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Brave New World of Metrics: Twitter, Facebook, & Social Media Analytics - Margaret Francis & Randy Ksar

Editor's Notes

  1. Social Media: You know you should care, right? If anyone needs me to make the case I will...but you’re probably all beyond that, right?  So here are the phases I see companies go through in their quest to understand social media, create programs and measure their impact, and finally to bring lasting change to the organization, with some how-to at each stage.  RANDY: Everyone’s reaction is to jump on this- but not to develop a program
  2. New media jimThere are over 6 million Coke fans on Facebook- 100,000 Coke Zero fans. How does this correlate to Coke drinkers RANDY: story about job validationStory about offline events/ social media tie ins
  3. You need basic social media awareness, presence, and numbers. Burt’s Bees- fan page proliferation.Make the case: What is happening in your competitive market? Restaurants (Steak house). Crafts (Fiskateers). Cloud computing.  If nothing is happening:  You win!MARGARET: Need for humans/ effort to analyze RANDY: no perfect solution
  4. RANDY: We just hired someone to do that
  5. Zappos True to Size WOM
  6. Focus Group- Comcast ROI calculator
  7. Carmen Hill MotodevNetflixSouthwest, Citibank- product development (HP)
  8. MotodevNetflixSouthwest, Citibank- product development (HP)
  9. BP + ESPN + World CupMotodevNetflixSouthwest, Citibank- product development (HP)