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07 datasheet riseofonsitedebt


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07 datasheet riseofonsitedebt

  1. 1. The Rise of On-site Behavioral Targeting7 reasons why smart marketers are making it a top priorityA White PAPERThere’s no question, the Web is an status, needs and interests, which can then be used to enable consistent,explosive channel for business today. high-performance marketing across all channels.Online sales now generate a significant For the marketing organization under pressure to show better ROI, On-percentage of revenue for many busi- site Behavioral Targeting delivers measurable and improved contributionnesses directly. In addition, the Web since it reports back exactly the improvements in lift it generates versus achannel has a huge influence over oth- control channels indirectly. Thus, the manybillions of dollars being invested in As an emerging technology, On-site Behavioral Targeting is just nowstrategic Web marketing initiatives now becoming better understood and there is certainly a strong interest in learning about, and then deploying, this highly strategic solution on world-require that marketers treat this chan- class Web properties for major brands worldwide. This paper will helpnel with higher levels of accountability, you understand how On-site Behavioral Targeting works, and the sevenand demand that smarter technology reasons why it’s fast becoming the must-have technology for today’ssolutions be implemented. enterprise marketing organization.What is On-site Behavior al How does it work at a high level?Targeting? On-site Behavioral Targeting leverages highly automated technologyOn-site Behavioral Targeting has evolved that takes advantage of the same Web analytics data you are mostout of this new era of more strategic and likely already collecting, such as referring site, referring search engineaccountable Web marketing, bringing with it and keyword phrase, time and day of visit, machine properties such asrigorous direct marketing principles, and very IP address and browser settings, along with complete individual visitorrecent breakthroughs in real-time data mining. click-stream data. The system efficiently organizes the anonymous data toOn-site Behavioral Targeting leverages each build individual visitor profiles containing the hundreds of data variablesindividual Web visitor’s observed click-stream that occur during a visitor’s visit to a Web site, each with some smallbehavior, both on the current Web visit and amount of predictive value. Highly sophisticated mathematical modelsfrom all previous visits, to decide what content is then interpret these variables in real-time and assemble together theirlikely to be most effective to serve to that visitor, collective predictive value to determine exactly which piece of contentin order to achieve a desired and measurable or promotion is most likely to engage each visitor, and then serves thatcommercial objective; such as increasing content while the visitor is still on the site, keeping track of the entirerevenue, conversion, or click-through. It then context of each piece of served content. The On-site Behavioral Targetingmeasures its effectiveness and reports back the system then measures if the visitor responded to the served content in thelift and yield that it delivers. On-site Behavioral manner predicted. By efficiently learning in real time from any differencesTargeting is marketing nirvana in many ways, between the predicted response behavior and actual response behavior,as it closes the loop in real-time while the visitor the system continuously makes itself smarter for the next still on your Web site. On-site Behavioral The best On-site Behavioral Targeting systems are fully accountable,Targeting is also a strategic enterprise activity. and directly report back their decision effectiveness in real-time, as aIt plays a central role in connecting online and measured lift delivered versus a control group.offline channel activities, by supporting thecreation of 360-degree views of the customer’s
  2. 2. The top 7 reasons why sm art 2. Recognition and relationship. Get to know your visitors better, and faster.m arketers are m aking On-siteBehavior al Targeting a top priorit y Because visitors rarely buy a product or service on their first visit, you’ve got to keep them coming back to complete the transaction. The increase1. Improved acquisition spend. Lower the in Internet speed has brought higher expectations and more demandingexpense of attracting visitors to key visitors, who want results at the snap of their fingers. Think of it as thepages on your Web site. “Google effect” – visitors rarely go beyond page one of Google results anymore and if what they are looking for on your site takes more than aThe cost of attracting new visitors to your Web few clicks, your site just isn’t giving enough back to the visitor soon enoughsite is very expensive and probably increasing. to keep them engaged. Visitors now have the expectation of “instantIt’s not just the direct costs of pay-per-click relevance” and ever-shortening attention spans are constant issues forsearch engine marketing campaigns, banner Web marketers to manage. But we know that would-be buyers typicallyadvertising, online PR efforts and search engine return two to five times before they decide to purchase. And typically,optimization services. It’s the sum total of your repeat visitors come directly back to your site, not through a search enginebrand building expenditures as well. And today, or campaign. On-site Behavioral Targeting recognizes all visitors each timeyou should know exactly what your organization they return, remembers everything about their previous visits, and canis willing to pay for a visitor if you are doing any leverage that previous behavior to deliver even more relevant and targetedpay-per-click search engine marketing, and with content and promotions which increases their likelihood to purchasethat calculation in mind, evaluate solutions to substantially. For visitors, it will appear that the site is smart enough toincrease the yield of each one of those visitors recognize them and that they are just leaving off where they were on theironce they arrive at your site, such as On-site last visit. Your site