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Motherhood: Living It in Newsrooms, Covering It in the World – ONA19


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Motherhood is too often dismissed as a fluffy topic for lifestyle pages, rather than one in dire need of serious reporting on its intersections with healthcare, economics, public policy, gender equity, and more. As newsrooms continue to look for more diverse stories that reflect our audiences, this session will serve as a bold call to arms on combating stereotypes and how to create more thoughtful coverage of a group that's often on the reporting margins. Relatedly, this talk will also cover why creating newsrooms that are more thoughtful about caregiving responsibilities benefits news coverage and all employees -- and how to go about doing it.

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Motherhood: Living It in Newsrooms, Covering It in the World – ONA19

  1. 1. Motherhood: Living It in Newsrooms, Covering It in the World A bold call to arms. Katherine Goldstein, Creator of The Double Shift Podcast Join the conversation with #ONA19 #ONA19Motherhood
  2. 2. #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  3. 3. #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  4. 4. #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  5. 5. #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift Via Vox News
  6. 6. “What I’m trying to do, is to show not only how power works but the effect of power on those without power. How political power affects all our lives, every single day in ways we never think about.” --- Robert Caro
  7. 7. “Nearly 25% of Mothers in the US go back to work within two weeks of giving birth.” “In 13 states, it’s illegal to separate a dog from her pups before 8 weeks.” -Katherine Goldstein, The Guardian, 2/13/19 #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  8. 8. #ONAMotherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  9. 9. #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  10. 10. #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  11. 11. #ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  12. 12. What if we embraced the idea that women can’t change anymore? And that there’s nothing wrong with mothers?
  13. 13. Hard hitting stories about mothers are also viral. Anti-Mom Bias is the belief that someone’s status as a mother has a negative impact on their professional abilities. Very similar to “The Maternal Wall,” the belief that someone cannot be a good mother and a good worker at the same time, resulting in an inability for a woman to advance in her career. ##ONA19Motherhood #ONA19 T: @Kgeee, I: @thedoubleshift
  14. 14. Who runs the industry?
  15. 15. Men taking paternity Leave Transparency About Caregiving Not just “Good Enough” Family leave Power in numbers advocacy How To Get Mothers Better Supported & Represented in Newsrooms (Baseline)
  16. 16. Conference Support for Childcare MilkStork, Backup Care services Combat, disrupt, pay it forward Addressing Cost of Childcare Flexibility and Flexible Work How Do Get Mothers Better Supported & Represented in Newsrooms? Step 2
  17. 17. Sexism in even covering motherhood is still out there. Check your biases.
  18. 18. The Double Shift Season 2 is out Nov 11th, all about reimagining family. Subscribe wherever you get our podcasts. Support our work by becoming a member for $5/mo,
  19. 19. Thank you! Be sure to visit the many ONA19 exhibitors in the third floor Exhibit Hall. Katherine Goldstein