food, cat toys, a bed, litter box, pet medicines, or other pet supplies. Browse through our range of pet products and accessories at your leisure time. You may either try our online pet shop or stop by at our Ellenbrook WA location to check out our pet products.2011 ©Online Pet Accessories Page | 2