will appear to serve their needs like a great sales personBehavioral Targeting. Search Engine Marketing delivering a consistently warm experience that shortens the sales cycle(SEM) is perhaps the simplest form of Behavioral and increases conversion rates and average order values. We know thatTargeting, where the intent and current interests all good sales processes involve listening to the customer and respondingof a visitor are captured and harnessed to target intelligently with the right tone, the right message and the right products.other (and in this special case, paid) offers ofhigh relevance. On-site Behavioral Targeting is Key Takeaway: On-site Behavioral Targeting immediately gets tothe logical extension of this activity to your own know visitors as soon as they land on your site. On-site BehavioralWeb site, where all previous and current session Targeting is essentially installing an automated process of intelligentinteractions of the visitor are used to appraise listening and responding; working with each individual visitor, basedrelevance of the variety of possible content upon everything they have expressed through their click-streamoptions and promotions in real-time. Leveraging interactions with you to-date. The result is significantly measuredthe full click-stream behavior of visitors on your improvements in visitor engagement levels, conversion rates and mostown site is an incredibly effective method to importantly, revenues.ensure that the yield from Web site contenton highly trafficked pages is continuously 3. The automation of optimization. Your on-site promotions are the dif-maximized. Spending money on SEM without ference between profitability and failure.deploying On-site Behavioral Targeting is likesending your sales resources out on the streets to The best performing on-site promotions and content are often onebring in new prospects while ignoring the warm hundred times more effective than the worst. But, the challenge forprospects and loyal customers who are already marketers to decide which product to feature, on which promotional areain your store. This certainly is not the smartest of each Web page, can be overwhelming. Not to mention the complexityallocation of marketing resources to support of testing that can take place across product categories and individualrevenue goal. products, featuring different creative designs, and calls to actions. And, if the right promotions aren’t shown to the right visitors at the right time inKey Takeaway: You can directly benchmark the sales cycle, none of it really matters anyway.On-site Behavioral Targeting investmentsagainst pay-per-click search engine Automated On-site Behavioral Targeting can be a huge breath of freshmarketing campaigns. On-site Behavioral air to marketers. No longer does the marketer need to throw visitors intoTargeting can deliver incremental traffic to superficial and potentially inaccurate customer segments, and then set-key product landing pages at a rate that is up rules to designate what they are served. No longer does the marketerfive times less expensive than search engine need to hypothesize, test, measure, report and decide what to do next in amarketing with twice the conversion rate, manual way. The best On-site Behavioral Targeting solutions automate itand it’s all proven in the lift reports. Consider all. The solution very efficiently tests all the available content, automaticallytaking ten percent of your search engine optimizing which content will perform best when served to specificmarketing budget and investing those dollars visitors, under which circumstances, and then carries it out, all the time,in driving higher conversion rates through continuously learning, and getting better. And to make sure its working, theOn-site Behavioral Targeting. Longer-term, solution measures itself rigorously and reports the results in real-time.your Web site will be much more efficientwith this smart investment shift.
  3. 3. Key Takeaway: On-site Behavioral Targeting we can say for certain is that if you ignore everything your visitors tell youensures that on-site promotions will be through their previous interactions, then you will never be able to createoptimally effective, even with multiple the most engaging and relevant experience. In a virtual world withoutproduct categories and products, and serving geographical boundaries, an experience which is consistently ten percentvisitors in different phases in the sales cycle. better than that offered by your closest competitor won’t just get you tenThe right campaign will always be directed percent more business; it may get you ninety percent of all the availableat the right time to the right visitor, with business out there.reports backing up the proof of the system’sperformance. Key Takeaway: A bad visitor experience doesn’t just end the visit; it can lose the sale and the customer. Competitive pressure mandates that4. Accountability. The pressure is on to in- your site be the most relevant and engaging in the market. Listeningcrease the contribution across all to everything your visitors tell you as they interact, and then using thisonline spending. information continuously to improve their personal experience through On-Site Behavioral Targeting is a critical differentiator.The upside of Web marketing is that it’scompletely accountable. The downside is that 6. Content. Your content is not only king, it’s also the queen, the jackyour executives probably know this, and the and the ace all rolled into one.pressure is on your marketing organization toconstantly improve the performance. On-site Consider this simple but powerful statement: 100% of your onlineBehavioral Targeting positively influences the revenue depends on your Web site content, period. Every new tire-kicker,yield from every visitor who arrives at your Web prospective buyer moving through the sales cycle, and loyal repeat buyerchannel, regardless of where they originated that visits your Web site is exposed to your on-site promotions and content.from. By intelligently making the Web site Every purchase is influenced positively or negatively by the experiencemore relevant, and increasing conversion and brand impression and that this content creates. With the pressurerates across all visitors, it will make all your to be more and more relevant, and visitors’ decreasing patience to huntonline campaigns more effective. And, if it around for what they are looking for, the content had better be on target.takes more than one visit to close a sale, those The ability to understand the needs of your visitors and to present therepeat visits influenced by On-site Behavioral best messaging and content in front of each one at the right time impactsTargeting will make a positive difference in the everything that you sell, and everything that you fail to those original campaigns can claim. Key Takeaway: Your on-site content is truly the determining factorKey Takeaway: Successful On-site Behavioral in your site’s success. By using On-site Behavioral Targeting, you haveTargeting improves the yield from all incoming the advantage of continuous testing and optimizing your most valuablesite traffic. Consequently, this improvement pages and content so you know that the most relevant content is beingaffects the return-on-investment from all delivered to each visitor 24/7, and the results are being measured todrive-to-Web marketing initiatives, especially prove that it’s working.critical for sales cycles longer than a singlevisit, which is most of them. 7. Visitor profiles. Finally, a practical bridge to the 360-degree customer view.5. Relevance. The online consumer is in con- The way Internet technology works inherently means that every interactiontrol and the competition for their attention is now part of a recordable conversation. Knowledge about yourkeeps getting higher. customers is the most important competitive advantage that you have. On-site Behavioral Targeting helps you leverage the online knowledge of aWe all know the increasing competitive customer both on the site and across other channels of the organization.pressure the Web brings inherently. Now Since more and more customer interactions are happening online, withshopping comparison sites are growing rapidly, every click delivering valuable insight, it is essential that businessesand consumer-generated reviews are playing start to harness this insight and use it as a bridge between the on-sitea new role in accelerating the shift of power experience and other customer channels. By passing compact Web siteto the consumer. Your challenge is to deliver visitor behavioral profiles back to CRM systems that track other channels,greater engagement and perceived benefit and passing CRM data from other channels to the On-site Behavioralfor each interaction that you require your Targeting system, truly consistent multi-channel customer views becomevisitors to make, than your visitors believe practical and possible. The result is more customers will purchase andthey can get from competing sites. If your site they will spend more over their sending irrelevant promotions or featurescontent that isn’t engaging, a visitor will stray Key Takeaway: The rich individual visitor profiles that On-siteto your competitor’s site within a few seconds. Behavioral Targeting solutions create are a practical bridge to theIf your competitor is more relevant, they have 360-degree customer view. By harnessing the predictive power inherentlikely wooed away your customer, and not only in the Web visitor behavioral profiles, companies can deliver muchwill the current sales opportunity be lost, but more consistent multi-channel experiences and enrich multi-channeltheir lifetime value could be gone. One thing marketing programs.
  4. 4. The final word...There is no question that On-site Behavioral Omniture Test&Target is the global leader for on-site behavioral targetingTargeting is now on the marketing executive’s solutions, enabling enterprise Web sites to automatically and dynamicallyradar according to the experts. In fact, deliver the most relevant and compelling content and on-site promotionsForrester Research produced a report that to every Web visitor, which results in dramatic marketing and businessranked this emerging category as the #1 performance lift from key Web site real estate. Omniture Test&Targetarea for planned investment in Marketing improves visitors’ Web experiences by delivering the most interestingTechnology through 2007. and engaging content, promotions, and calls to action simply based on anonymous Web analytics data and Web visitor behavior. PioneeringThe gold rush is on, and smart marketers the category in 2000, Omniture Test&Target uniquely combines theleveraging On-site Behavioral Targeting have most sophisticated advancements in real-time predictive modeling, databeen extremely satisfied with the results and mining and machine learning, along with tried and true direct marketingare looking for ways to expand the use of the principles, to achieve this completely measurable and substantial businesssolution to more critical pages of their Web performance lift. Customers typically achieve between 40-200% directlysites and across other Web initiatives within measurable improvements in returns from key Web site real estate.their organizations.Is On-site Behavioral Targeting essential tofuture of on-site marketing? Many industryexperts think so. Consider these metrics:typically the performance lift from On-siteBehavioral Targeting is between 40%-200%for the controlled real-estate. For enterpriseorganizations, this translates into millions ofdollars in lift and ROI calculations are 10 to 20times the cost of the solution. And the benefitscontinue indefinitely as long as the solutionis deployed on your site. It’s difficult to ignorethose numbers.To learn more about how Omniture Test&Target,the global leader in On-site Behavioral Targeting,can help your business yield greater online results,visit WEB: EMAIL: sales@omniture.comAmericas EMEA France Germany Nordics & Benelux+ 1.877.722.7088 tel +44 (0)20 7380 4400 tel +33 1 70 37 53 56 Tel +49 (0) 899 0405 408 Tel + 45.36 98 89 50 tel+ 1.801.722.7001 fax +44 (0)20 7380 4401 fax +44 207 900 2725 fax +49 (0) 899 5464 252 fax + 45.36 98 89 51 faxJapan APAC Sweden Korea Hong Kong+ 81.03.4360.5385 Tel + 612 8211 2707 tel + 46 8 601 30 91 Tel + 82.2.2008.3228 tel +852 2168 0873 Tel© MAY 2008 Omniture, Inc. Omniture and the Omniture, SiteCatalyst, SearchCenter, Discover, Genesis and Test&Target logos are trademarks of Omniture. All other trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.